Emperor Frieza Piccolo Napp The Dragon Ball Villains 3 Piece Modular Wall Art HD Canvas Prints


35x50cm x 3No Frame35x50cm x 3With Fram40x60cm x 3No Frame40x60cm x 3With Fram50x70cm x 3No Frame50x70cm x 3With Fram60x90cm x 3No Frame60x90cm x 3With Fram

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We got all the baddies here in this 3 in 1 bad guy fiesta lol. Not much was known about Nappa when he was first revealed sitting beside Vegeta eating what appeared to be a fruit but could be anything. Nappa sure kicked ass back when he was fighting the Z warriors, taking them down one after another. He had a kill count similar to one of the strongest villains making us think he’s a hotshot or something…read more

Material: Canvas
Style: Modern
Medium: Oil
Technics: Spray Painting

Form: Multi-picture Combination
Support Base: Canvas
Shape: Irregular
Coating: UV, Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof