Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Tank Tops for Bodybuilders

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Tank Tops for Bodybuilders
‘Mens Sana in corpore Sano’, the famous Latin phrase translating to,’ A healthy mind in a healthy body. Staying healthy has always been the key back from the old times and even more so today when we’re surrounded by and are deep in with all these diseases, the risk factors of which are really reduced and almost nullified if you exercise regularly and keep yourself fit and in shape most of the time. Working out can be hard at times, there’s no doubt about that. But keeping yourself dedicated and being passionate about it, imagining yourself with those big guns really helps at times and keeps you true to it in the long run. You remember back in the day when we used to watch all these anime and cartoons with those hero fights the villains and vice versa? They were mostly training when they didn’t have to fight those villains, Right? Yes, that’s how important working out is if you want to be strong and healthy. That’s like one of the messages the show was trying to deliver rather than the fight, fight, fight you people learned from those action shows lol. I still remember how I would mimic the training regime Goku had only to find out that he does a trillion push-ups at times which is a task only he is capable of and we shouldn’t try unless we want to kiss our arms goodbye. While going to the gym, a tank top is a must and it gets you that ‘working out feeling’ that helps the mind and body adapt to greater lengths and make you way more dedicated during that time in the gym, even more, when you happen to look at the character or what’s written on the top in the mirror, getting you fired up and motivated all of a sudden. So unlike those Tank Top Tiger, Master, and his gang from One Punch Man, you should be wise while selecting a tank top that suits the style and makes you more dedicated and ambitious to the exercise. Of the many shows that got us kids fired up and ready to go out and exercise back in the day, Dragon Ball stands out the most and a Tank Top featuring a character from that universe would definitely make one remember the fact, the undeniable truth that harsh training always comes with an even greater reward. So I’m here to help you out with the Top 10 Cool Dragon Ball Tank Tops Bodybuilders in 2020 whether you’ve been going to the gym for a long time or about to start anew, this is sure to help each and every one of you so let’s dive into it.

Dragon Ball Summer Bodybuilding Sleeveless Tank Top

Let’s start things off with the classic, the symbol that we’ve been seeing all our lives at this point, the Kame symbol that only a few chosen ones have the privilege to adjourn their training suits with. That Japanese Kanji gets you that old school anime feel that Goku has been kind of radiating since he was a kid back in Dragon Ball and never fails to make us feel more and more nostalgic, wanting us to go back in time once again and live it all, making different mistakes that we’ve been doing all this time, be young just once, just once again. I love the fact that it’s as if it’s been remodeled into a new Tank Top exclusive version of that outfit, with the symbol in the center and that ‘no sleeves’ look that Goku would’ve had if he ever went to a regular gym which he seems too happy to go lucky to even consider lol. It’s sure to remind you of the character every time you look at those mirrors that all these kids seem to flex their small biceps in and will keep you wanting to exceed your limits at all times.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Bruised Outfit Compression Tank Top

Let’s go far ahead in time, all the way to Dragon Ball Super where Vegeta is finally getting the respect and shine that he deserves and should’ve gotten that attention way back but couldn’t. This bruised outfit gives you that, ‘I’m not dead yet and can keep going!’ feeling and is sure to get you fired up when you’re just 20 pushups or 10 sit-ups behind your desired mark or desired goal of the day. It captures the feeling completely and perfectly, both the suit and the bruises done justice as if Vegeta was tired of wearing it all this time, getting beat up and tossed around, making it necessary to have a change of suits. Meanwhile, you held on to it as a special souvenir with he looking out for you his entire life lol. There’s also that shine and gleam that comes up when Vegeta powers up and is about to wreck his foes, beating them to a pulp, those power spikes, and surges that we see just before he’s about to go all out. It’s a must-have for all those Vegeta fans out there.


Dragon Ball Z Gogeta 3D Tank Top

This brings back what’s been forgotten, what’s been unknown until last year, the character named Gogeta. Not many people know of the gem that’s ‘Fusion Reborn’ and that’s where they really miss out on the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole since it’s one of the best Dragon Ball movies out there for sure. That whole new Villain introduction that’s Janemba, the only major fight that takes place in the afterlife with glimpses of the snake way, making us remember Goku running over it just to fall off the very next second, ending up in front of those twins lol, making us remember his first defeat in Dragon Ball Z at the hands of Picollo once again is nostalgia at it’s best. Since the introduction of Gotenks and seeing how strong fusion other than the Potara can be, we’ve always wanted to see this fusion, this merge between Goku and Vegeta happening and Akira sure gave us what we wanted in this movie. From the outfit to the look, everything is done perfectly making Gogeta one of the best characters to date in the Dragon Ball universe. The whole ‘Gold’ look that surrounds him in the movie as well is perfectly captured and it’s as if the character’s come straight out from the movie, being frozen in time and space. His hand as if he’s ready to screw someone up is how strong characters in Dragon Ball are and is sure to make you remember how strong the character was and is in the Broly movie.

Dragon Ball Jeice Anime Cosplay 3D Tank Top

Man who doesn’t like the Ginyu Force? The answer is no one. Those poses, those chants, those characters were hilarious and gave a whole new look to Dragon Ball, making the comedic sense that the show once had but had forgotten about it along the way return and make us laugh once again. From the leader Ginyu to the good-for-nothing Guldo, everyone was unique in their very own ways and had an originality to them that’s sure to make characters memorable even after their deaths. The ones that really stood out to me were Jeice and Burter, I mean that synergy and coordination surpass even twins, identical at that as well. That purple comet attack and fast punches running hand in hand with those swift kicks made us keep our eyes open to not miss even a single second of the show. Plus the way they fought with Goku and Vegeta along with all those special moves was really fun to watch. This suit is a must-have for a Ginyu force fan and wearing it will make you learn those poses in no time lol.

