Why Goku is so Popular When He is Ridiculously

Why Goku is so Popular When He is Ridiculously

In this article, we will talk about why Goku is popular even he is so ridiculously overwhelmed. Goku is the main character in the series.

Goku’s a character that’s been friends with most of us for the longest period of time. He’s looked after us since we were a small bean and has seen us grow over the years. He showed us a beautiful story and made our childhood way more entertaining and joyful that it could’ve ever been. On bad school days, during exams, weather like the one you can’t step outside in, he was there to give you that dose of enjoyment that made us forget everything for an instant. It made our days better right away and made us anxiously wait for the next episode. He’s favorite and has a special place in the hearts of many even taking those Vegeta boys into consideration. He’s someone who everyone aspired to be during their childhood and someone who we looked up to. He showed us the true meaning of strength and how to use it in the correct way. To protect the ones that are dear to you. Over the years he became a lot more powerful in a way that he became unbeatable at a point. That took away that element of the show that comprised of training and tasting defeat to come up stronger than ever. But still,  stands on top of the list of the characters we cherish and love to look at on the screen. I’ll count down my top 10 reasons why people love Goku, even when he is ridiculously overpowered to show you that there’s much more to the character that makes him able to capture everyone’s hearts. Let’s dive right into it. This is the first thing about that Why Goku is Popular among the fans. 

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10. He’s earnest from the very start

Ever since he was a kid from the Dragon Ball days, Goku’s been pure to the very core. Yes,  was a bit naughty at times but that’s how kids are now, aren’t they. He was always looking at the brighter side of things and looked for the good that dwelled in people ignoring the darkness they exhibited. This at times also made his enemies who’d strayed from their paths see the light once again and have a change of heart. He was always true to whatever he was doing and always gave it his all showing us how a perfect protagonist should be ever since day 1. Even as an adult he hasn’t lost that side to him and is still the kid version that he was back in the day making us think as if he never aged on the inside. This is good you know it makes us see the character that we’ve loved to see ever since he was a small bean. Staying true to the roots is vital.


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9. He gave a comedic element to the show

Back in Dragon Ball, a large part of the comedy genre to the show came from silly stuff and jokes that Goku used to crack. This made the show comprise of a multitude of genres in addition to the ones it had already been exhibiting. As a kid, was mischievous and was all around the place sometimes stirring up big trouble but that was cute and adorable in its very own way. He was rambunctious and was all over the place sometime Krillin having to clean up the mess he left behind. But even with all that he gave a new element to the show and his duo with Bulma gave us the laughs during the whole runtime of the show for sure. Even as an old man now that he is, he brings in that comedy by saying those silly things at times that make us remember that child that was better than any circus clown when we were that age ourselves.

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8. The Reason Why Goku is Popular

When Master Roshi first had Goku and Krillin take the entrance exam to the Turtle Hermit school, Goku already demonstrated how he was a zillion step ahead of Krillin during that race. The race that made Usain bolt retire and rethink what he’s been doing his entire life. And to top things off later on he says that his shoe was broken and he could’ve gone faster than that. Hold your horses now Goku. That’s a clear manifestation of the fact that he’s been training by himself in addition to some teachings by Grandpa Gohan. He’s been at it ever since his death and has never thought of it as a burden ever since the old days. Even now when he’s an old man and should retire, he trains like crazy even when there’s no imminent fear or danger. He always keeps himself in perfect shape and is always ready to fight when the time comes up. Even Vegeta with his Hypergravity training is never able to surpass him since he trains way harder than anyone else. This makes us fired up and gives us the life lesson that if we work hard, nothing is impossible and blood, sweat, and tears are always rewarded in the end.

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7. He preaches the true meaning of friendship

Goku’s always kept his bonds strong. Ever since his entrance exam, he was always looking forward to having a good companionship with Krillin. Even when fighting the villains, he always looks for opportunities to befriend them even during the bout. Of course, after they lose he’s all nice to them. But even during the fight, tries to get close to the person. He’s never to forget anyone and ready to help everyone. He’s never abandoned a friend in need and is always there to help them when things go south for them. Even if it’s Bulma who’s always kind of used him to find the Dragon Balls, he always was there to help him ever since he was a kid and sometimes got beaten up severely cause of that. Even in Dragon Ball Z when Frieza explodes Krillin, it makes him remember the times they spent together and the friendship they harness. This makes him go all out because someone hurt one of his dear friends. This is a life lesson in itself since you should never let go of your friends especially when they’re in trouble. I also love the facts of Why Goku is Popular. 

