How to Dress Like Trunks and Become A Super Saiyan

How to Dress Like Trunks and Become A Super Saiyan

Undoubtedly, Trunks is one of those characters that people really love in the anime. From his funky and punk based look to the kind of fight that he wields within him. This is a collection that features the new and broadly look of Trunks. Bringing you the merch that in not only sleek and pleasant but also contrasting and different than the rest. Own the merch and have the look that is unique in its own way. From gym fitness tees to hoodies and cap accessories, this is a collection worth checking out and fortunately all for the better.

Dragon Ball Trunks 3D Digital Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Things in life need to have character. The same goes for your body suit shirts. With a comfortable construction and a cool overall print, this one from us sure has sum and substance. Time to rejoice! Dress like your favourite character and be the punk through it. The print comes in a design of tights and almost seems like a bodysuit making it more of a product of cosplay than of daily wear. Bring out the inner Saiyan in you and rejoice in the times of victory and awesomeness that surrounds you. Be fast, be bold, be different!

Teen Future Trunks Capsule Corp 3D Gym Fitness Compression Tank Top

When was the last time you thought about heading to the gym looking all cool and sexy? Well the time has come back again. Through the gym fitness tee, you can not only show off your body but also the high-quality fashion sense that you have. Give those muscles a talk by putting on this Dragon Ball merch and while you are at it gives those around you a sight to look at. The Capsule Corp gym fitness tee helps you to show-off your aura and helps you to talk the new sexy to a whole new level. Lift big, show-off bigger! That’s the motto that you are going to be wearing this time around.

Dragon Ball Z Trunks Baseball Cap

You’ll catch us wearing this Trunks baseball cap every day, now that we’ve finally found a purpose to our head. Some might say it is to think, but we believe it is to wear hats. Choose your side or run and hide. The cap comes in a logo patch design with a bold look to it giving you just the perfect amount of color in life and adding a blossoming and first-rate pattern. Its unique, its bold and stylish. A combo so deadly that the ones near you would be jealous of. Wear it to the next game and put on those ‘Ray-Bans’ too because it would just make the outfit worth coming first in the next weekly magazine.

Goku Blue Trunks Zamasu The DBZ Fighters Amazing 3D Graphic Boardshorts

Goku Blue Trunks Zamasu The DBZ Fighters Amazing 3D Graphic Boardshorts

Need a breeze on those knees? No problem – these DBZ Fighters Amazing 3D Graphic Boardshorts from Saiyan Village have you covered…well, mostly. Kneel before your new wardrobe wonder. Featuring a mid-rise, an elasticated waistband, a printed design to the front and a short length. This is a short that you will want to wear cause not only does it look cool but the feel of an Otaku that you get from it is so real that it almost makes you seem like the top-grade master that you are. Hit the upgrade button on your wardrobe and wear them the next time you head out.

Vegeta VS Goku Dragon Ball Z High-top Canvas Shoes

Oh my. And you thought you couldn’t find it in you to fall in love with inanimate objects. Well, these high-top Canvas Shoes is about to change your mind with these printed designs. A pair to fall in love with, for sure. *sigh* Weather you take it off, or keep it on, one thing is for sure, these bad boys are sure to attract a lot of attention. The design is smooth, giving the shoes a perfect velvet and rich finish, the high-top makes them look designer and have a quality feel to them. Take them out on your next walk and slide into them with your jeans from ‘Levi’s’ to get the look of an Saiyan himself.

Goku Black Trunks Amazing Dragon Ball Z 3D Print Graphic Sweatshirt

The Palace Couture Crew sweatshirt is just like a college sweatshirt, but much cooler. Made with 100% polyester, the comfortable graphic print comes with long sleeves. The bold and detailed cuff, hem, and collar complement the print nicely, and a “Goku X Trunks” graphic covers the whole sweatshirt with quality animation and modern design. Over the years, design has seen a lack in the quality and the type of product that is released, but this is a sweatshirt which is out to steal the show. Taking inspiration directly from the anime itself, the sweatshirt makes for a great fit and toll when considering a rise in the anime culture and merch.

How to Dress Like Trunks and Become A Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z HOPE Time Machine Rounded Leather Shoulder Bag

If you’re looking to carry the right weight on your shoulder, this is it. Made from Microfabric Synthetic leather, this Rock-stud shoulder bag from Saiyan Village is so practical and spacious that you’ll wear it around forever. Use it well. It big enough to carry your essentials and is small enough to look cheeky and slim. The design just goes on with the bag and has a saying of ‘HOPE” printed on it for extra detail and reference to the anime. Bags. we can’t live without them. Especially one’s as stunning as this, take it out on your next trip and flaunt the look that it gives.

Trunks Son of Prince Vegeta Super Colorful Stylish 3D Print Hoodie

Let’s take it back to basics, shall we? And, while we’re here, we want to know how many of this logo stylish hoodie from us it’s acceptable to have in your wardrobe… four? Six? With style and design like this, it’s tempting to stock up. So, go on, fill your boots. Featuring a drawstring hood, long sleeves, a side pockets, a relaxed shape, a ribbed hem and cuffs and a quality graphic print to the front. Represent the place that you are from and the new fashion look that you have on now. By different and stylish while being bold and attractive. Put on those ‘Versace’ lower and don’t forget the ‘Rolex.’

How to Dress Like Trunks and Become A Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Trunks HOPE Raglan Hoodie Sport Wear

Introducing the non-basic basic. In fact, there’s nothing ordinary about this hoodie from Saiyan Village; in a deep black hue with a graphic logo and poster print at the chest, this piece defines an outfit in just one smooth move of pure polyester. Make an impression…but make it effortlessly. Own the look on the street and swagger the look that is now only yours to wear. Fill the wardrobe and check out the new culture that you just dived into, a culture of purity and new times. Hitting you again with the anime referencing look this hoodie comes in a sleek design that features Trunks in it. Grab the new DBZ merch and be bold and fresh!

Dragon Ball Z Trunks HOPE Casual Raglan Tee

You Only Tee Once – and this print blend t-shirt from us is the way to go. With a contrasting graphic print in the middle and a relaxed shape, this piece is the tee to end all tees. Time to earn your look. Featuring a classic bold color, short sleeves, a relaxed shape and a contrasting graphic design to the middle. The poster cum logo type look in the middle gives it more retro finish and says it all about the tee making it more interesting and effortless. Join in the gang and grab these classic Trunks merch to have the new Dragon Ball look to you. Head on with them to the next holidays and parties and be the centre of attraction.