Dragon Ball Z Face Masks Everyone Wants

Dragon Ball Z Face Masks Everyone Wants

Nothing’s more valuable these days than a face mask. Everyone’s got their own which they carry on them all the time. With all the viruses in the air, you need all kinds of protection you can get. We don’t want any virus to get all goofy inside us. With the whole world being taken over by face masks we see all kinds of them whenever we step outside. Even at home, the family’s been grabbing all these fancy masks that at times look like they won’t even protect us from the virus. But a mask is a mask. What better protection can you get when you have a superhero, one who exceeds even the gods at this point fighting against the virus that’s about to have a party inside you? Goku to the rescue once again. Well, don’t leave Vegeta and the others out of the picture either since we damn sure know they can beat anyone’s ass. With that being said let’s have some extra protection and count down to the 15 Super Cool Dragon Ball Z Face Masks You Don’t Want to Miss.


15. Air Goku Super Sayan Non Disposable Trendy Face Mask

Let’s start things all Gucci. NBA that’s always been this cool kid thing. Sports in general make you all the more appealing and charming. But the NBA is in a league of its own since all those dunks and three-pointers make you want to be a professional right away. A Dragon Ball version of basketball would far exceed Kuroko no Basuke which is already this ‘gods playing basketball’. Goku with that Dragon Ball appearing as if he’s dunking is the coolest thing ever. It’d be nothing short of a meteorite hitting Earth since the impact and everything would make the world explode in an instant.


14. Dragon Ball Burger King Mask Face Mask with Replaceable PM2.5 Filters

Wanna feel like a king? Hit your nearest Burger King. Burger King is the go-to spot for a lot of people. Some items on their menu are a banger making you want to go there almost every day. The original Dragon Ball logo could be modified to look like Burger King. That’s what I thought as well but quite couldn’t visualize it like that since things just didn’t add up in that way in my head. Well, Goku sure would be happy if that happened since he’d be getting a lifetime supply of burgers. Way to stuff your stomach. This right here commemorates the life long partnership of Dragon Ball and Burger King making the characters golden cardholders of the restaurant. A lifetime supply of burgers, damn I want that.


13. Dragon Ball DBZ Capsule Corp Non-Disposable Face Mask

Ever since the beginning Capsule Corp was this huge thing in Dragon Ball. We had Bulma in the beginning who would come up with all different kinds of gadgets even without a pocket holding most of them. At times they were way better than what a certain cat came up with. But as we dove deeper into the Dragon Ball universe with all kinds of new letters being added next to it’s name, we saw new things. Like inflatable rooms that look like actual luxury houses and hypergravity zones that can make a mere work out the hardest task of your lives. The Capsule Corp has always been the symbol and signature of West City coming up with solutions to all kinds of problems out there. It’s one of the things that make Dragon Ball at this point.


12. Dragon Ball Gohan Non Disposable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

Cell was unlike any cell we had seen before. First of all, it manifested all signs of living making him the first cell ever to do that. Moreover, he also held the title of being the perfect being to ever exist. Needless to say, he was the best the universe had seen at that point. He even bested everyone who stood in front of him. But this certain kid who he had been underestimating sure taught him a lesson he won’t be forgetting for the rest of his life. From the start, he was wiping the floor with Cell making it hard for him to even hold his ground. But when things got serious and he resorted to the move he’d been hiding all this time, Gohan made sure he got a taste of his own medicine. The father-son duo made a perfect duo attack, the yelling of which we won’t be forgetting no matter how old it gets.


11. Dragon Ball Goku Kid Illustration Reusable Anti Bacterial Dustproof Mask

Kid Goku was this boy who we couldn’t get enough of back in the day. As a child, I wanted to go on all kinds of adventures that he went to wanting to come across all the world had to offer. He was up to something new every other episode and he sure made things entertaining for each and every one of us. He had this cute and adorable side to him as well that made him a favorite in no time. All kinds of dinosaurs and Jurassic creatures made guest appearances in the Dragon Ball anime and Goku sure had his time with every one of them. Whether it be in the form of eating them or just riding them to the top of the mountain. That explains why he isn’t afraid of Shenron every time he spawns whether it is on Earth on Namek.


10. Dragon Ball Goku Jumpman Reusable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

Ever thought how it’d look like if Goku was having a seizure? I never even imagined that since the closest he ever got to being ill was when he was about to die of that heart attack and doctor Trunks was there to give him some random suspicious pills that would make him healthy in an instant. Talk about shaming the Senzu beans in an instant. But if Goku ever was having an existential crisis and had gone all crazy getting tattooed all over and going crazy in all kinds of ways, bringing the whole place down, this is exactly how it’d look like. It kind of looks like he’s getting transformed into that Great Ape form but we all know he has no tail to make that happen.

