These is good in all of us and that is the reason why the bad exist alongside the good. It is this bad that gives our character and personality a shape and atmosphere will helps us grow and be bold in real time and life. The dark/bad side of us helps us to see the world as it truly is and adds fuel to the anger that is vent up inside when it comes to being mature and responsible. Just like life itself, it acts as a contradictory setting in all of us and helps us to mature ourselves in a way that no one else can do for us. If in our body the good is represented by Yin, then the bad side of us is given the representation of Yang.

It is a force and spell of life that exists in all and gives our lives the shape and form that it desires and deserves. There are times that life helps us be straight forward and kind to those that need us and the times that we must take a step back and beat others in a game that will allow us to live in peace and prosperity. Though the two may differ in approach, the primary goal to them remain the same i.e., to gain the upper hand and live life in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and filled with joy. This step of journey in sands of time help us to realize that not everything in life is going to be the same as we move forward. It gives us an array of discomfort and growth at the same time, and helps us realize just how lucky we are to live a life that is filled with changing times and substitute feelings.

There is but one thing that we must know for sure, it is that ‘the good and the bad, they are but those emotions that bring about a change in people and the way they approach different situations. They are in no way wrong as both the heroes and the villains are right in the things that they believe in have a tendency to fight for the things that remain close to their heart. It is just us viewers that decide the good and the bad and give them the sides that feel suitable to our point of view.’

As it is saying so in the anime, “Evil Buu was a tall, thin and grey emaciated creature which appeared after Majin Buu dispelled the evil from his body.” But, then again is this all there is to a character so cute and huge as Majin Buu? What is the backstory to this character development? Why has he taken form and what is it that he really wants with those that surround him? These are the questions that many do not pay attention to and often judge the character for who he is and what they seem like. And among these many mysteries that lay unsolved, the main topic at hand comes down to this final question, ‘do we really know everything that there is to know about the Evil Buu?’

A question so vague yet so filled with mystery that it entices our inner kid and get it curious for what it might learn had it paid more attention to detail and done a little research of its own.

Coming back to the topic at hand let’s begin with the starting of all this and learn the story of Majin Buu. He is the cute, pink, squishy and fluffy character in the Dragon Ball series who we all recognize due to his out of the ordinary body built and development. But again, he is someone who cannot be reckoned with because among his trademark love for sweets and childish behaviour lies the forms and transformations that are utterly terrifying and dangerous. It is without a doubt that Majin Buu is the face-character of sheer destruction when it comes to causing mayhems and wreaking havoc in the streets and other planets that lie around. With the time spend watching the anime we also realize that Majin Buu with his many forms (that are way more than both Frieza and Cell combined) was unquestionably the most dangerous and unpredictable foe that Goku and friends had faced in Dragon Ball Z. Buu as we know is a character created by Majin ‘Akira Toriyama.’ It was during this creation of Majin Buu that we now know that he is someone who attacked and terrorized Earth for the sheer joy of spreading mayhem.

He was made with the idea that though he would be the final antagonist in the anime, he would still be given a form and honour that differentiated him from the rest of villainous society and give him a mindset that is completely opaque and poles apart. Where previous threats to Earth usually came in the form of super beings seeking greater power and influence, Buu was someone who made his way to destroy it just for the fun and sake of getting pleasure.

With one of the lesser-known facts about Evil Buu, the biggest kick and surprise to all is the fact that Buu is one of the two beings after Beerus, the literal God of Destruction in the universe that Frieza’s father King Cold feared. Buu’s reputation as a destroyer of worlds was so wide-spread across the universe that his legend lived on for ages after he was sealed away and caused fear among the hearts of those antagonist that appeared before him. It may seem like a normal fact to those that just watch the anime for the sake of it, but if you do know about Frieza and his personal background then this is that one evidence that sends chills down the spine of those that come know about it

‘Evil Buu represents the dark side of Majin Buu and possesses the bulk of their power, a result of Majin Buu’s anger becoming more than he could resist until he expelled it as Evil Buu.’ This is the general description that we know about the character of Evil Buu and get the gist of the power that he may hold, but the primary point in here that many fail to notice is that he is someone who was born of a good person. Someone who is given a label of bad character and is made in a way to showcase the dark and upset side of the character. ‘A result of Majin Buu’s anger’ this is the line that is clearly written on top and it is because of this particular phrase that he comes close to us as a feeling more than an ordinary character, and is someone that we should respect and show some honour to.

This is a fact that many people fail to notice in the anime and take the character of Evil Buu just as an ordinary character. They highly fail to notice that, this is possibly the same incarnation of all the evil that is vented up inside of us to. A feeling so vast and divergent from the rest that it kills us every time that we choose to ignore it. He is the ‘incarnation of evil’ that lies in all of us and if we were to ever let it out and take form then Evil Buu is the result we would end up with.

In the manga itself kid Buu is made in a manner where de does not have any fingers and has the eyes of the demon itself. One that is so red and filled with darkness, that it just justifies the titles given to him i.e., Evil Buu. The loss of fingers again goes on to depict the dark side and add a flare to his character making him more realistic and imminent to the dark/evil side. He is the incarnation that one should fear and be given the respect that he deserves.

Among the many conspiracies that lie behind him, the most noticeable which makes Majin Buu especially his form of Evil Buu a fan-favourite is the one where he turns out to be the only antagonist to be ever killed by Goku’s spirit bomb. This instance in the anime just pays respect and honour to Buu’s spirit and strength as a villain and the most perfect antagonist. One that is so powerful and filled with darkness that he could not be stopped only by a few punches and acts of unconsciousness. By Akira Toriyama, he was given a kindled spirit and mindset through which he could not change his ways to look at the world, making him the perfect antagonist/villain who stuck to his way of finding joy by causing mayhem and wreaking havoc. This is that one portion of Evil Buu that made him be the most agitated and alarming villain throughout the Dragon Ball series.

It is not by hatred or fear that one should look up to Evil Buu, but instead out of regard and admiration. It should be done so as he was the only person in the whole anime who stuck to his ways and beliefs. A belief so high and mighty in respect that he turned out to be the only one antagonist in the anime who was killed permanently. We have seen many heroes and villains alike that are regularly brought back from the dead with the use of the titular Dragon Balls; however, the evil side of Buu is one of the only characters whose consciousness is actually wiped out of existence after his death.

And it is this factor of the anime that just goes on to prove how strong of an opponent Evil Buu really was. It gives him an end like a martyr from the viewpoint of the villains as he is someone whose mere existence was thought to be a toll on the universe. Someone so divergent and priceless from the group of antagonists that his death pays respect to the power and strength that lay inside him.