Air Goku Neck Gaiter


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Wear it around your face or wear it around your head, this cool bandana is sure to make you shine with its low-key Goku x Jordans crossover. Heck, you can even pair them with a fresh pair of Jordans, and get the ultimate DBZ look.

Nike Air sure is a big thing. Everyone wants to get their hands on one but the price tag makes us want to turn away the moment we lay our eyes on it. Well with a much more reasonable price and the silhouette of Goku himself to back things up, we have a treat for all the Basketball fans out there. Being a true Basketball enthusiast, you know what it means wearing something like that, something that signifies the sport and brings out the love you harbor towards it out in the open. A perfect thing NBA fans can get who love Dragon Ball Neck Gaiters at the same time since it was something they watched long before they came to know about the NBA.


Size: 24x45cm
Material: Polyester
Gender: Unisex

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