Buu The Evil Kid Planet Burst Flash Ball DIY 3D LED Light Lamp

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Use the Buu 3D light lamp to see how our product can enhance your home with different unique lighting mood. Find the perfect mood for a specific room, from warm and cosy ambiences for living room lighting, to bright, energising schemes for bathroom and kitchen lighting. Give time to yourself from your daily hustle and bustle and spend the time in giving your room the look that it deserves. Little cheeky, a little citrusy and a little chic…read more

Sizes (Approx.)
Figure: 15cm
Bulb Diameter: 12cm
Base Length: 15cm
Base Width: 15cm
Base Height: 30cm

Type: Night Light
Batteries NOT Required
Power Source: AC
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Light Bulb Included
Power On/Off: Switch
Body Material: ABS
Wattage: 6-10W
Voltage: 110V-240V
Battery Type: NONE



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