In this article, we are going to talk about the unbroken bonds on dragon ball z. Dragon ball z or DBZ become a very famous legend in the eyes of kids. 

“It doesn’t matter how we meet, or the circumstances of how we act. If we help out our brethren when they need it, make the sacrifices that need to be made, swallow our pride when the world calls and work together as one instead of working alone, we’ll become best friends for life.” On that note let us start our topic of topic on the Friendships that revolve and circle around ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ As the anime marks the story and the main plot of a particular protagonist there are but so many friendships that we can see in the anime. The main of them circling around Goku and his comrades or should I say his friends in arms, whom he went on to meet along his journey to become a Super Saiyan. Of course, the level of friendships not only limits to those around Goku himself but also to the people around him like that of, Majin Buu and Mr. Satan, Trunks and Goten and even that of Beerus and Whis, though this topic is something that cannot be called as a friendship per se. Friendship is something that connects all the characters in the anime together and help the anime to gain and obtain shape with all the plot and different stories that take place. The level of friendship in the anime does not only go up a level with each fight and emotional scene but also ranks up when the characters go on to express their feelings near the person that they have fought beside.

For example, let us talk about the time of Bardock, it was due to his different ambition and goal that he was discriminated and said bad about and bullied by his own clan of Saiyans. It was his ideology that made him a outsider in the own place that he called home as now even his parents would force him to enter a fight and cause damage while killing the ‘Tuffles’ to show power and the gain the upper hand in the side of brutality and strength. But, as his idea of a peaceful world was different and unique, he was bullied and discriminated by his own clan members, i.e., the Super Saiyans at the time. What saved him though was his friendship with the Saiyans (Tora, Fasha, Borgos and Shugesh) that believed in him and under him they paved a new way to new discoveries and scientific research that would later on make the Saiyans win “The Great Tuffle War” and make Bardock the brilliant scientist that Dragon Ball Z franchise had seen.

Coming to the better explained and the main friendships in the story let us now talk about the time Goku and the Age in which he embarked his journey to becoming the Greatest Super Saiyan.

    • To start off let’s talk about the friendship of Goku and Krillin in the story, as we know both Goku and Krillin trained under ‘Master Roshi’ in the ‘Turtle School’ since they were kids, they trained with each other, ate with each other and even took a nap with each other. This friendship is probably the most important when we see Dragon Ball Z as this is a friendship of the early stages in the anime and this helps to give our main protagonist a shape that we now see in him. Goku’s friendship with Krillin is the biggest in the franchise but that too is taken up by Vegeta in the later stages of the anime. This part of early friendship is essential in the anime as we, later on, see how Krillin slowly but surely due to the lack of keeping in touch with Goku slowly drifts apart and forms a completely best level of friendship with Gohan in the late stage of the anime. Krillin and Goku really started their friendship as acquaintances as in the beginning Krillin thought lowly of Goku and would often cheat in tasks given by Master Roshi to which Goku would get punished. It was later on in their training that they started to get along and being lifelong friends.


    • Coming to the friendship of Trunks and Goten now, Goten and Trunks have been known to be the strongest children of all anime. In my opinion, they are the funniest and cutest in the Dragon Ball z universe. They had a lot of moments where ‘Akira’ wanted to show their friendship as sons of the strongest rivals. Goten is his best friend and childhood rival, though Trunks is stronger and older than Goten as it is later pointed out by Goku. Goten and trunks have often got themselves into trouble on many occasions such as in the movie ‘Brolly- The Second Coming‘ where both of them including ‘Videl’ head out to find the rest of the Dragon Ball but unknowingly come face to face with the Legendary Super Saiyan. In this movie, they definitely acknowledge the fact that they are on the brink of death but yet they don’t abandon each other risking their lives for one and another.


