Dragon Ball Z has always been known for its ferocious and dark side and with that there are a few moments in the anime which have always taken a lead and given us goosebumps throughout our body with its amazing choreography and direction. These are the moments when we were at the edge of our seat and had to hold on to our dear self and life when they finally approached us causing a havoc in our minds and bodies. They are what elevated the anime and gave it an interesting turn for the better cause these are the moments which bring the anime together and gives it a sense of realism and manner.

It is not always the good that wins and sends us the vibe to fear them but sometimes there is another side to the bad too when they go from being just bad to worse and it is then that we see their real strength and power. It is a state of shock and near-death experience when they let go of their reins and finally expose themselves as who they truly are. There have always been in the anime times when we saw something really unexpected and most of them were at times when we see the good flee from the evil because they fear them so much and these are the exacts moments that we will be taking a look in today and understanding what it means to be frozen in fear and shock.


Looking back on the anime this is one of the most brutal and lethal moment that we saw of Frieza. When fighting with Goku and some of the others we don’t really pay a hint to Frieza and his power but rather just see him as a fly who is being swatted by the Z Fighters, but it was at this moment that we really saw Frieza for who he really is.

The incarnation of evil is what we can call him and the incident that took place at the time was nothing less than a fear for life when he finally let go of his reins. This scene still continues to be one of the most near-death scenes in the anime and it is when Frieza realized that he can become more stronger when Vegeta could hold off his first form. It was at this moment that Vegeta fled for his life as he was scared out of his wits and it only resulted in a much bigger scene when with his devil like horns Frieza impaled Krillin causing a shock throughout the world as it was never expected that Krillin too would take such a big beatdown, the same Krillin who manages to escape even the top-level threats.

It was this part of the anime which really sends chills down our spine as it was an outcome which was never to be expected.


Coming down to one of the most epic scenes in the anime, we have the time when Reacoom broke Gohan’s neck in a fight. With Reacoom’s fight with Krillin and Vegeta we already know how strong he is and Gohan being a 5-year-old child still decides to approach the brute and take a beating that is given by him.

Just from the looks of it we know that Gohan stands no chance against the beast but just like the Saiyan spirit that runs inside of him he decides to have a battle with him anyway. It is in one slight kick that we can see Gohan lying down on the floor with his face and arms bleeding from the beatdown. The most shocking and the optimistic part of this scene was the fact that we never expected them to show a beatdown of a 5-year-old boy who could just barely fight and hold his ground. This was a scene which really sent chills down our spine as it comprehended the fact that when it comes down to fighting and keeping your image there is no one out there that Reacoom won’t stand against.


Not to misjudge and misinterpret but this was an arc which was filled with chaos and destruction. It was an arc that really led to the shaping of our character and kept them in check, from them getting strong in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to them getting into a high-end fight with King Piccolo and his disciples. The main spooky part of this arc is not only that these creatures look like Halloween monsters with their green color but rather that it was the first time that we witnessed major characters dying in the anime like Krillin, Master Roshi, Chiaotzu and other.

The moments in this arc were not only spine chilling and deadly but also spooky to a high extent when we consider the fact that with all the deaths that surrounded the anime, it still kept us a comedic and a humorous side to it making it even creepier and spine chilling. We saw the moment when Krillin got his neck broken, King Piccolo got torn through and the ever so legendary death od Master Roshi but all of that was covered up with a few jokes, making it ever so shocking and spooky.


Getting down to business and leading ourselves to one of the most infamous moments in Dragon Ball Z we see the time when Android 19 and 20 were first introduced in the anime. If we remember the scene correctly and recall what happened in the anime, we see that Android 19 and 20 were first seen destroying a city and brutally killing its residents. However, it was a different moment in that which made the scene even more epic and gruesome.

If we follow the manga and compare it to the anime, we understand the matter at hand and see why these two must be feared and scared of. When an impatient driver starts yelling at Android 20 from his car, 20 grabbed the man by the throat and squeezed him until I believe his head became misshapen and popped. Not only was that moment utterly brutal and terrifying but it was shocking. It was one of the most gruesome scenes in the anime and therefore has a tendency to scare the living hell out of us when we see then scene in the anime too. Though the anime covers up this graphic scene with a simple choking incident, we cannot help but remember the actual incident that took place in the anime.

However, it was what followed after that really took a toll on us viewers as we saw Yamcha getting impaled through the chest with Android 20’s hand. Not only was the scene graphic but also the fiery background, the music in the anime really helped to elevate the spookiness of the scene making it one of the most infamous scenes in the Dragon Ball universe, a scene where we saw Yamcha’s eyes and bleeding wound and also the chaos that was taking place while he was being murdered.


As we all know from the anime, Broly is too a Saiyan and has been living his life as an antagonist rather than that of the protagonist and it is this part of him that scares the living hell out of us. We see that he is one of the scariest villains out there and it is because of this wild and strong side of his that we really feel the goosebumps rise through our body when we see him fighting and taking of Z Fighters.

In his movie we see the kind of hulking monster that he is and also the strength that oozes inside of him making him one of the most lethal villains that our protagonists have had to face till date. He alone was a heavy-duty fighter to all of them and it was his motive to kill and destroy that he gave a beatdown to all the Z Fighters in the most brutal manner. It was his battles with the Saiyans that really sends chills down our spines and gives us the goosebumps that really shocks us throughout the movie. It is because we can never imagine the fact that our heroes would be beaten in such a manner but then again seeing them getting the life kicked out of them just adds more to the creepy-pasta and destroys our bodies with extra goosebumps that we receive.

As said before, it is not only the heroes that can give us this vibe but also the villains and this is an article that really shows their worth as villains and sends us the vibe that we need. It helps us to realize the true worth of those villains and helps us to understand why we should respect them a little bit because they are the ones who go on to make our protagonists stronger and more destructive.