Gohan & Videl Beach Drive Boardshorts



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Drive off into the sunset with these cool boardshorts. Made for a true Otaku, this makes for the perfect merch for hitting the beach or the pool.

What’s more suitable to wear, more suitable to rock that swag in than shorts that are themed in the very place that you’re about to go to? Nothing. Gohan has gone through a bunch of different kinds of phases from the day he was introduced as a kid, that timid, frail child who was easily frightened despite Raditz going on and on with these words, ‘How is that kid stronger than me?’ He crying just by tripping over in an attempt to kick open the Saiyan pod to going head to head with Cell after he made the biggest mistake of his life by awakening his hidden potential that it hadn’t come out, would’ve surely been the end of the Dragon Ball Universe, the series itself, making us have different memories and opinions of the series than the way we remember it now. Videl as a character was introduced with Gohan as an adult, that old embarrassing Saiyaman saga. Yes, a thing that everyone knows but doesn’t want to talk about for sure lol. The forbidden chapter. Dragon Ball is not a Romance anime by any means with all these macho men going at each other’s throats at all times, but this story between Gohan and Videl was like a breath of fresh air and spiced things up a bit, giving us a break from all that fighting that was always going on and on in the anime. ‘Going to the beach with characters going to the beach with others going to the beach’ lol.

Item Type: Board Shorts
Material: Polyester
Material: COTTON
Pattern Type: Print
Pattern Type : HD Digital printing

Visual effect: 3D
Type Version: Loose
Elasticity: Loose
Thickness: Moderate
Wash: Machine wash or Hand Wash

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