Top 10 Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts for Spring

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts for Spring

In this article, we are going to discuss about the Top 10 Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts for Spring & Summer.

Winter’s over and Spring’s almost here. We’ve escaped the chilly winds of winter that struck like cold steel and are about to remind ourselves mother nature once again as the mesmerizing aroma of the flowers is about to make us forget all our worries, reminding us that the world is still beautiful and full of delightful experiences. From the sweaters and hoodies that you rocked in winter, becoming all Eskimo like and about to put those polar bears to shame, they’re a bit too hot for the weather now and you must turn into a bit lighter and cooler, a T-shirt is the perfect example of the outfit in question. T-shirts always make a big impact and constitute quite a big part of your outfit as it’s what’s apparent first when anyone looks at you. We’ve all got our own preferences when it comes to T-shirts, from graphics to characters, from artists to plain colors, there’s a multitude of possibilities and it reflects how we are unique in each and every way. But nothing beats more than a T-shirt with your favorite character on it, making you experience the nostalgic feelings and bringing the child inside you back to life. Plus let’s face it when someone recognizes that character and are like, ‘Yo that shirt looks cool!’ or hit you up with a pun or reference regarding that character it makes something inside you bloom up, making you feel more confident and gives you the opportunity to befriend and initiate a conversation with like-minded people. When it comes to characters, the Dragon Ball Z universe is quite diverse and offers all kinds of characters, some very memorable and lovable in that aspect. Everyone loves Dragon Ball Z T-shirts and the shirt itself makes you feel powerful and ready to fight which you probably shouldn’t unless you want it to be the last day that you wear that shirt. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to the characters, some are earnest and like Goku for his righteous and carefree nature, while others are more inclined towards the bad boy side and tend to favor Vegeta way more than Goku. It all depends on your taste regarding which one of the characters you prefer. A T-shirt speaks quite a bit of the person but doesn’t start reading people based on their T-shirts or the Freddy Kruger and Scorpion fanboys are behind the bars that very instant. I’m here to help you with the Top 10 Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts for Spring/Summer 2020 and give you some good suggestions on what looks cool and will make you grab some more numbers lol.

10. Dragon Ball Z Little Goku Riding the Nimbus Cloud T-Shirt

Let’s start the list off with the character, the series that started it all and kind of gave us another place to feel at home, Dragon Ball. From the cute little Goku to the flying nimbus, everything about this shirt is pretty cool and the colors are well blended in. The expressions are just like how they are in the anime with Goku looking towards the horizon, searching for the Dragon Balls, just for them to get stolen or misused again. I love the fact how the west city is shown below with the backpack that Goku is wearing as if he’s skateboarding his way to school on the nimbus which ain’t true in the slightest.

9. How To Train Your Dragon Son Goku 100% Cotton T-shirt

This shirt looks so cool that it made me nostalgic two-fold, How to train your dragon is one of my favorite movies during childhood. The image of Goku riding Toothless is so unique and such a good crossover that I’d pay my pockets out to watch if it ever happens. It’s as if Goku got into a fight with nimbus and is using Toothless instead with nimbus going to Hiccup making the movie ‘How to train your wagon’ rather than ‘How to train your Dragon’. Still, you can clearly see Toothless’s hunger for those Dragon Balls as if he desperately wanted to visit the Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts universe for that very purpose. ‘Don’t eat them Toothless! You don’t want to get Bulma mad’. I love the fact that how those nimbus clouds are shown in the background serving as a reference to nimbus as if no one could notice or tell them apart. A perfect crossover indeed.

8. Dragon Ball Z Dandy Kame Sennin Awesome 3D Graphic Tee

Master Roshi never looked cooler, and that I mean literally. Even if he’s all powered up and got those big guns out, nothing beats the swag of this very picture. With this, I’m sure Master Roshi would start getting those girls, something he desperately wanted for as long as I can remember. With all those tattoos and that stylish hat, Roshi got those sexy goggles on as well making him the perfect chad in the Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts universe to ever exist. That cigar adds up to that and gives him that gangsta look which I believe we never saw in the anime but the way it turned out, Akira sure missed out on a big opportunity. He’s like that old man we started seeing on Instagram a few years ago that had everyone’s attention but an anime version on it making it even better.

7. Dragon Ball Z Come With Me If You Want To Train 100% Cotton Tee Shirt

I’ve never wanted to train and work out more than I want to right after seeing that. I believe if a gym or a personal trainer wore that T-shirt, it’d get the weebs out that very instant as everyone wants to be powerful like Goku. It’s got that white and red look, appearing like a baseball all laid out and worn like a T-shirt demonstrating strength at just that. Plus we’ve got that Kame’s lookout in the background as if we about to enter that Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train for two days that are like two years in that place, returning all gorilla-like making Dende and Popo mistake us for another threat that Earth got its hands full with already. The whole blue and white color blend to show the character is pretty cool and innovative designs like these are always a treat to look at.

6. Dragon Ball Z Searching for Kakarot 100% Cotton O-Neck Tee Shirt

Man, it’s really something about that base form Vegeta that’s cool as hell. I don’t know if it’s the pink scouter or the suit but it looks badass. When the anime first showed Vegeta and Nappa on another planet while eating and talking about how Raditz was defeated by Goku on Earth, Vegeta caught the eye of quite a bit of people. The way that the white color of the suit and the scouter blends with the pod is so cool and it clearly exemplifies how similar objects with similar colors should be merged and combined together. The way Vegeta came out of the pod and was looking for Goku just to find out that he’s with King Kai and not on Earth followed by the Earth warriors getting beaten by Nappa built up the tension and hype since no one really knows who this kid was and what his power levels were like. The way he’s standing as if he’s sure that he’s going to wipe the floor with you the very next instant is befitting the theme and character that Vegeta portrays and the vibe that he kind of radiates all the time. The Japanese characters make the design keep the original Japanese feel of the show just like the way it’s supposed to be.

