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This brings back what’s been forgotten, what’s been unknown until last year, the character named Gogeta. Not many people know of the gem that’s ‘Fusion Reborn’ and that’s where they really miss out on the Dragon Ball franchise as a whole since it’s one of the best Dragon Ball movies out there for sure. That whole new Villain introduction that’s Janemba, the only major fight that takes place in the afterlife with glimpses of the snake way, making us remember Goku running over it just to fall off the very next second, ending up in front of those twins lol, making us remember his first defeat in Dragon Ball Z at the hands of Picollo once again is nostalgia at it’s best. Since the introduction of Gotenks and seeing how strong fusion other than the Potara can be, we’ve always wanted to see this fusion, this merge between Goku and Vegeta happening and Akira sure gave us what we wanted in this movie. From the outfit to the look, everything is done perfectly making Gogeta one of the best characters to date in the Dragon Ball universe. The whole ‘Gold’ look that surrounds him in the movie as well is perfectly captured and it’s as if the character’s come straight out from the movie, being frozen in time and space. His hand as if he’s ready to screw someone up is how strong characters in Dragon Ball are and is sure to make you remember how strong the character was and is in the Broly movie.

  • GOGETA TANK TOP: This full-print Dragon Ball themed sleeveless shirt is uniquely crafted using a special sublimation technique to transfer our designs into a deep, rich and lasting piece of wearable art. This singlet is perfect to be worn during your workout sessions or other daily activities
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Made of high quality materials and designed to give you the best feeling on your skin, this DBZ tank top is very comfortable to wear
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Collar: O-neck
Hooded: No

Material: Polyester/Cotton
Fabric Type: Broadcloth


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