Facts that surround ‘Dragon Ball’ that you didn’t know about

Facts that surround ‘Dragon Ball’ that you didn't know about
There are many people that watch anime on a regular basis but if it very few of us they dive real into them. Obviously there are people that really love the anime and all the things that it comprises of, but what is that one factor of a ‘Otaku’ that makes him/her different from others, it is the simple and the most basic of the basic tendency to dive deep into the anime that they watch. This is the factor that changes the viewpoint of a person and makes them a person who watch a anime not just for the sake of getting a hang of it but because of the fact that they want to understand a backstory of a character and his/her life in detail and depth because somewhere along the line, the character’s story feels similar as we can co-relate and understand of the times that that particular character is going through now. We can understand of the simple gestures that he offers and depicts. It is because of this factor of knowing something in detail that makes an anime all the more fun as it tells up of a particular segment in detail. ‘Dragon Ball Z’ in itself is a pretty good and self-explained saga and franchise. There are almost no loop holes when it comes to the understanding and mysteries of it. However, being as big of an anime that it is there are still some facts that surround it which you probably didn’t know about. Some of the biggest facts that surround this mighty anime are, the sharing techniques, then Goku’s disappearance, and the biggest of all being the secret of “The Moon.” The moon plays a big role in the Dragon Ball Z franchise at least at the time when Goku and the other Saiyans are on Earth. Now without wasting any more time let’s dive right into the facts and mysteries that surround the anime.

🌕 Starting with the simplest of the topics, Master Roshi’s Death. As we all know master Roshi is a human and by the time the Saga end he is 354 years old, which is pretty old for a human. His not-being-dead is explained by an immortality elixir. He does actually die while performing an evil containment wave against King Piccolo but is later resurrected by the Dragon Balls, which is one heck of a pawning. This is one of the most subdued fact that no one probably pays attention to as Master Roshi is an important character but only at the start of the anime when he goes on to train Goku and Kirill.

🌕 Stepping on to our second topic, Monkey Tail Business. Many of us see the anime from a very unique perspective and it again and again raises a question through the head of main Otakus, i.e., what is the main primary reason for the Monkey tail in the breed of Saiyans. Though we get to know of the reason of the Saiyans having a monkey like tail, which is the tail allows them to transform into a Great Ape when they look at a full moon. But how and where did this idea come from? Well, it is because the Dragon Ball Z saga is loosely based on the 16th century Chinese novel, “Journey to the West” which also inspired several other media adaptations including a 1986 TV series and several video games. The Chinese novel is notable for introducing the character of “Sun Wukong, The Monkey King” who has also made many appearances throughout popular culture. Wukong could have even been the inspiration for the Great Ape forms. This fact of Dragon Ball Z again goes on to show us of the great capability of Japanese Anime Studios to capture and render the possibilities of a storyline and elevate it from imagination to make a story that is different and unique in its own way but with similar connections that a person can refer to.

🌕 For our third topic let’s step a little aside from the anime and talk of the production business as a whole in this one, Real Estate. The “Galactic Trade Organization” conquers planets and then sells them at galactic auctions making its leader Frieza more akin and similar to a real estate agent than an “intergalactic autocrat”. This is due to the fact that creator “Akira Toriyama” considers real estate agents to be “the worst kind of people.” This further in goes on to show us that though the anime is of a very simple and child-like when viewed at first there are also some of personal emotions involved when it comes to the baseline and depth of the anime. The creator himself puts his own views in the anime as he believes in something making the anime more of a reason as to showcase Akira’s viewpoint of the modern-day society and his personal point of view.

🌕 The fourth topic is something that most people may know of but it still blows of our mind even just imagining it, Piccolo’s Age. Did you know that Piccolo and Gohan are closer In age than it seems to be? The back story here is because Piccolo is a ‘Namekian’, and Nmekians go on to grow and age much faster than Humans and Saiyans. Piccolo in-fact is only four years older than Gohan and it may shock you to know that Piccolo was already nearly full-grown by the age of three. He actually fought Goku in the first tournament when he was just three years old. This fact again brings out a different light to the Dragon Ball Z franchise and makes the character of Piccolo stand out even more as this fact of his makes Piccolo kind of a God like creature if you think about it as he just in the age of three was up against one of the Saiyans and also he did not just put up a puny fight but a strong and a deadly one at that. Also, after Piccolo fused with ‘Kami’ during the ‘Androids Saga’, he became the strongest being in the Dragon Ball Z universe for a brief period. This merger made him even more powerful than all of the Super Saiyans at their current levels.

