Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas for Dads

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Gift Ideas for Dad

Anime Dragon Ball KAME KANJI Slim Fit Autumn Winter Hoodie

As time times are just around the corner check out the hoodie that makes you glow and the person next to you shine. This hoodie comes in a simple and gentle theme and the most common outlook of Dragon Ball Z making it a perfect pair to be worn in daily day basis. Match your clothing to the night sky with this Dragon Ball Z hoodie. In high grade material, this eye-catching hoodie is finished a signature logo to the front and an all-over orange-tone print. Striking, it’s truly stellar! Featuring a hood with drawstring tie fastenings, long sleeves and a metallic print.

Black and White Broly Classic DBZ Hoodie

We all love a hoodie and this one from us is our current obsession. Designed from brushed standard cotton, the relaxed silhouette is punctuated by the labels new season fifties signature print. It’s a blast from the past we’re very happy about. A child that is present in all of us is something that people love to keep alive and this bad boy here does just that. The striking and unusual features make up the hoodie to be super pleasant to look at and also it just completes your retro look in all of red “Supreme.”

Dandy Master Roshi Kame Sennin Stylish 3D Graphic Couch Blanket

What plans do you have lined up for the weekend? Whatever you do, make sure you’re feeling laidback in this Graphic print couch blanket from the Saiyan Village, crafted from high-end wool and cotton blend this look will keep you cosy. Take on your days off in stylish comfort, and enrich the golden days that light up the mood for you. The blanket is cool to look at and the metallic print on it just adds more to the glory making it a perfect gift for ‘Fathers’ Day.’

Black and White Goku Kid and Goku Silhouette Simple Illustration Dragon Ball Z Couch Blanket

Not a fan of skiing? Never mind. It is all about the après-ski activities. Put on this Goku Silhouette Simple Illustration Dragon Ball Z Couch Blanket and enjoy your time sitting around the fireplace and drinking wine. You never said you were in it to win, anyways. So, enjoy the days where it brings you comfort and luxury at the same time. Enjoy this blanket and have it go around in a blast that sends of tempting vibes to those around. Anime Gifts that just make your day, this is a gift that with heighten the excitement and enjoyment.

Dragon Ball Z Goku the Super Saiyan Beach Sandals

When was the last time you gave a treat to your feet? Have a break from those heels and boots and slip into these intrecciato-effect slides from us that have a sleek design and comfy fit. A perfect gift for the “sole” on any given occasions like Father’s Day or D-Day. These high-end slides are made to fit and come in a custom design of a Super Saiyan staring back at you making it look classy and funky. Just complete your beachwear with them and hop on a tee next time you visit the beach to give you the look you deserve.

Dragon Ball Z Prince Vegeta Summer Sandals

If you’d like to wear these for hours, just go ahead now. Boasting a Vegeta print and comfortable flat sole, these Off-White and Blue slides aren’t only perfect for pool parties but also for strolls around town. Be it down at the beach or a pool party at your friends, this slide has it all. All your needs are covered. Own your look with them and slay the place that you walk to with them, as they not only look breezy and refreshing but also feel comfortable and elegant.

Dragon Ball Z Gohan VS Piccolo Boardshorts

No one does casual elegance quite like you – try as they might. With an opulent mixed-print design, you have these boaod-shorts. They’re the secret to your style success. These shorts are a mix of what you can call coolness and simple in the same page, as it contains both the velvet colors and characters in them. These shorts also make for a perfect gift for any Anime Fans and are quite a tenfold as DBZ inspired gifts for Dads. To complete your look in then just hop on a body top and a side of flip-flops making the look just about right and complete.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Ready to Fight Broadshorts

Mastering street style isn’t for everyone. In order to achieve that, you better throw on these Dragon Ball Z Goku Ready to Fight Broad-shorts. And now denying it is futile, as the Saiyan inside of you just rages it to be let out. The scream that gets louder and the pain that its suffering is all complete with these broad-shorts, making them not only look the part but also giving them a subtle feel that only comes with the best match perfection. Throw in a ‘Versace’ top and rock in them the next time you go around town or have a pool get-together.

CAPSULE CORP Logo Dragon Ball Z Camouflage Thick Warm Hooded Zipper Jacket

Remember the Capsule Corp stuffed toy you had growing up? It might look a little weird to carry it around the office, but instead we present you with this black and grey print jacket from Saiyan Village. A grown-up version. Featuring a drawstring hood, long sleeves, a graphic print, whole lot of awesomeness and crazy that is out there. This hoodie just sells out your look to anyone that is looking at you. Be careful out there, a lot of eyes will be on you, the next time you decide to rock on with this Capsule Corp jacket. The jacket itself makes for a perfect gift for any partner and is just the Anime Gift that a person obsessed with desires.

Dragon Ball Goku Portrait Poster Jacket

Long gone are the days when hoodies were only allowed at home or for running errands. And we couldn’t be more thankful about that. Can you imagine having this Goku Portrait Poster Jacket piece at home and not being able to show it off at the office, coffee shop or even your next escape? Yeah, boring! Just like the leader of the Saiyan never took a rest don’t let it be for this jacket and wear it out the next time you visit a concert and a mall for chilling out and having a fun-time with friends. This jacket not only sells off your look but also elevates it as it has a refined design to it as it makes for a sub-par to any other.