Cell The Perfect Fighter 3 Piece HD Print DBZ Panel Wall Art

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35x50cm x 3With Fram40x60cm x 3No Frame40x60cm x 3With Fram50x70cm x 3No Frame50x70cm x 3With Fram60x90cm x 3No Frame60x90cm x 3With Fram

Like the Perfect Cell, you can now transform your house into the Perfect Home with this cool canvas set. Dive into the DBZ dimension and get that perfect look for your home.

If you ever wanted to see how a battery goes 0 percent making your phone enter the afterlife, this is the perfect example of it. The cell was one of the best villains Dragon Ball Z brought to the table with attributes and personality no other villain had exhibited prior to him. The way he brings his hands together the first time he is discovered by Piccolo, chanting those legendary words, ‘Ka…..Me….Ha…..Me…..’, I bet everyone was surprised and was on the edge of their seats thinking what would happen next since no way in hell is this mantis Roshi’s long lost pupil. It’s rare and almost unreal to see Piccolo get amazed by something, frozen in place not doing anything since he’s the ‘cool’ guy in the universe. The cell was making everyone look mere fleas in front of him, even Vegeta and Goku along with the backup we got from the future, Trunks, who was in his all buffed Super Trunks form making Arnold have a run for his money lol. No one would have expected Gohan to come forward and beat him in a fight since Gohan wasn’t all that strong at that time. But as the fight began, it was only Gohan delivering and Cell taking those punches head-on, immobilized after one hit every time ever. That fight was the birth of a new character, Gohan as a new fighter in the universe.

Material: Canvas
Style: Modern
Medium: Oil
Technics: Spray Painting

Form: Multi-picture Combination
Support Base: Canvas
Shape: Irregular
Coating: UV, Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof

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