Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dragon Ball Z Fans

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dragon Ball Z Fans

Dragon Ball Gift guide 2020

Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dragon Ball Z Fans 2020

Birthday, the word itself is reminiscent of and conveys a plethora of emotions, memories, and moments that are at times so unforgettable that they tend to make one smile even when he/she is feeling down. Ever since we’re small little beans the word ‘birthday’ never fails to get us excited and trying to guess what kind of surprises would people have store for us on that day. I still look forward to my birthdays and as the day draws closer, it only adds to the excitement never-fading even one bit.

Everything from the cake to the party to the people is delightful and makes one feel important and proud of themselves on that very day. The birthday song to the claps from the time when I was like 3 years old still echo in my ears and make me realize and remember the love and affection people exhibited towards me at that time, bringing a smile to my face. There’s one thing about birthdays that kind of seals the deal and no birthday is complete without it like stuff always feels undone as if something’s missing. Yes, we’re talking about birthday presents. Even if you grow old, a good unexpected surprise birthday present always hits home and makes the child inside you come back to life decorating your face with that innocent smile that only children are able to exhibit. Seeing that smile brings an even better smile, spreading smiles all around. In your family or with your friends, everyone always has a faint or a vivid idea of what the other person likes or is really fond of, and surprising him with a presentation based on that theme is like the best thing ever. Remembering the birthdays of your dear ones and making prior arrangements regarding the party and presents is never a hassle and it strengthens the bond that you share drawing you closer and making the other person feel important and loved as well. Say, you have a birthday of a family member or a friend approaching and they like you have devoted a large part of their life to Dragon Ball Z, that show holding a special place in their hearts and being something that they hold very dear, always ready to fight others on that ‘Who’s the strongest character ever’ contests. It’d make their day and bring back some great memories if you gave them a present regarding that show right? Yes, that is as true as it gets. So I’m here to help you with that and present to you a list of the Top 10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Dragon Ball Z Fans 2020.

Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Genki Dama Tapestry

To start things off we have that iconic, that memorable scene from the anime that we’ve looked forward to seeing in every fight but sadly not everyone has had a chance to taste defeat after getting hit with that. It’s something that is unique and limited to Goku as a special move and is the most practiced move to mimic in real life with Kamehameha taking the first spot by a huge lead. We’re talking about the Spirit Bomb. It’s seen quite some improvements over the years with the one that hit Turles being a ‘baby’ version of it and now it’s like a whole another planet. With that first time it was introduced, Goku was fighting Vegeta and it was totally unexpected as it got a new look at that time. ‘People! Please share with me your energy’, this chant plus Goku with the pose as if he’s in the gym makes us sure of what’s coming next and gets us excited every time as this might be the one that finishes the fight. This tapestry plus the sky blue color would always give us that wasteland feels as if we’re standing outside in the open regardless of the fact that we don’t leave our homes that often, being nerds lol. It’s as if we’re standing there, witnessing the whole thing while it’s being channeled and then released along with the enemy attempting to stop it which doesn’t end that way most of the time.

DBZ Green Shenron Lamp

This is as close to the real Shenron you’ll ever get without having to learn how to summon him or anything. Looking at him kind of gives the impression of how his voice is so powerful in the anime and he also has that Dragon Ball glow to him that’s very beautifully captured and maintained in the lamp. I kind of always wanted him to be made into a lamp cause that glows and gleam that he always gave was as if I had woken up with my head right under my lamp on the side of my bed and I always had the idea that it could be made into a great lightning device in the real world. The style of how the 7 Dragon Balls are all lined up around him just to go up and scatter all around the world is as true to the anime as it gets and who knows you might start stating to him the three wishes if you ever started sleep talking or if you’re really high lol. He’s got all the twists given his length and his claws are well made too making it a great lamp to give as a present.


Dragon Ball Z Tattooed Son Goku Super Stylish 3D Graphic Couch Blanket

Everyone loves big muscles and a strong body. But you know what’s better? Nice ass tattoos all over the place serving as jewelry and making it look way more attractive. No one in Dragon Ball ever had tattoos, be it either the heroes or the villains. But admit it we’ve always wanted to see a whole tattooed Goku and even have googled it multiple times coming across a bunch of fan arts that at times were really well done and had our jaws dropped. This is like that made into reality in the form of a blanket. If Goku was part of the Yakuza in an alternate world, this is exactly how he’d look like and I’m sure it’d be the best mafia ever with no enemies, Goku brushing everyone off just by taking off his shirt which he’s shirtless most of the time. To make it even better, it’s the Super Saiyan Blue form, the best one ever with quite a few types of tattoos. The best ones in my opinion are of course Shenron and the 7-star dragon ball as if they weren’t noticeable from the get-go. They’re like a symbol of the anime as the seven one makes the bunch complete which in turn summons Shenron. I love the fact that there’s also a heart tattoo included which gives him that true cocky gangster look, reimagining and redefining the character, making us see a whole new side to Goku which we’ll never see otherwise. This is the true beauty of fan arts that they give a whole new look to the character. He’s got that angry look that makes the whole character complete and makes him wear that gangster outfit pretty well.

