“It’s not possible. I cannot lose, I won’t accept defeat. Might makes right and might alone! Without strength, we have nothing! If I don’t win, then all my effort, all I’ve struggled to achieve, all of it will have been pointless! I’ll lose everything, just like I did before… and I absolutely refuse to go through that again! I cannot! I will not!” ~These are the lines that our mighty villain Jiren said inThe Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!

It is said that being strong and powerful comes at a price. A price so hefty and burdensome that it breaks the inner you in piece. It tears you apart in a manner where you cannot ever glue the pieces back together. But it is a price that must be paid because from then on forward the only way you march is forward and go on to gain the strength that you have always wanted and desired. Though you may wish to go back and relive that moment, it is something that you cannot ever take a trip back to, all you can really do at that moment in time is pay respect to what you left behind and face your future head on. This is the reality that we live in and it is this maturity and turning point in life the demands you to make a choice between the two sides and get yourself up in gear and running to the path that lies in front of you.

The story to the villain’s past that we have in store for today is something fan really have looked forward to and has been a hot-topic that many people wish to get an answer to. The question that lies in front of us is the following, ‘Why is Jiren considered the strongest villain in the Dragon Ball franchise?’ It is a question that entices our heart and gives us the curiosity that we need to find out more about the character. He is someone who served as the main antagonist in the Universal Survival Saga for his extraordinary power and became a fan favourite just in weeks after his introduction. The strength that lay inside of him and the way that he tackled many problems show us of the way how he matured overtime and how he took the necessary steps as a Pride Trooper to finally become so skilfully powerful and active that he even managed to outclass some of the Destroyer Gods.

The backstory to his personal sacrifice and dark past was the time of his youth. A time where he was merely a child and one day upon returning home found out that his parents were killed by a villain. This was an incident of his youth that really made him see the world for what it truly is and gave him the maturity boost of a hundred men all at the exact same time. As time passed on and he took his steps into the world, things just got harder as he found that most of his allies, friends and teachers would perish in battle/fights, and the rest that remained would end up giving up hope to ever avenge the fallen members and move on in life. It was from this point forward that Jiren loses his trust for all that surround him and now only believes in strength and strength alone.

This was a price that he paid throughout his life and it was this act of sacrifice that made him be the person that he is today. Though he is a quite and honourable fighter in that believes in strength and justice, he is someone who has gone on to lose those that were close to him, people that he once called family and a place that he once knew as home. These were the things that were snatched away from him and made him into a man that feared nothing and went about to spark up panic and agitation in those that came to know about him, and it was not just with mortals but with the ever so mighty Gods of Destruction too.

We all know that throughout the Dragon Ball Z franchise, the Spirit Bomb is one that you can always count on and have faith in as it is that one move with touches and destroys its opponent without fail. A move so powerful in Son Goku’s arsenal that it gives him the edge every time he takes on an antagonist and is used as a trump card. However, what would happen if this too proved ineffective against someone. A move so sacrilegious and strong yet, feeble against an opponent that stood in front of him. Now that is something that sends chills down our spine, and the reason for that is completely valid as this is that one attack we can always count on.

And this is the second reason as to why Jiren is said to be the strongest antagonist in the Dragon Ball franchise. He stood there as someone who casually redirected it and took a stance which made the best of us waver in fear and surprise. A strength so over-flowing and great that it just goes on to prove his mighty spirit and trust in power and power alone.

Jiren is that one antagonist who is said to be given an outspoken personality, making him charming and charismatic in his own way. A fighter who is honourable and smart yet mysterious and powerful in his own ways. He has a state on mind that very few can hope to accomplish and due to the clear goal of not losing anyone stuck strictly in his mind he is someone that goes on to fight with the most Super Saiyan levels. It is just a common concept in anime to represent the villain’s strength by showing the power that our heroes fight him/her in. It is practised that the more power and aura our protagonist emit during his fight with the opponent, the higher is the difficulty level of the opponent that they are fighting.

This is again something that goes on to prove Jiren’s might as the most powerful antagonist as he is someone who fought with the Super Saiyan form of Goku, Super Saiyan 2 form, Super Saiyan God form, Super Saiyan Blue form, even the Super Saiyan Blue form with Kaio-Ken as well as the upgraded Super Saiyan Blue form that Vegeta acquired in the Power Tournament. This is the fact that showed us just how much of a skillset and techniques Jiren actually possess to fight an opponent like Goku who even after training all his life still proved to be subpar to Jiren by some margin and extent.

“Jiren is a man who is completely devoted to justice. He never acts on any of his own desires or interests. And no matter how evil a villain he’s up against, his absurd conviction is such that he won’t ever kill them. But there is one thing… He has a wish that he’d even be willing to set aside his convictions to have come true.”

This is the statement that was said by Belmod to Khai in “The Man named Jiren” chapter and is one that just goes on to prove the sheer will and conviction of Jiren in the anime. It shows us a side of him that is totally pleasing and appreciable in every way possible. It is this factor of the anime that sets him apart from the other antagonist and gives him a mindset that is completely different and authentic from the rest. Unlike the other antagonists who go around causing mayhem for fun like Evil Buu or wreaking havoc for personal gain like Frieza, Jiren is someone who only wields his power and strength at times when he has to protect something and save the ones that are dear and close to him. It is this idea of justice and the act of selflessness that sets him apart from the rest and gives in a smart and fitting look that he deserves.

This helps to show us just why Jiren has the power to do the impossible and about why he is someone who wields the power strong enough to take on some Gods of Destruction. Like we all may have seen in the anime, while the Power Tournament is still on, we get to learn from the crowd that Jiren is someone who was given the crown of a God of Destruction but turned it down for the beliefs and reasons that he had in his mind.

He is some who understands the pain of losing something important and dear to him and unlike the rest of the crowd that just spew words for comfort and luxury. The Gods of Destruction are immortals that go about destroying plants and worlds and thus tearing apart the homes, families and bonds of those that live in them. To accept the title would mean nothing but an act of hypocrisy and this is something that Jiren absolutely rejects as he is seen as someone who acts on the basis of justice and honour system.

This mere act of rejection by Jiren goes on to prove us his worthiness and strong beliefs that guide him in life and give him a direction that is bold and touching.

To answer the main question that we had in hand. Jiren is someone who is said to be strong for the reason he stands as a lone-warrior. He has a belief system installed in himself that gets him up and running and makes him divergent from the rest. A system of justice and honour that makes him powerful and gives him the strength to surpass the few who live their life like a hypocrite and liar.

It is for the sacrifice and harsh reality that he had seen in his childhood that changed him and made him into the man he is today, giving him a fan-base that is worthy of his calibre and charisma.