Kid Goku & Shenron Anti Bacterial Dustproof Mask


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Illustrate your like as a companion to Goku with this face mask. Mark your story on the slabs like a true Saiyan king with this cool mask on.

Kid Goku was this boy who we couldn’t get enough of back in the day. As a child, I wanted to go on all kinds of adventures that he went to wanting to come across all the world had to offer. He was up to something new every other episode and he sure made things entertaining for each and every one of us. He had this cute and adorable side to him as well that made him a favorite in no time. All kinds of dinosaurs and Jurassic creatures made guest appearances in the Dragon Ball anime and Goku sure had his time with every one of them. Whether it be in the form of eating them or just riding them to the top of the mountain. That explains why he isn’t afraid of Shenron every time he spawns whether it is on Earth on Namek.

Gender : Unisex
Material : Polyester Fabric ( Soft, Breathable, Washable and Reusable)
Size : Length: 7.9in/20cm    Width: 5.9 In/15cm
Ear Loops : Adjustable, Elastic
Filter : 2 Filters with Each Mask

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