Retro Kid Goku Sweatpants


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Upgrade your sense of style with these cool pants. Mark a true statement like kid Goku in this amazing merch and get rolling like a real Saiyan,

Many know DBZ but not the story and this Dragon Ball Goku trouser will help you show the story throughout the time that you wear it on. Goku was born with a tail as a human x gorilla. During his time training and honing he lost his tail due to the power being so stressed that they chopped it off. This seems sad, but in reality, it’s the reason Goku is alive today. The tail and that aura that is missing “pieces”, so because of his monkey tail he was given a second chance at life, and how he ended up here! Doesn’t that just seem like the perfect story for every occasion, well this trouser will help you say it out loud. Spread the love and enjoy the ever-basking glory of the Saiyans.

Pant Style: Sweatpants
Waist Type: Mid
Material: COTTON+Polyester

Style: Casual
Thickness: Midweight
Length: Full Length
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