Dragon Ball Z Majin Vegeta & Gohan Dope Zipper Hoodie



A Saiyan is one who lives by order and by the best of his strength he has, the Vegeta X Gohan hoodie is a representation of that. This is a graphic and a designer piece which shows the struggle and the fight of a Saiyan with the world itself. The characters here are given an unreal and futuristic look making them more of a hardcore character than they really are. It shows the struggle and the fights that they have fought as Saiyans with the world and time itself. The inclusion of the bold and retro look also shows us the key aspect of Vegeta and Gohan as they are simple and a kind person when talking to but if it gets personal that they can turn from good to bad real soon. This hoodie is the one that shows us all the good, bad and the ugly…read more

Item Type: Jackets & Coats
Material: Polyester

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