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6. Has a gluttonous appetite

There’s one thing that all the strong anime protagonists have in common. Yes, a stomach with depths that far exceed itself. Even in his kid days, had an appetite that made the macho men surrounding him have a run for their money. He trains hard and then replenishes the lost energy the best way he can. This gives us the perfect message of how important it is to have a good diet and nutrition if we want to grow up into a man who’s able to look out for and protect everything that’s dear to him. The plates keep racking up but the hunger racks up at a rate that they won’t reach even if they all came at him together. This at times is funny since he makes all different kinds of faces and expressions while eating them. But still,  giving everyone the true message of the quote that, ‘A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body’.

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5. Is looking out for his kids whenever he can

Okay, I know that Goku is not a good dad since he’s never there for his family and is always on a date with one of the newest villains or just by himself at the wastelands. I know how Picollo is the guardian looking after Gohan and Goten whenever he could since Goku gave him the responsibility ever since he went to the otherworld the first time at the hands of Picollo himself. We all remember that Raditz scene now don’t we. But whenever he’s on Earth, whether it’s for a stroll or on borrowed time from King Yamma himself, he looks for opportunities to spend more time with his family and teach Gohan and Goten new stuff that they don’t know prior to that. Not to mention how worried he was when Gohan was first kidnapped by Raditz and he went all out just to get him out of harm’s way. If he was there for his wife and his kids for the most of time, he would’ve gotten the best dad ever award as well in addition to all the ones he’s piled up over the years.

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4. Never backs down from a fight

He’s always going all in head-on no matter who he’s up against. He’s never lost will or hope and is always trying to bring his foes down even if it means going down with them. ‘Never give up, Never back down, Never lose hope’ he gave us the true meaning and weight that these lines hold. He showed us truly that there’s no wall that can’t be climbed, no wall that can’t be breached, no foe that can’t be bested. Even if the odds are against him and he knows that he has no chance against the foe in front of him, that doesn’t make him back down even a step and he still goes in thinking that somehow things will work out and a miracle would be on its way to save Goku. We all know how we’re all chill and without worries since we have this thought at the back of our heads all the time. ‘It’s Goku so it’ll be fine’. The fact of Why Goku is popular gives the viewer of this amazing Dragon Ball Z series a lovely passion. 

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3. Has deep respect for his mentors

Even though it’s been a while and Roshi didn’t teach him that many things, but Goku has mad respect for him that hasn’t wavered at all ever since the day he met him for the first time. This fact is clearly manifested in Dragon Ball and even in Dragon Ball Z at multiple times when he always drops by time to time to check on him and to make sure that he’s not facing any trouble in any way. Plus recently since they made Roshi come along as a representative of Universe 7, he was looking out for him the entire fight and made sure he didn’t hurt himself bad. After his long fight when Roshi is unconscious, his words pack real worry and concern and give out the true impression of respect and affection in its entirety as if the music wasn’t enough. ‘Ji chan! Ji chan!’. Even knowing the pervy side that he has since it’s out in the open all the time, he still respects him the same. Even King Kai is seen to enjoy the same homage since Goku depends on him for the direst of situations that could ever occur.

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2. Always breaks through from a tough spot

Even when he’s on the verge of dying, even when there’s no way forward, he makes one himself and makes sure that everyone is there to see a tomorrow that’s free of all the troubles that they see today. He fights his hardest and is not hesitant to pull the trigger that keeps his power in control since it could mean an end of the world, even the universe that they live in. While fighting together, his friends and everyone depends on him and always know that at the end of the day, he’ll break through and would make things the same for all of them once again. Them saying, calling his name, again and again, makes us remember how it’s been since the beginning and how things are going to change soon for the better. This is a very big fact that Why Goku is popular. 

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1. Why Goku is popular trying to be better

Even now when he’s god-level at everything, he still is training harder than ever to reach heights he hasn’t seen yet. He still gives it his all every day to make sure he becomes a better version of himself. Ever since the beginning,  always trying to become stronger so that he might be able to protect everyone he holds dears. He doesn’t mind depending and relying on others at all and is always ready to ask for any help from anyone he deems to have the answer to the questions that arise in his mind. Even when channeling the spirit bomb, he’s ready to gather the energy from even the non-existent things since even the slightest of power would be a step further to a better tomorrow.

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