Dragon Ball Saiyan Z Fiction Non-Disposable Mask


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You can be the mafia or the Yakuza, with this mask on we won’t judge you no matter what. A point like a true Saiyan in this classic mask.

The mafia’s in the house. Ever since the godfather movies which showed us just how brutal and deadly the mafia can be, this is the closest thing to a complete mafia that I’ve seen. Heck, it’s even better since they’d be letting the fists and the beams do the talking. Guns and swords are all overrated anyway. Frieza and Cell would be constantly fighting for that top spot since Cell considers himself perfect so he won’t give that spot to anyone but himself. But we know Frieza too well to say that he won’t be budging even an inch since he considers himself the best the universe has ever seen. I can see a lot of punching followed by the notorious excuse, ‘Sorry, my hand slipped!’.

Gender : Unisex
Material : Polyester Fabric ( Soft, Breathable, Washable and Reusable)
Size : Length: 7.9in/20cm    Width: 5.9 In/15cm
Ear Loops : Adjustable, Elastic

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