“Enemies can grow stronger too. I can never relent in my training.” This is a quote that has been made famous by our protagonist, Trunks and it sends you the essence of what it means to be a fighter in life. Someone who is so logical and valid from a perfectionist viewpoint that it brings shame to all other quotes that others may have omitted. It gives you a sense of not only what it means to be a warrior but also about what it means to be responsible and trustworthy as a fighter and a hero. Chant up all your inner aura because this is a story that is far too special and close to heart for anyone to just let it pass by and be forgotten.

Our main story here focuses on Future Trunks and his life during the time where the androids have the world under siege. Obviously as it too is treated like a spin off, this is a story that sheds light on our little hero and gives him the light and brightness that he deserves. From changing several key points and reverting them to a way that fits the style of the ‘Lone Warrior’, this is an anime that makes its way to evolve itself and be a proof of quality so that we can easily categorize it under the ‘Drama’ genre as well. This special though is different in a manner shows us a story that makes us respect and look up to Trunks for all that he does. It goes on to depict a story of sacrifice, friendship, bonding and trust in friends and family that is really rare to find and gives us a top-notch story that makes it worth looking at, at any given point in time. To summarize the basic story of this Dragon Ball special, this is a story of Future Trunks who one lays around in the hands of Android 17 and Android 18. The scene is created in a manner where it shows a tragic but respected death of our Dragon Ball protagonist, Son Goku and all his ‘Dragon Team’ that are wiped out.

Through this opening and sentimental scene, the anime prepares you for what is to come and immediately gives you edge tale about what it would mean if only the weak were to left to protect those that lay beside him. It prepares you for the worst as watching the death of our main protagonist is something that we hope would never come true, and if that were to happen then what is the decision that others characters may take. It gives you a hit of reality and makes you realize the sometimes all we can do is depend on the weak, because despite them being weak and subpar to others, they are still the characters who we count as heroes and assort in the good side of the scale. From here on the TV special moves further thirteen years into the future, in Age 780, where we meet a fourteen-year-old Trunks and twenty-three-year-old Gohan. It is from this moment on that we see the built and levelling up of Trunks as a Saiyan warrior and his spirit to avenge his fallen comrades and friends that he lost in the previous battle.

It is in this part of the anime that you see the real bonding and trust between the two (Gohan and Trunks) not only as a mentor and student but also as close friends and pals. During this time, we see how the two boost each other up and get strong to fight the foes that lay before their eyes. It is due to their mixed effort and training that Trunks too like Gohan comes close to becoming a Super Saiyan. It is during this possible time that one of Trunks said words can be counted as true and given total respect to. “I have to become stronger… Who knows what enemies await?” This is a quote that was made famous by Trunks in the anime and through the training that Trunks receives through Gohan, this is a quote that is made to come in light and bask itself in ever-lasting glory and truthfulness that one can only imagine. It is only at the time that we realize the purity of the statement that it sends chills down our spine and gives us goosebumps through its accuracy and authenticity. There are many things that anime shows and teach us but they forget the simple fact that while our heroes get stronger and better, so is the same with the villains. And this is one thing that this special did not forget and kept to on check making the anime closer to realism and common sense.

However, it is after this training session that things take a turn for the worst and send you a vibe that is almost impossible to forget and get over. Again, on another unfaithful day, the Androids attack the Super World and like usual heroes our two-protagonists head down the battle field to fight them off and also avenge their friends and family that they lost in the battle prior to this. The main fight-off is between Gohan and Android 17 until the time when Gohan gets the upper hand in the fight and prepares brings down hellfire on him, when Android 18 too decides to join in the fight and they quickly overtake Gohan with their superior skillset and fighting ability. Gohan here to get the help of his comrade, Trunks who even though is not much of a fighter yet manages to deal down heavy blows on Android 18 for sometime until they both are miserably defeated and decide to fall back while hiding among the debris in park. Before escaping however, the duo does get caught up in a blast by the androids where although they manage to save their lives, Gohan still goes on to lose his left arm that is blown off by the explosion.

It is at this fight that the two manage to grow a little and understand what it means to be out-taken by those that are stronger. It sends them through a trip of loss and disapproval in front of their very eyes and shows them the reality of just how weak they really are. Although this fight gives them a better insight of the enemy they are fighting and the moves that they use, it just goes on to prove to them that they need to get more stronger if they ever want a chance where they can finally beat the androids. It shows the worth of the heroes and re-ignites a flame within them that counts as a limit off to most of us. A fear to be backed up against a long and thick wall of despair and failure. A wall so huge and over the top that from this point on the only way that they can go is forward and save themselves for the imminent danger that is due to face them again soon in the coming future. This small but long-lasting fight gives them the push that they need and also matures them in a manner that really shows their growth as Saiyan warriors.

To those that really understand anime and love the story of heroes that it tells, it is just understood that there are times when sacrifices must be made, for these are the sacrifices that will not go in vain. They will continue to tremble the heart of the enemies and give shape to our heroes and their spirits that will take on the fight head-on in their stead and win it in a manner that just to filled with honour and prestige.

And in here, the anime goes on to demand the sacrifice of another protagonist, Gohan. With the new attack by the androids that takes place in ‘Pepper Town’, Gohan though handicapped goes on to have an admirable fight with them after knocking Trunks unconscious out of worry and tension. Gohan eventually comes to meet his end after the androids gang up on him in the rain and knock him to the ground. It is at this time that they use their Accel Dance technique to kill the fallen warrior and finally suck the life out of him. It is after a few sentimental and memorable scenes though the TV special that our main protagonist in the story, Trunks finally goes on to transform himself into a Super Saiyan. This is a part of sacrifice that really changes the flow of the story and gives our Saiyan warrior the official title of ‘Lone Warrior.’

After the battle, the anime again skips to 3 years later when Trunks goes on in a fight with the androids even after receiving a warning from Bulma to not head in alone. And this is just the part of the anime that proves it reality and truthfulness of the world. It tells us about how Trunks due to his over-confidence gets knocked back down on the ground and has to be hospitalized again for not leading an ear Bulma’s warning. It is after a brief talking scene between mother and son however, that the anime goes on to totally make sense and project itself in a manner that makes it more authentic and pleasing to watch when viewed from the genre of drama and fantasy. It sends you an aesthetic and graceful feeling of realism and speak to your soul about how you should at times be considerate for yourself and those around you. It tells you about how it would be alright to depend on others for help and ask them to lend their strength even though it is embarrassing and shy. A special spin-off so on point and at par with the recent times that it just puts the other anime to shame. It gives you a feel of sacrifice, friendship, trust and respect among family, comrades and friends. A feel so vast and sharp that it changes the flow for those that believe in them.