Dragon Ball Z Beerus the God of Destruction Broly 3D Tank Top

It’s the god of destruction, Beerus Sama himself. I don’t even need to explain just how much this character is capable of since he’s able to instill fear into most of the characters just by his name being mentioned by a random nobody during the show. From the time he was introduced in the movie back in 2013, many people doubted him since he didn’t look all that strong with that lean body of his, being called god of destruction and all since not even Frieza was ever called or remembered by that name despite him being a pretty big deal back in that planet Namek arc and how he always seemed to rise from the ashes just to return to them once again. But let’s face it, Dragon Ball can be pretty misleading at times, the characters looking the most friendly being the most malicious in the end, Buu being the perfect example of the character in question. The top portrays the character in the sense and theme that he’s supposed to be taken in, the one that he’s always been exhibiting, for the most part, ready to destroy each and everything just by pointing a finger or getting ahold of something followed by the words ‘Hakai’. He’s sure to put Juggernaut from X-men to shame and have a run for his money if he ever happens to have a glimpse of the character.


Dragon Ball Z Whis 3D Tank Top

Whilst, a character whose personality has always been in the shadows, not much being told about the character up to this day. He has the most unique character design in the whole Dragon Ball universe, beating his twin sister Vados by a huge lead, her being the 2nd most unique among the whole faces we saw in Dragon Ball. But in the Resurrection F movie, it’s clearly shown that the character is no one to be underestimated since he’s able to turn back time with just his wand striking the ground. If it wasn’t for that, the whole Earth would’ve been destroyed, a scene that we haven’t seen since those old Kid Buu days. The whole 3D look of the top is really cool and it shows the character as if he’s ready to cast a powerful spell or something, one that we haven’t had a chance to see in the anime. The character design is captured perfectly and from his wand to his iconic hairstyle looks as good and fresh as ever, straight outta an elite salon.

Dragon Ball Kakarotto Anime Cosplay 3D Tank Top

This is as classic as it gets, with kid Goku returning all the way from the 80’s. This is a real treat for the original Dragon Ball fans and is sure to make you feel like a kid again. I love the fact how the tank top has a plain and classic look to it, not being too flashy or pompous, just a black and white outfit with the character. It’s obvious that almost everyone can rock this tank top at places other than the gym as well. The character is where normally that Japanese Kame kanji is on the iconic Goku outfit, bringing that outfit to mind as well. Plus we have that iconic four-star Dragon Ball that started it all and without which Dragon Ball wouldn’t have come to the point that it has reached today, giving us a bland childhood that I don’t even want to imagine. It’s perfect for people who like to keep it plain and simple, not too flashy or nerdy, cause it’s as normal as it gets. It’s perfect for almost everyone.

Dragon Ball Kakarotto Anime Cosplay 3D Tank Top

That iconic Super Saiyan scene, that transformation that’s so memorable that being reminded of the word ‘Super Saiyan’ makes the whole transformation play in our minds as if we’re watching that episode once again. Frieza firing his death beam with Piccolo dashing in front of Goku in order to save him since he and every one of us know perfectly well that he’s the best bet we have in order to defeat Frieza, Krillin being taken on a ride with Frieza’s mighty powers, getting all fluffed up and him yelling ‘GOKU!’ adding on to the anger and rage that Goku had for Frieza since the moment he came face to face with him was such a beautiful sequence and was put on so well that it’s flawless to this very day even with all those other shounen and battle anime coming out every other anime season. The way those rocks and debris started floating and Goku’s eyes being replaced by Broly’s was a sure sign of Goku about to go all out and wipe the floor with Frieza. This Tank Top takes that outfit that Goku wore at that time back to life, capturing those tattered clothes perfectly as they were back then, staying true to those orange and blue color duos that we’ve loved the entire series.

Dragon Ball Z Grandmaster Roshi O-Neck Summer Casual Tank Top

Ah, my man Roshi! Always being the naughty old guy he is. This tank top describes the character so perfectly that I can’t think of a better reference than this if someone asked me to give them a short description of the character. This image is so typical, so descriptive of the character since he’s been like that since Day one, with that famous Bulma panty scene lol. It’s probably the only weakness Master Roshi has since he’s not weak at any cost, being able to go head to head with all those warriors from the other universes. That nose bleeds that’s typical and characteristic of people being horny in anime kind of started with Master Roshi as far as I can remember. All that bleeding might end up getting him killed from the blood loss and anemia but Roshi doesn’t care. His love for chicks and babes is way more deep-rooted than the normal person can comprehend. Going on over the years, this has become a signature and more than a characteristic trait of the character being memorable by that very nose bleed by a lot of people since he’s naughty and horny every time he comes face to face with a female character. It’s comedic and stylish at the same time, sure to give the chuckles to any Dragon Ball fanatic you come across within your everyday life.

Dragon Ball Z Training to Beat Goku Workout Tank Top

Where do I even start? This is as close to a perfect Tank Top as it gets with everything being in its perfect place. To start things off we have that iconic Vegeta look from the Capsule Corp. Special Training Facility, him exercising his ass off in order to get stronger, stronger than Goku to be precise. The way he loads on to himself all those weights and goes all over the place just shows how dedicated and true he is to his ambition of being the best rather than the second-best. Additionally, the message is hilarious switching lanes in a heartbeat. It begins with a serious one, training to beat Goku, which is completely understandable Goku being the epitome of strength and power in the Dragon Ball universe no one topping him any episode. But then it switches things off all of a sudden with ‘or at least Krillin’ lol. I’ve never seen a more ‘Hero to Zero’ transition in my entire life. It’s sure to give everyone the laughs in addition to people admiring the design and wanting to get a tank top for themselves as well since it’s so cool and all.

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