Dragon Ball Z Majin Vegeta Canvas Poster

We have that iconic moment, the one that made Vegeta shine the brightest that he ever would right before our eyes. The way this whole sequence started with the fight first with Buu and then Vegeta, seeing no way to finish him off looking to try out the last resort. I still remember how it was such a shock to me as I never had seen this coming. He leans forward to Goten and Trunks and puts them to sleep not wanting them to look at him during those moments. Plus that ‘Trunks, look after your mom for me’ had Vegeta in tears for the first time for something other than his own pride. Vegeta hasn’t cried much since Dragon Ball Z introduced him as a character but the times he did, it gave a pure sense of desperation and sorrow that he was experiencing at those times making them more memorable than they otherwise would have. It is the epitome of the heroic moments in Dragon Ball and it being made into a canvas poster makes it all the better. That exact pose and everything is copied perfectly and gives a feeling of him standing in the wasteland in front of Buu.

22cm Dragon Ball Super Saiyan Bardock, Goku, Vegeta & Gogeta PVC Action Figures

The Broly movie was something else. The way Broly and Gogeta were made canon and how they kind of reimagined and reintroduced Broly was such adrenaline action and it’s safe to say that the character was done justice after all this time. The fighting to the characters to the motion sequences, everything was so one point and it introduced Broly and Gogeta to a lot of new audiences who didn’t know who the character was before. We all love to collect figurines and stuff and what’s better than having Broly and Gogeta side by side going at each other, making us remember the movie and having it played in our heads every time we happen to look at our shelves. Plus we have those Goku and Vegeta ones here as well if you want to do that ‘FUSION! HA’ pose with them making Gogeta come out of thin air lol.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Black Large Size Multicolor LED Gaming Mouse Pads

Black was the best new character that Dragon Ball has had in a while. Everything about the character from the personality to the fighting style to the whole God thing was on point and you could feel evil from looking at him, unlike most villains. He’d become the new favorite villain of a lot of people the time he was introduced and attracted quite a bit of attention back in 2016 when the whole black arc started airing. What’s better than have that character be the surface that your mouse slides on, increasing the accuracy of your shots and making those LED lights of your mouse feel bland compared to the Super Saiyan Rose of Goku Black. The pose of the character is so cool and the whole cosmic look in the background makes you remember how terrifying of a villain he was back in the day. This mouse pad is sure to get you more kills with Black’s malicious intent infesting your mouse in the process. It’s a must-have for gamers and would make one’s day for sure.

Anime Dragon Ball Silicone Soft Cases for iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 7 6 6S Plus 5 5S SE

Everyone loves phones and in this day and age, customizing phones have become the new thing. People draw all over it, add a bunch of stickers and stuff, anything. Phone cases take the cake among them all though. There’re millions of phone cases out there and not one like the other. It’d make a perfect gift for a Dragon Ball fan, especially a few crossover ones that are available in the picture. I like the way how they’re available for almost all the characters not missing out on the important ones of course. They’d add much to the swag of a new iPhone and are a must-have for a Dragon Ball fanatic.

DBZ Super Warrior Broly Short Wallet

Where comes cash, comes the stash. Yes, I’m talking about a wallet. It’s a basic necessity and everyone carries one on him apart from a few people who carry multiple ones all with different ids. This Broly wallet is a double threat. It has that new movie logo and keeps up the legendary super Saiyan look as well, making you remember the movie that came back in the last century lol. The face is intimidating as always never changing ever since he was first introduced with the legendary super Saiyan movie. Those eyes are full of madness that literally obliterated every warrior that came face to face with them not sparing even a single one making even Vegeta lose hope and everything, trembling in fear for he knew exactly who and what he was capable of. Folding it gives you a funny look of his face as if he’s been torn in half but I assure you that it’d never ever come to that in the anime. Buying this will assure you that your money is always in safe hands for no one would ever dare to steal from the Legendary Super Saiyan and it’s a great thing for die-hard Broly fans who been deeming him as the best character since back his debut.

3-5cm Dragon Ball Stickers 50 Pcs

Who doesn’t like stickers? They give that cool look to anything they stick with. From laptops to skateboards to notebooks to luggage anything can be adjourned with stickers. These stickers range all over the Dragon Ball Universe including almost every hero and villain and some of them are fresh as hell, the ones that you surely have never ever seen before. They also feature cross overs and all different kinds of cool combinations that’d power up anything you’d attach them to. I tried attaching them to my work laptop and it’s a gaming PC now. So go ahead and try this technique yourself, you’d be shocked by the results lol.

DBZ National Kamehameha Association Baseball Jersey

Whoa! That’s literally the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. Holy cow this is cool as hell. As if the NBA isn’t the definition of the ’cool kid’ in school, this jersey takes it to a whole another level. Wearing this will sure and do mark my words will surely get you clout and will up your swag game by a huge notch. That NKA standing for National Kamehameha Association is so well thought that it doesn’t deviate from the original NBA stands for National Basketball Association and doesn’t feel odd or out of place at all making things go smooth as if you made your way in lol. The color combinations plus that sign seals the deal and makes it the ultimate swag jersey out there which I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t be happy to have it. It is sure to make you be able to play in Zone with doing all those formless shoots from Kuroko’s Basketball making a crossover of Kuroko and Dragon Ball that would surpass Inazuma Eleven giving it a run for his money.

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