DBZ Goku Black Wave Flash Ball DIY 3D LED Light Lamp

$62.99 $52.99


It’s after 9pm, and it’s that time that all kids dread at one stage in their lives. Bedtime. It sounds simple – and it can be easier, with the right night light as your little helper. Round, cutesy and shaped in the form of character of Goku who has a black flash ball, we’ve put together a lamp that is perfect and we’d choose for our children. Save yourself the trouble from their cries every night as they have difficulty going to sleep and savour the moment that we now give you. With a lamp so fascinating and popping, they and all those that sleep beside it will have a night they remember as it is stylish and subtle, making dreams happier and more refreshing…read more

Material: PVC
Power Source: DC
Light Source: LED Bulbs

Power On/Off: Switch
Wattage: 0-5W
Voltage: 5V

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