Master Roshi Baseball Cap


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Guide your life as the next turtle master with this Master Roshi cap. Learn his lustful ways and chill next to the Kame house with this free pass cap on.

The iconic nose bleed. It’s become such a meme at this point that every anime has characters being in that very same state and the scorching heat is not the reason for it at all. The heat’s coming from somewhere else, better be on the lookout. From characters bleeding to death and requiring blood transfusions to stay alive and going, it sure has come a long way. Roshi has always had this pervy side to him that we can’t help but to love since it makes all these weird encounters and interactions that bring in the comedy element in the picture. No doubt he’s the perfect master anyone could ask for but he just can’t get his desires in control now, can he? Maybe old age gets you needy than ever. But it’s given us the laughs every time so we’d turn a blind eye to the perviness.

Material: COTTON/Polyester
Gender: Unisex
Style: Casual
Strap Type: Adjustable
Size: 58-62cm (22.8-24.4in)
Visor: 7cm (2.75in)
Height: 12cm (4.72in)