Amazing Kamehameha Wave 5 Piece HD Print DBZ Panel Wall Art


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Blast away your worries like Goku does by blasting off his enemies into mear smithers. Master the perfect move of Kamehameha and off you go to join the Saiyans on their new mission.

We know that secretly you have been wanting an upgrade in your living space and that is exactly the reason that we made this product for you. A fitting product for a Saiyan like yourself. Grab this set of 5 wall art that features Goku’s kame-hame-ha in it and elevate your living room to a whole new game. Produce an effect of power and aura that surges within you and help your living room send a vibe that is cool and flawless. You can never go wrong with this piece as it is glossy, calm yet powerful, contradicting the very aspect of yin and yang. An aspect so divergent that it gives your living space a whole new meaning to destruction, aura, power and strength.

Vivid and High Definition
Top Quality Pro Canvas Cloth
Style: Modern
Medium: Oil
Technics: Spray Painting

Form: Multi-picture Combination
Support Base: Canvas
Shape: Irregular
Optional Wood Frame
Coating: UV, Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof