DBZ Super Hero Goku Abstract Art 3 Piece HD Print DBZ Panel Wall Art

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These minimal abstract wall canvases go anywhere, by the study desk, the dining table, the wall behind your sofa, you name it, they will be there to uplift your bare walls even further!

Fusion fans, yes, yes I’m talking to the ones who’ve practiced the fusion dance countless times now even at parties, and try to find songs that go well with it lol. And you people who buy those Kotara earrings, wearing them on opposite ears thinking that you’d be brought close to one another becoming a fused version of yourselves, you guys ain’t safe either. Behold! I present to you the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Fusion has always been kind of a mixed thing since it’s debut back in Dragon Ball Z, with delivering the power element when the two individuals combine their power levels into one vassal to the comedic element that it exhibits with that funny dance and even if you’re off by a cm or a second in joining those fingers, you’ll end up as a failed experiment result lol. The kids aka Goten and Trunks had no problem doing it which is understandable considering it’s all fun and games when you’re young but Vegeta, the boy was he nervous and full of anxiety when he heard how he was supposed to act moving around all like that. Still crystal clear as if I just watched that scene the last second and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Material: Canvas
Style: Modern
Medium: Oil
Technics: Spray Painting

Form: Multi-picture Combination
Support Base: Canvas
Shape: Irregular
Coating: UV, Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof

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