There is just no doubt that Dragon Ball Z has successfully managed to reach the heart of those that love anime and give them a kick that is so subtle and bold. The show just goes beyond our imagination and helps us achieve a level of otaku-ness and fall in love with everything that the anime shows us. Though many anime hit us differently and give us a wide scope of feelings, Dragon Ball is the one which actually manages to capture all of them and portray them in a way where we just fall in love with the character more and get an upliftment in life that is totally worth it.

Dragon Ball looks like the kind where we can only focus on the genre of action and adventure, but that is totally wrong as it also depicts us the feelings we would encounter in the genres of comedy, slice of life, etc. Not only does it now have a huge fanbase which still at moments cry of for new episodes but also has a supporting team that tells us so much more about the backstory of the anime and with research helps us to understand the real meaning of the anime and the feelings of our characters in it. Why is it that Dragon Ball Z has successfully managed to conquer all the hearts and leave its mark on those that have watched it? What is the basic fundamental that makes the anime worth watching? These are the prominent questions which builds up our curiosity and gives us a reason to look forward to every single article that comes out on it and leave with us a new question all-together about why, when and who.

Starting off with the first point that we have, the Dragon Ball Z series actually manages to retain all the spirit and possession with its oncoming sequels and movies. There are often cases where the sequels prove to be not so welcoming which it comes down to making second season and the ones further on but Dragon Ball Z successfully managed to hold the spirit that it had in the first season with each progressing season, making it a fan favourite in an instant and giving it a quality output that is far better in comparison to other such anime. It comes as no shock that we still get goosebumps with each progressing episode and the same thrill which we had in the first season too.

There are many times that the manga and the anime story differ in terms to plot and its ending, but Dragon Ball Z managed to stay true to its origin and give us a back-story and definite plot which is worth binging even after a long gap. The story controls the flow of emotions and that in turn helps us to maintain our interest in the show, making it even more popular with the masses.

The first ever Dragon Ball episode that was released was in 1986 and that just makes it all the more amazing and worth watching. It gives us a sense of loyalty by the production company and depicts to us just how the company has been producing the anime for over 40 years, in-turn making it probably the very first anime that people have watched all around.

Just by a simple survey we can go on to ask them and prove that Dragon Ball was indeed the first anime they ever watched and as it stays true to the facts people have the tendency to keep watching it due to sentimental and retro feelings. Many things at times go on to remind us of our childhood and give us a sense of joy that only our inner child can imagine and look forward to and Dragon Ball Z is just that something which helps us to relive our childhood with its classic animation and high-end script.

There is no doubt that all of us at times may have shouted ‘kame-hame-ha’ or done a gesture with our body where we felt the power surge inside of us and transform us into a Super Saiyan that we see on television or big screen. This simple yet dynamic inclusion of the Super Saiyan transformation has gone on to give Dragon Ball Z a mark of its own and a moment of badass suspense where the viewers watching it, after the transformation just go on to wonder what will be the next badass thing our Saiyan warriors do.

The first time ever when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan, immediately hyped up the entire world as this was just so unexpected and cool. It helped us to re-live a moment when we too wished that we could transform like this and have our hairs standing on edge. The scene itself was so magical and enticing that it would just make sense if someone was on their edge of their seat and wonder about what was happening as his black hair turned golden and the similar kind of aura surrounded him. This inclusion of transformation in the anime truly helped to make it come more alive as it gave us hope for the series of battles that were to come after that making each one more magical and dynamic as the episodes progressed.

It again comes to us as no surprise that this was the show which helped to inspire many main-stream shows which now come out on television like Naruto and One Piece. Dragon Ball helped these shows to realise just how important it was to have a backstory as depicting and interesting as Dragon Ball and give each character in it a platform of their own where their personal side of the story was told to the public.

This side of a story helps to makes the plot more interesting as we as know the inspiration behind each character and their motive for believing in things that they originally do. This in-turn helps to make the fight scenes more interesting as we by the end of it are in a real dilemma about whom to support and believe in. Like for instance, we can take Jiren for example, he is the strongest mortal antagonist in Dragon Ball franchise and we too can sympathise with him as he does not only act on the basis of causing mayhem or destruction but rather by the past that haunts him and his daily life. He is given an honorary characteristic and that also just goes on to support his side of the story when he fights the Saiyans and other warriors all around.

It is this side of Dragon Ball that really helps to keep the viewers interested as it depicts to us both the side of the stories and entice our mind in a bind which can only be opened after the last episode of it.

Possibly one of the biggest reasons that anyone ever loved Dragon Ball Z is the fact that it gave us the girls and the fan-service that we require. It is not in a lewd manner that we describe this factor but on the basis of ‘WAIFU’ system that has been running around after the inclusion of girls in Dragon Ball Z. It gave us the ever so hot-headed Chi-Chi as a housewife, in front of whom even the mightiest warrior Goku is shown trembling in goosebumps and fear. Then it portrays to us the ever so humorous and comedic Bulma who with her funny nature and adolescent thinking has saved our characters countless times from dangers and troubles.

All in all, they each are unique and attractive, with a personality of their own. These girls just go on to give us the best upliftment when it comes to tough times and also act as motivation to the characters who trouble by their fan-service and the biggest example to this is Bulma who is made in a manner that she adds comedic relief to the anime making it all the more enjoyable and fun.

Dragon Ball is an anime which helps to get the child in us enticed. It portrays us the sentimental feelings that run throughout every youth and makes itself a fan-favourite every time we look at a new episode regarding it. From a deep research of Goku and his character/personality that represents Wukong, the Monkey King to the backstory of each character that we see in the anime, Dragon Ball really is that series which helps to conquer our hearts on many levels making it one of the best anime when it comes to action and talks about life.