9. Dragon Ball KAME Kanji Reusable Anti Bacterial Dustproof Mask

The Kame kanji always comes in handy when we want it the most. Master Roshi has produced so many great warriors. But it’s safe to say he didn’t make that many pennies from the business since all that was spent on these ladies he didn’t have a good time with. The Kame kanji has always been this symbol that the Z warriors have been wearing proudly since it represented someone who taught them all they know and are able to practice today. I love the fact of how we’ve got that Calligraphy looks to the mask. It looks like Handa from Barakamon drew it. I guess he’s taking requests now. I need to hit him up I guess. Looking for the best products like Dragon Ball Z face masks is very creepy.


8. Dragon Ball Saiyan Z Fiction Non-Disposable Mouth Face Mask

The mafia’s in the house. Ever since the godfather movies which showed us just how brutal and deadly the mafia can be, this is the closest thing to a complete mafia that I’ve seen. Heck, it’s even better since they’d be letting the fists and the beams do the talking. Guns and swords are all overrated anyway. Frieza and Cell would be constantly fighting for that top spot since Cell considers himself perfect so he won’t give that spot to anyone but himself. But we know Frieza too well to say that he won’t be budging even an inch since he considers himself the best the universe has ever seen. I can see a lot of punching followed by the notorious excuse, ‘Sorry, my hand slipped!’.


7. Dragon Ball Wukong Goku & Shenron Reusable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

The iconic pose is here. Dragon Ball Z face masks sure came with a whole lot of surprises. We had all these old characters who looked completely new and we couldn’t wait to see their improvements in a fight. But at the same time, we had that sick opening that got us armed and ready to enjoy the show to the fullest. We also saw Goku and Shenron doing an iconic pose that made them look like they’re a duo or something practicing it all this time. It made both of the characters look sick and showed us that even Shenron fears Goku to the point that he wants to be his ally.

6. Dragon Ball Z Anime Prince Vegeta Black & White Reusable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

Everyone, stand up. Prince Vegeta here. Vegeta ever since the beginning was this character we wanted to know everything about. His past, his whereabouts, where he will go from that point onward, everything. I mean it’s a given after that sick bout we saw which brought out the best of both characters. Vegeta sure lost, I get it. But Goku wasn’t alone in that fight and Vegeta had to fight way more people than just one. So it wasn’t a 1v1. Plus, after that Galick Gun that he shot in mid-air with that strange and weird hand positioning, we knew that he had a lot more than just that up to his sleeve. We couldn’t wait to see more and boy has he ever let us down.

5. Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Face Mask

We sure saw a regular base form Goku dunking, making the Earth explode right in the beginning. The court was no longer there the moment his legs touched the ground and it was as if basketball had been wiped off the face of Earth. But let’s take things up a level and have Vegeta in the Super Saiyan form do it since that makes things all the more interesting. Now we have a blonde boy displaying his love for the sport in front of all these fans who have gathered just to see what the rookie has to offer. They truly won’t be disappointed since when it’s all over, it will feel nothing more than just a dream.

4. Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Non Disposable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

Goku sure took the lead when it came to every form out there. I mean the guy was always two steps ahead of Vegeta. But Vegeta never backed down and was always wanting to surpass him trying everything in his might to make that happen. He just got the Super Saiyan God form recently so we can say that they’re even now. But what if we saw something different? Like with Trunks, how the SSGSS form came up in the form of the blue aura rather than his hair going all blue because they were blue from the get-go? I see what you did there Akira. You ran out of hair color. If the father followed the son in this case we would’ve had this exact red aura enveloping Vegeta giving a new look to the god form.

3. Goku Dragon Ball Super Z Reusable Trendy Mouth Face Mask with Filters

This is for all the manga fans out there. All of you who have been die hard fans of the manga since the beginning would love this for sure. In case you thought that Toei Animation did a poor job animating the series and how the manga was god-like and all, this would make a perfect treat for you no? All forms of Goku, all faces of Goku all lined up in the manga style that you couldn’t get enough of back in the day. Moreover, we have that iconic Super Saiyan transformation in the middle making us remember just how sick it was when it first appeared on the screen. This type od the best for Dragon Ball Z face masks. 

2. Goku With Friends Dragon Ball Reusable Mouth Face Mask with Filters

In case you miss the old company with the kids hanging with a lady and a guy constantly hitting on her just to get friend-zoned in the end, we’ve got the best thing for you. This face mask reminds us just how serious they were about those balls back in the day and how they were fascinated by the fact that they make any wish come true. Oolong is also there and we all know how he wasted those Shenron wishes in an instant paying no heed to what others want. We also have Yamcha who I don’t even need to say anything about since the only arcs and scenes he’s been a part of has only made him look more of a clown than he already is.


1. Hentai Master Roshi Dragon Ball Reusable Face Mask

Master Roshi at his best. There’s one thing about Master Roshi that never gets old. That being his love for women who he just can’t get enough of. He’s been like that since day one and despite being way older than any gramps here in the real world, he still has those strong desires that get him turned on every time he comes across any girl. Not even Puar is safe from his lust. But that’s a part of his character now and we love our old perv Master Roshi since he brings in the comedy element in the show making us see developments we didn’t see coming even from a mile away.

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