    • Popping into a weird friendship, i.e., Beerus and Whis. Beerus is a God of destruction who maintains a balance between life and death. While This is an angel who looks after the God of destruction. Their relationship is more like a guardian and student but it is nonetheless a friendship worth in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. Now coming to the answer. This is stronger than Beerus. It is because to become a God of destruction one needs to train under an angel. After the fight of ‘Super Saiyan God Goku’, Whis told Beerus that he has changed. Even ‘Elder Kai’ told that the atmosphere of Earth even changed Beerus the destroyer. I think that’s when this relationship began. I won’t call it a friendship but Beerus & Whis X Vegeta & Goku are becoming close and very familiar with each other and I think that alone make/will make it harder for Beerus to actually go through with killing them, even when he’s acting as if he’s really going to kill them.


    • Coming again to a unique friendship we now have, Majin Buu and Mr. Satan. The biggest example of their friendship is seen in the part when two gunmen named ‘Van Zant’ and ‘Smitty’ arrive with the goal of taking on Buu and shooting Bee as he is playing with Buu. After Mr. Satan takes on the task and disposes the two gunmen he goes on to resume his maid tasks and but upon noticing the changes in Buu now Mr. Satan now even destroys the fake pictures of Buu defeated that he had taken. This lasts until the gunman who shot Bee returns and shoots Mr. Satan in the chest. Buu is able to heal him but the pain of losing his best friend is so great that he struggles to control his anger. Finally, Buu loses control of his anger and splits into Good Buu and Evil Buu. This loss of anger and the split of Majin Buu into his two parts show us the clear proof of the friendship that he shared with Mr. Satan. Later on, even in the ‘Dragon Ball GT’ series, we see Buu mention that Mr. Satan is his best friend and that he will never forget him, to which we see Mr. Satan crying and this once again proves us the friendship that Majin Buu shares with Mr. Satan.

    • Now coming to our biggest friendship in the story, Goku and Vegeta. Many believe that Krillin is the best friend of Goku and that wouldn’t be wrong compared to the early stages of the story in the Dragon Ball Z franchise. We see how Krillin and Goku trained under the same master, Master Roshi, and how these both came out to be lifelong friends due to their training and rivalry. What bugs here now is the question that, what about Vegeta and Goku? Skipping directly to the beat and letting the cat out of the bag, “Vegeta is Goku’s best friend.” Krillin was a lifelong friend of Goku but as the anime progressed and the rivalry becomes intense, we see Krillin slowly but surely drifting apart from Goku in the later phase of the story. He then goes on to form a better bond with Gohan with whom he shares an uncle-parent relationship and this just adds another piece to prove that Vegeta is Goku’s new best friend. It is no doubt that Vegeta and Goku have more screen time and a more intense rivalry but this too again is not a fact that we can just keep to the side as we now see that Goku shares a better friendship with Vegeta than he did with Krillin as Vegeta is someone who can easily match up to Goku in the term of strength and speed as he too belongs to the Saiyan race whereas, Krillin fails in this place as he is but a mere Earthling. Yes, he is the strongest human being on ‘Planet Earth’ but comparing his power to that of the Saiyans is something that is both inconsiderable and dull. This fact again goes on to make Vegeta a strong and a more durable opponent, a better rival, and a much better of a best friend to Goku than Krillin.

Friendship in the Dragon Ball Z franchise is something that helps to give shape and refinement to the main plot and story. This is something that makes the anime worthwhile and better with every twist and turn. The franchise not only remarks and builds up strong friendships but also show us proof of them along the way in the many sacrifices and the decisions that take place. The build of any great story is done from the baseline and it is when the base is strong that makes the story even better with every outcome that takes place. Above us, we see a list of friendships that take place in the Dragon Ball Z series, but this is only a list of those friendships on the side of our heroes. What about those among the side of the villains? This is something that is worth thinking about as it is these thoughts that make us a pure Otaku. What would happen if Frieza has a best friend as powerful as him? What would happen in Brolly has someone who could match his power? Would the story be different if Goku had not met Krillin and Vegeta? How they would affect our story is something that is worth considering. There will probably be more deaths and destruction but would the outcome still be the same? Will Goku even be alive hadn’t he met Krillin and Vegeta? It is things like these that make up a story and give rise to a whole different universe of question.

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