5. Dragon Ball Z Mysterious Beerus the God of Destruction Summer Tee

When Beerus was first introduced back in 2013 with the battle of gods movie, the audience had really mixed opinions regarding the character and were quite unsure as to if the character was strong or not but boy were we wrong. The way he’s sleeping and his snores destroy any planet in any universe gave us only a slight glimpse of how powerful and terrifying this character is. The way that he’s always able to grab a hold of something, be it Zamasu or Frieza, he’s able to turn them to nothing with just one word, ‘Hakai’. The fact that Goku and Vegeta are afraid of the character and know that they can never take him out in a 2v1 let alone a 1v1 shows that the character is the epitome of strength. The whole purple color that Beerus is known for along with the animation of Hakai is done so well that it’s as if you’re wearing a screenshot of the anime itself. His Egyptian dress and the space background gives you exactly the feelings and excitement you experienced when you first watched the movie back then. The shirt kind of makes you feel like the God of Destruction himself and try to do the whole Hakai thing just to get embarrassed in the process.

4. Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi & Cute Son Goku T-Shirt

This shirt speaks a thousand words, reminiscent of the time when Goku first met Kame and he put Goku and Krillin to test with those sprints and the one that we love the most, ‘find this rock!’. Looking at this shirt one is forced to have the thought that Goku and Kame have come quite a long way as a teacher and a disciple and even if Kame had his bad times, we all know that he’s always had Goku’s back and always tried his hardest to teach him exactly and about everything that he ever knew. The way that the shirt has those English novels for kids look is reminiscent of those picture books that we loved to read as a child, making us relive that time and giving us the opportunity to have a look at that glorious style once again. The blue sky with all those clouds, nimbus clearly standing out with Goku ready to hunt down those Dragon Balls with Kame smoking his cigarette in style with that bike combines anime and novels and gives us a great crossover that I really looked forward to since a kid.

3. Dragon Ball KAME Casual Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you ever wanted to look like Goku, pulling off cosplay in the easiest way possible while going to college, this shirt is your thing for sure. It looks exactly like the traditional and THE ONLY dress Goku owns and it’s as if the dress grew up along with Goku, never changing the look of the character growing up. The Kame sign along with the combination of orange and blue is just like how it is in the anime and is the easiest way to become Goku without those difficult cosplay arrangements that are quite hard at times. The way that instead of the bands it’s got those long sleeves is unique and is like a breath of fresh air, giving us a new look to the Goku dress that a person is not necessary to be brawny to wear and look good. It makes you officially enrolled into and a faithful member of the Kame Turtle School and is a must-have for all those Goku fans out there.

2. Majin Vegeta Ultra Stylish Dragon Ball Anime 3D Graphic Tee

This shirt does justice to Vegeta’s character despite the fact of him always being the second-best even if he relinquishes his honor for that Majin power just to lose again to his greatest rival ever, Goku. The shirt gives us a look at the three turning points in Vegeta’s character. The first one, the base form in which the character was first introduced with Nappa, just to finish him off the moment he lost to Goku followed by that epic fight that was full of adrenaline and action-packed scenes, the Galick Gunshot exchange with Kamehameha and that Great Ape battle being clearly the ones that stood out the most. The second one, Majin Vegeta, when his thirst for power and his desire to become better and stronger surpassed even his own control and he submitted to Majin Buu in order to obtain that very strength. His fight with Goku was quite something and still in the end the way that he shone the brightest with him putting the kids to sleep, just to sacrifice himself for the ones he loved showed us that the guy is good at heart and deserves love as well. The third one, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan Blue, the most powerful form to ever exist, surpassing that Super Saiyan that they had heard of in the legend by a great fold. This was the time that Vegeta was the strongest and at the peak of his character development with him being close to surpassing Goku at times but still falling short and failing to do so. This shirt is like an abridged version of Vegeta’s character and is a must-have for anyone claiming that Vegeta is their favorite character and that they think that Vegeta should be number one. The transition from one form to the next is so smooth and complete that it doesn’t feel any change at all, just the way it should be being the same character with different forms.

1. Dragon Ball Z Shenron Snake Xenzia 100% Cotton High Quality Casual Tees

You know what? I’ve always thought about this design and the image of it being on a shirt or any piece of clothing has always been in the back of my head whenever I happened to see Shenron in the anime but to see it on a T-shirt made me really happy and overcome with joy. That whole Snake Xenzia game that we used to play and get yelled at by our parents cause we drained their phone’s battery is a sweet memory of each and every one of us’s childhood. We loved to play that game and the way we contested with each other about our scores was the tournament of power back in the day when we were kids. The image of Shenron going after that Dragon Ball Z T-Shirts as if it’s that large ball that came up after collecting 4 balls is as nostalgic as it gets. The design is so innovative and unique that it puts everything else to shame and gives us a chance to control Shenron even without learning that Namekian language that’s necessary to summon him in the first place. I bet this Shenron doesn’t die when he happens to bite his tail cause if that happened, that’d be pretty lame. The makers of Snake Xenzia should make a comeback with a reimagined version of the game featuring Shenron himself.

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