Master Roshi’s KAME Kanji Symbol Canvas Backpack


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Brought to you directly from the DBZ world, this knapsack doesn’t disappoint anybody that it crosses. Wear it to the following class or the recreation area, it makes certain to knock some people’s socks off wherever you go.

We have found the perfect piece that will always keep the doctor away. Crafted from pure polyester, this KAME Kanji Symbol Canvas Backpack will keep your vitamin levels on track. Healthy is the new black! Featuring a bag with deep leather type finish, high end quality, bold look and a sleezy look. The bag itself is a great one but the moment you combine it with the all new and fancy jackets from Saiyan Village then you practically have a combo that is difficult to top from any given angles. Backpack itself is a great start to the bold and fresh look but the KAME symbol on the top really helps to lift it up and give shape to the alternation color of Black highlights in it.

Height: 39cm
Width: 30cm
Gender: Unisex
Department Name: Adult
Material: Polyester