Everyone’s Favorite DBZ Characters Best 10

Everyone's Favorite DBZ Characters Best 10

In this article we will discuss about the Everyone’s Favorite DBZ Characters Best 10 – 2020 Version. Characters are the inspiration of every TV series.

Dragon Ball’s been running for a long time now. From the manga that hit it big back in the ’80s, getting that much hype to be selected to be incarnated into an anime-only to add more to the sky-high expectations that we’ve always had when it comes to favorite DBZ Characters. From the beginning to the end, from Lil Goku to Grandpa Goku, from fighting random monsters bringing the Jurassic Era back to life to the god of destruction himself, Dragon Ball is like an eternity, a lifetime of a character that’s full of all kinds of flavors and ingredients, feelings and emotions that’s sure to keep you coming back for more never getting enough of it. The majority of people residing on the planet Earth love Dragon Ball and rate it high up in their personal top 10 anime of all time, a spot that’s completely well deserved keeping into consideration all aspects that anime is judged on. The Dragon Ball universe is full of so many characters that only a true fan who’s devoted himself truly to the anime and has put in the hours would be able to remember and name all of them. That’s the beauty of Dragon Ball, it always brings something new to the table, never getting old or giving us the feeling that the show is getting ‘dragged on’. Not a single character is similar to the other when it comes to the personality, abilities, fighting style, no. of times they can get a power spike and wipe out everyone they come across lol and the way that the character introductions are done. Each character is as true as it gets and is memorable in his/her own way. This love is not only confined to the heroes or the characters fighting for a better tomorrow but some of the villains are so intriguing and have such a unique personality that they’re bound to have you hooked onto the show way more than you already were, making that character your ‘new favorite’ all of a sudden. Saying that there are a lot of characters that stand out and hold that special place in our hearts that we aren’t willing to share with any other. It’s hard to pick out a few favorites for it’s impossible to summarize the characters from the multitude that we see in the anime. But, the question would always be there and people would have different answers to the question each and every time for we are humans, and each and every mind thinks in its very own way. With that being said, let the brainstorming begin, and let’s countdown the list of Everyone’s Favorite DBZ Characters of all time taking into consideration all the series that aired with the ‘Ball’ in it lol.

10. Krillin

Krillin or Kururin(Beerus, calling him Trillin every time in the Japanese version) has grown up with Goku and is almost as old as him despite the fact that Goten looks more of a man when it comes to the looks especially when he shaves his head and is dressed up as a cop lol. He’s been there since the very first Favorite DBZ Characters joining the Kame training school at the same time with Goku, me never forgetting that sprint they had when he said,’ Okay, I’ll go easy on you’ lol. We know who won and how it all went down so let’s not go there. Krillin is the representation of hope and perseverance, a spot only reserved for him in the universe. He isn’t the strongest and never will be but he always fights to the end and is always there to die alongside Yamcha and Tien lol. His signature move is one of the classics and is strong enough to slice anything and everything like a fruit ninja game. I still remember how Nappa was ready to play Frisbee with him just to be yelled at by Vegeta, followed by him moving out of his way just to see a mountain getting sliced up by it. Destructo Disc and Solar flare never get old and are descriptive of the character at this point, he even using them in the tournament of power. Though in love he didn’t take the L and scored 18, a never-aging beauty who although is way taller than him and makes him look more of a midget than he already is but remember, Krillin gave us hope and the guts that if you love your girl truly and have the ‘balls’, nothing’s impossible.

9. Future Gohan

I really liked this Gohan, the future version that’s nothing like the kid nerd that we know and remember at that point. This ‘short-lived’ futuristic look of the character was really good and I wanted to see more of him, how he fights, and what kind of abilities he exhibited. But, Akira had different plans and had him executed to bring out the hidden potential that Trunks had from the very start but would’ve never been able to manifest or bring into a better use unless that occurred. That new Masenko had a completely new yet an old look, staying true to its roots and those backflips followed by the Kamehameha are sick and powerful at the same time. The androids double-teamed on him, not playing fair. Otherwise, I don’t think the fight could’ve ended the way it did. That whole sequence, the entire dialogue is written in the scars on my heart for as a kid I cherished that character very much and was really sad when he was there, just ‘there’, with his face in the water in the drizzle. ‘No, no, no!’ Trunks approaching the body, ‘Oh my god no, What did they do to you Gohan? You were my best friend, you were everything to me, EVERYTHING! This just isn’t fair, Gohan! Gohan! GOHAN!!!’ Brings a tear to my eye even to this day.