🌕 Now talking about one of the villains, Defeated Villain. Frieza is one of the most fearsome creatures in all of the galaxy, giving Goku a run for his money in a battle that lasted hours. But he’s also the character who’s been defeated most on the show. Frieza has been taken down an insane five times. He lost to ‘Goku on Namek’, was ‘executed by Future Trunks’, was ‘defeated by Pikkon’, got ‘sent back to hell by Gohan in Fusion Reborn’, and was ‘frozen then smashed to pieces by Goku in Dragon Ball GT.’ This again also gives way to just one more possibility where Krillin could have also one-time defeated Frieza had he not thought of his friends and fought straight head on with Frieza. Krillin manages to successfully blind ‘Frieza’s second form’ with his ‘Solar Flare Technique’. It’s a gambit that he pulls off in order to keep Gohan, Dende, and Vegeta safe, but it’s one that works and temporarily disables Frieza. However, at this pivotal moment, Krillin just abandons Frieza and retreats. He could have ended him with a ‘Destructo Disc’, but he doesn’t even try.

🌕 The most subdued fact in Dragon Ball Z, Wukong Hospital. The hospital in Dragon Ball Z series is very cleverly named as the Wukong Hospital. The name Wukong is, in fact, the Chinese name for Goku. In the fantasy novel “Journey to the West” we see the mention of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. A violent and brutal character, he in the series of Dragon Ball Z is represented by Goku and as it goes Wukong was of a violent and brutal nature and so is the Saiyan clan represented with the same in throughout the Dragon Ball Z series. We see their brutal side right from the beginning but the most of it is explained in the story and the epilogue of ‘Bardock,’ Goku’s father and in the two movies that he features in.

🌕 Secret to Launch. In the original Dragon Ball series, one character was featured heavily before disappearing into obscurity, ‘Launch.’ This beauty with two personalities has a few mysteries surrounding her, the first being her aforementioned disappearance from the franchise. Did Goku and his friends just boot her from their social circle? Maybe she went to jail for all her crimes. Well, it was none of the above reasons as Akira Toriyama simply forgot she existed and thus, she later appears in the edits that were made after the fact that the team noticed her missing. Another mystery surrounding Launch is her ‘infamous dual personalities’, which are never quite explained. Sure, the world of Dragon Ball is full of weird people and supernatural occurrences. However, these things are often given some form of explanation, which is why the fact that Launch changes personalities whenever she sneezes seems so mysterious amongst other magical elements. 

🌕 Coming to the second biggest mysterious fact, i.e., Sharing Techniques. Why don’t the Z-fighters teach each other their techniques? They can still have their go-to attacks, but how much easier would things be if Piccolo, Vegeta and all the other protectors of Earth knew how to use instant transmission? Saiyans pick up techniques incredibly fast, so Vegeta and the half-Saiyans could easily learn each other’s moves, and we’re sure the other Z-fighters would be more than willing to learn techniques like the Solar Flare or that Mind-Reading Technique that Goku only used once. Goku has taken the moves of others and added them to his arsenal, like the Kamehameha and the ‘Desdtructo Disk’, so why haven’t the others done the same as well? Well this is a fact that still to date remains mysterious but the simple and the most logical explanation to this would be if the same has occurred with the other Saiyan and Z-Fighters as well then Goku would loose the upper edge that he has on them, making his not much of a main protagonist in his own story of Dragon Ball Z.

🌕 Coming to our biggest fact of all, the fat of The Moon. The moon plays a big role in the world of Dragon Ball, at least when it comes to Goku and the other Saiyans on Earth. When Goku still had his tail, he turned into a Great Ape whenever he looked at the moon. To prevent Goku from destroying everyone at the ‘World Martial Arts Tournament’, Master Roshi destroyed the moon so he would revert to his normal self. However, let’s not forget that ‘Monster Carrot’ was banished to the moon by Goku, which means that Master Roshi murdered the villain and his goons. The Moon later was however again restored by Kami after Goku’s tail was cut off for good and once again be destroyed for the same reason by Piccolo to revert Gohan back to his normal form, but was it fixed the second time is something that is still yet unheard of. The answer to the mystery of the moon is simple, i.e., whenever a Saiyan is exposed to the Blutz Waves of a full moon, or is able to use the ‘Power Ball Technique’, the Blutz Waves are stored in their tail, allowing them to transform into the Great Ape state. In this form, they grow to about the size of a large skyscraper.

These are some of the facts that surround Dragon Ball Z that you probably didn’t know about. The detail and the will to know them is something that a person does when he can in some way co-relate to the experiences of one of the characters in a anime or a cartoon or movie. To know the reason behind their thinking and the process which led them to take such decisions is something that makes a person dig deep into the stories that no one has even dreamed of. Dragon Ball Z again comprises of many more mysteries and facts but as it so happens those are again the mysteries that lead and connect to another. This in turn leads to a new opening and a more relevant question of “WHY’ making the mystery and fact more distinct and intriguing.