New Design Saiyan Warrior Dragon Ball Z Couch Blanket



If you are shopping for a new couch blanket and want one that is different and unique from the rest, them hold up and look at this piece for a minute. Get the look that is traditional and bold with this piece and make it so that you are remember for having a collection that is desired and priceless. Different couch blanket serves for a different purpose but this is one that will look good in almost any situation, with print that is bold and loud, this is a piece that makes for a perfect addition every time you look at it…read more

Our beautiful New Design Saiyan Warrior Dragon Ball Z Couch Blanket is a way to infuse a little luxury into your day-to-day, adding style to your living space and also providing the perfect wrap for a snooze. Our DBZ throws are also great because they can be easily stored or used for guests when needed.

♥ Premium Suede Polyester Blend
♥ Ultra-soft and smooth fleece fabric
♥ Keep you warm and comfortable
♥ Durable and resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and mildew
♥ Perfect for snuggling while watching TV on the safa, reading on a couch, or just relaxing in bed
♥ Machine washable (cold water+gentle cycle+mild detergent)
♥ Long-lasting color vibrancy

» Not sold in local stores
» Brand new & high quality product

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