8. Master Roshi

Roshi was a great teacher, even with his perverted old mind that, at times, was necessary to bring that comedic taste that keeps things interesting and is essential once in a while. He’s not as strong as the Z fighters (even Krillin at the start favorite DBZ Characters are stronger than him lol), nor was he the one who taught Goku the Spirit Bomb, fighting with aura, Kaioken, Instant transmission, etc. But there’s a reason Goku and Krillin still wear the uniform of the old turtle hermit. The respect they have towards their master and the love and affection they show him even to this day is unparalleled for and show a teacher-student relationship in it’s the purest form. I love that Roshi didn’t just teach Goku and Krillin the correct way to fight, but the reason WHY. That is very important, to have a meaning, to have a reason, to have a motive. Not to mention he’s the creator of the most popular technique in Favorite DBZ Characters history and is the MVP who taught the Kamehameha to Goku. You and I both know how many times we’ve attempted to mimic that prestigious pose, bringing our hands together, thinking that this time a wave would fly out of our hands only to hear a fart from all that straining lol.

7. Kid Buu

Kid Buu, the biggest brat Dragon Ball has ever witnessed. Not only was he the strongest of the Buu’s forms, giving all the other ones a run for their money, he was also random and unpredictable, to the point of even falling asleep in the battle that I haven’t seen much and it’s as if he’s siblings with Luffy and Ace lol. Also, he’s pure and true, not corrupted, that is, he is pure and pure evil, but still clean and cleansed as he was able to deflect the spirit bomb, not use another attack to stop it, he actually deflected it right back at Goku, making us have second thoughts when it comes to that character. Another thing, not only is he pure evil, he’s so powerful Goku openly hopes that one day Kid Buu will return as a good person so that they may have a rematch. Seriously, Goku? You every time want to fight and a stronger opponent at that too. In the Other World, King Yama hears Goku’s request (guess those big ears ain’t for nothing lol) and makes it come true, becoming Shenron himself for a second, having Kid Buu reincarnated as a Human named Uub. That just proves how overall Badass he is as Akira himself acknowledges it and doesn’t want to let go of him, the same as he does with Frieza every time. He was also able to become Frieza for a second, destroying the planet and the best thing about that is that Yamcha, the infamous strength that no one can ever come face to face with, died even though he was already at King Kai’s place back in the other world. This Yamcha guy hates living for sure.

6. Vegito

Potara fusions never been cooler right? I love the way Goku explains the whole situation to Vegeta, of how he would share the Potara with him, right to left, he’s so embarrassed lol. But, that fusion dance really had him shy and wanting to kill himself not gonna lie. Even after all that explanation amidst the fighting, fighting Buu himself who was racking up bodies one after another, he throws that potara just for the catch to be missed by Vegeta and it falling down, getting buried under the rubble. What the hell lol. Vegito is the strongest character judging by the way Akira planned it as far as I’m able to comprehend the Dragon Ball Universe. He has the cockyness of Vegeta and the goodness of Goku’s heart. I love the way he teases but during their fight, like a cat playing with a mouse before the kill, giving us the gift of always wanting to watch Tom and Jerry in Japanese with the subtitles lol. Plus, he is not as dumb as Goku and inconsiderate as Vegeta. He thinks, trying to improvise and adapt, fights, and tries to be flashy but not as much as Gotenks. I love the way he was brought back in that Zamasu arc and even had that Super Saiyan Blue form as if he wasn’t strong enough already. The best part about that Potara is their fusion always ends at the direst moment lol.

5. Goku Black

If Goku ever gets mad and decides to destroy the world cause he isn’t getting his meals, this is exactly how he’d look like. An exact mirror image of Goku, Black is everything a villain should have. From the remorseless attitude that’s got the skills to back it up to the badass dialogue that gives him a perfect score and a spot among the top villain’s Favorite DBZ Characters has ever produced. It all started with Zamasu turning over his master Gowasu, stealing the original present Goku’s body while he was farming, (Goku you sure do some weird stuff right?), it underwent some physical changes and some noticeable ones at that as well. While still essentially identical to the Goku we know and love, he has a slightly darker skin tone and more “defined” eyes, along with a somewhat skinnier physique. His hair is also a noticeably darker shade making it impossible to call him Goku by any chance and have the weeb army attack you from all sides. His ‘black’ version of every move and his sharp, pink, shiny saber is so cool along with how he has an exclusive version of that Super Saiyan power spike that’s only confined to him and him alone, ‘Super Saiyan Rose’ just shows how much originality is there for the character. He is by far the best villain there is when it comes to Dragon Ball Super without a doubt.

