When it comes to a series or a crackdown at things that we love, it is almost every time that we underestimate the characters or the things that are present in it. Because the writer or the author gives us the main plot and the backstory to it, we kind of underestimate the real things which should be given a much higher recognition and celebration. These are the things which bring two and two together and make the series even more worthwhile and pleasing. These are the presence and time of the characters that start the main arc and give everything meaning with importance.

Just like it is said on top, there are also some of the characters and scenes in Dragon Ball Z which the viewers have underrated as it could not be put on top and be made a bigger scene out of. These are the times which deserve even higher recognition as they had an impact in the story which made it possible for the Dragon Ball arc to continue and for us to love the Saiyans and protagonists that we love and admire so much.


Had it not been for Oolong and his first ever Dragon Ball wish to save the world from Pilaf, we would be nowhere there to see the story arc that we are witnessing now. Due to his subtle and comedic appearance in the anime Oolong is only ever given importance in the very first story arc of Dragon Ball Z. We see him as a supporting character who is humorous in nature and fades into the background but it was actually him who turned out to be the first saviour in the story of Dragon Ball. He as we can see from the story if the first ever real hero of Dragon Ball universe without whom everyone would be pledging their loyalty to the mighty Emperor Pilaf. Oolong with his not so selfish nature prevented the worst case possible, but then again, people give him little importance and praise that he deserves. Like the rest of the characters present in the Dragon Ball universe he too should be commemorated for all that he has done and honoured for saving the world from such an evil and cruel emperor.


It may sound hard to believe and trust in this character, but upon a closer inspection we can see that she is someone who deserves more praise than she is now given. It is totally a given fact that ChiChi is high when it comes to overbearingness but then again this is something which can be understood as she has an intense amount of lover for her husband and her family. It is due to this reason that she takes a toll on Goku’s life and has gone on to save it countless times from danger.

It is still a shame how Dragon Ball’s creator, Toriyama wasted a totally fit and high-end female character like this in the anime. She is someone who is a skilled Martial Artist, a perfect wife and again it goes on without saying, a perfect homemaker. Though she has a downside to her character in terms of overbearingness, it is again covered up by her side of love and protective nature as a wife and mother. She intensely loves her husband, Goku and children, Gohan and Goten, which makes her a lovely girl by nature but again a fierce one who can take control of the situation and even be cold to Goku.


In case you missed it and were left by the bits of where Master Roshi does not get involved in any scene and case, we have actually found a pretty good reason to explain to you as to why he is one of the most important character in Dragon Ball Z. The reason we see so less of Master Roshi after the first arc is because he acts more like a parent to Goku and Krillin and therefore is someone who along with their first Martial Arts teacher is also a guardian to them.

It is because of him that Goku realizes his true potential and his teaching are something which we can even see at the end of the arc when Goku flies off to teach Uub and hands him down the exact same teaching and manners that Master Roshi had passed on to Goku. He is the first trainer to Goku and along his teaching experience with Goku he goes on to awaken his actual power giving him the first boost in life that he really needed and sought out for. Master Roshi according to the series is also a real humble and caring person as he never showed us his real strength except for the time when he used Mafuba against Piccolo Daimao and walked on the path of death. He was someone who always held back his power on the innocent and those that he loved no matter if they would get hurt by him or not. It was a gesture of kindness that made him loved by fans throughout the world and gave him the small-time recognition that he deserved.


Mr. Satan is generally used as a comedic relief to the Dragon Ball Z arc as he is someone who is shown to have a cowardice side to him but according to the Buu arc in Dragon Ball, it is then that we get to see his real Martial Arts side and understand the reason as to why he is considered as the strongest Earthling alive.

Yes, we agree with the fact that he cannot use Ki, but then again so is the case same with majority of the Earthlings. While his humorous involvement is necessary in the anime to break tension and serious scenes, it is also important for us to keep in mind that he is someone who cannot be just messed with as he is a hardcore Martial Artist who can wreck some serious havoc. “As far as regular human beings go, Mr. Satan genuinely is the strongest man alive. He’s always legitimately brave in spite of his, at times, over cowardice.” This is a statement that clearly describes him as it gives his character and attitude a strong side but also a side of relief that explains the other chicken side of his.


It may come as a surprise to some but as said by Goku himself directly after Yajirobe fights with Tenshinhan in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, Yajirobe is someone who Goku considers the strongest as he as never met anyone as tough as him. As we can see from the looks of it, Yajirobe is someone who looks tough and with a built as depicting and solid as his, it just makes sense that he is someone on the top list of Goku.

It is an unfortunate outcome that due to his laziness and over-size he cannot keep up with the rest of the group making him a person who doesn’t show much involvement after the first Dragon Ball arc. But then again, it can still be covered up as his action in the first arc are what shaped the anime. From cutting off Vegeta’s tail to slashing his back, Yajirobe is one of the best additions in the anime as it showed us just how brave he can be for a character as coward as him.


While it may not amount to much after all the things that Tenshinhan has been through it is still an honour to write about a character as tough and strong as him. Though the writer, Toriyama has shown him as a character in his absolute worst at times, it still does not seem fair to leave him out as be after all that he has been through.

Tenshinhan as we know is a character of power and this is something which we clearly saw in the first two Dragon Ball arcs, and they are the reason as to why his recognition now does not seem justified and proper. For a character as strong and powerful as him, his image shown now in the anime during the Cell and the Buu arcs really seem not worth it as it does not amount to much and fails to talk about the real power that is hiding inside of Tenshinhan. It is a shame how the series treats him, especially since he is once so important and adequate collection to the protagonist’s side.

As we can see from the list and the detailed side story above, there are characters in the anime which deserve higher recognition but because of the plot and the background setting of the anime, they are left out and given a role of the side character in the other progressing arcs, hiding away their real talents and setting them aside so that our main protagonists, the Saiyans can progress with their own role. This is a part of the anime which really makes the effort of all these characters come to shame but then again is required as without these harsh measures it would be difficult to control the flow of the anime, making it boring and unrealistic.