Kid Buu Baseball Cap


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Shine like Buu and harness the power of pure evil with this cool cap. With this new dark power, you are sure to win that next game of yours.

The kid’s here and he’s here to play. With your remains of course since no one would be able to catch the ball which would be coming right at you the next instant. Kid Buu sure gave us a lot of trouble even while being outnumbered the entire fight. Since the beginning, Buu was this pain in the neck that no one was able to finish off since the guy always had this ace up his sleeve and we didn’t know much about him. This made wrapping things up difficult but at the same time, it made ‘getting our ass kicked’ a lot easier. The kid’s unlike any other you’ve ever seen and is truly someone you wouldn’t want to babysit ever. Trust me on that. But it was a good ending to a good series that we wouldn’t mind watching every day for the rest of our lives.


Material: Polyester, Cotton
Gender: Unisex
Style: Casual
Hat Size: One Size

Pattern Type: Cartoon
Strap Type: Adjustable
it head around: 56-59cm

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