4. Jiren

The newest boy is in the house, a new rival, as fresh as it gets. Jiren is a member/product-tag/of the Pride Troopers, a brand new band of fighters we see in the Tournament of Power arc. He served as the main fighting antagonist in the Universe Survival Saga and as a major contestant in that tournament on which the fate of all the Universes rests. An extraordinary powerful being, Jiren is considered to be one of the strongest mortals in all of the multiverse, outclassing even Destroyer Gods as many people added to that fact. A man who devotes everything to justice and never acts for selfish reasons, he lives to protect Universe 11, even stating that he would leave the tournament while it was happening in order to return to his land if any problem arose in the 48 minutes of the tournament, that’s true devotion and dedication right there. When Toppo tells Jiren to participate in the Tournament of Power, he initially refuses to enter, that being shown in the anime at the start of the arc. His views being as while it is his duty to protect Universe 11, he will not cause the destruction of other universes to save his own, respect for the man right there. He will never kill any villains he defeats and instead captures them, any personal grudge, no personal gain, nothing at all. Even more, he shows disgust towards those who actively kill and do not follow justice. This is seen when Jiren mocks Hit’s “honor” as an assassin, deeming it as rubbish and worthless as if he’s taking the bull by its horns. However, Jiren has a wish that he wants to fulfill, to the point that he will go against his very own principles to get that wish fulfilled – and as such he enters the tournament to obtain the Super Favorite DBZ Characters Balls, although he still states that if any trouble should occur for Universe 11, he would immediately leave to help his own land, his very own people.

3. Broly

Man, I love this character so much. Since the time he was introduced back in the first movie as the new villain ready to destroy everything, literally everything that happened to stand there in front of him, I’ve been a complete fanboy of the character and have watched his movies dozens of times lol. The first movie was an utter slaughter, a complete one-sided bout even though our heroes were trying out everything in the book and bringing out every card that the deck held in order to bring him down, everything being for naught in the end almost every time. The second movie was the same overpowering stuff that we love to see when Broly’s on the screen. But they really set the bar high with the recent one with all kinds of stuff happening and gave us a way deeper insight into the character than we’ve ever had, strengthening the bond that we’ve harbored since the beginning of the first movie. This new look to the character was a breath of fresh air and the best one we’ve breathed since a long time. Dragon Ball never fails to amaze us when it comes to the revival of the old characters now does it?

2. Goku

No list’s complete without him, the show’s a flop without him, the manga’s dead without him isn’t it? Yes, it is. What can I say about Goku? He’s like that old chum I’ve walked home with after having those hard, make you want to cry school days, as a kid. But he was always there to save me from my misery and make my eyes light up once again. In return, I was always there and was without a doubt armed and ready whenever Favorite DBZ Characters was about to air with my face as close to the screen as possible making sure not to fall into the pit that television is lol. Everything about the character is likable and there’s not an occasion, not a time in his life that he’s done anyone any wrong or wanted something that was unreasonable or was simply evil by any means. The character radiates righteousness and is a perfect role model if you want to be someone who people lean on and look up to in their tough times. Writing about Goku is making me so nostalgic, it’s almost as if I’m sitting on my couch talking to my friends and fanboying all over the place. He’s one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had and would ever have as he’s watched and looked after me as I grew up all these years.

1. Vegeta

I’ve said it multiple times and would say it as many times as it takes, Vegeta is way cooler than Goku, and be it not the protagonist flag going on, Vegeta would’ve been the strongest with all that effort he’s put into improving himself, to become stronger even by a tiny bit. I still remember the boy who arrived on Earth all curled up in that Saiyan pod and was about to kill everyone to prove just how powerful and ‘royal’ he was. He’s never been pure evil and never wished anyone death with the exception of Frieza for he really deserved death after what he did to Planet Vegeta and the entire Saiyan race. His abilities are as cool as it gets, not a single one being bland or ordinary by any means. He’s never afraid and has always taken on each and everyone who comes in front of him without worrying about what would happen or how it’d go down. With the new Broly movie, he’s got the form that he’d been missing all these years and is now on par with Goku without a doubt, Super Saiyan God being the one in question. Vegeta is starting to shine and is beginning to have his time as the character that he always should have and I bet if we see more of Dragon Ball we’ll see Vegeta rising up and the gap between him and Goku becoming narrower and narrower.

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