Dragon Ball Z Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Best Dragon Ball Z Christmas Gift Ideas

When the time is just so near to the holidays and the perfect gift just doesn’t seem to pop up, them try looking at our new and amazing Christmas Gift Ideas that will surely make your day and those around you. From bags to wallets and desk pads, these are the gifts that will brighten your day like of those lights that save the holidays and give it the retro and blossoming look it deserves. Live for now and gift your loved ones these amazing products this coming Christmas. Not everyday is perfect but with these at least those painful times can be rejoiced upon later.

Dragon Ball Z Pickle O Trending Multi Purpose Backpack

Isn’t it about time you gave your pockets a break? Leave bulky pockets in the past and store all your bits and bobs in Dragon Ball multi-purpose backpack. Ease the burden for yourself and take on the daily task like any a free-flowing wind. The backpack has a softback with a zipper style fastening making it easy and convenient for you to wear it with ease and style. Let the old retro style be the thing of the past and pop it up with this new and amazing multi-purpose graphic print backpack merch from Dragon Ball, completing your look for all occasions.

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Figthers Computer Desk Mats Gaming Mouse Pad

When have you looked at those same old pads and wondered that they needed a change? Well it’s time to do so with the new and amazing Saiyan fighter style computer desk mat. Give your desk a total upgrade with this all new and amazing computer plus gaming mouse pads that looks just as cheesy as its material is, giving you a far better experience with your when you work and use your PCs and MACs on every day life. The smooth and comfortable suction makes the gaming experience whole lot better and goes on giving you hope about why you didn’t buy them before.

Dragon Ball Z Christmas Gift Ideas

DBZ Piccolo Deathly Wave 3D DIY LED Light Lamp

Let’s be real. Your have always wanted the perfect souvenir piece that you could put on at the table, a piece that is worthy of gifting and is also stylish to look at. This is a led lamp that not only maintains that tempo of yours but also elevated it to a whole new level. The Piccolo LED light lamp is one that is the perfect gift and merch for the coming Christmas and let it be the reason that your and your friends Christmas is brighten up too. Let this be the light that makes the noise and give you the holiday feelings this time around, cause not only is it one of a kind but also a piece that is brighter than the lights you would have on all around.

Dragon Ball Angry Goku 3D Table Lamp

Merch in the store! Merch in the store! These are the gifts that make it possible for our holidays to get more brighter and fun. The Goku X 3D table lamp is the one that will remind you of the holidays forever. Coming in popping color and a sleek outline cut of the character these are the Dragon Ball Gifts and Merch that will make you day and those around you. A table lamp that not only does its part of giving you light but also looks super cool and awesome. Damn! Now that’s a product worth being around at any given point of time. The lamp gives off a fresh look to the interior of any space and provides a valid reason to be the gift to your nephew or parents this coming holidays.

Goku Blue Son Gohan Gogeta Gogito The Saiyan Fighters Couch Blanket

Fed up of the split opinions people have on your interior and home in general? Ignore the critics and get into this blend polo couch blanket from Saiyan Village that is comfortable with a relaxed fit and side slits making for a wear and show-off you’ll never want to take off. Don’t let anyone influence whatever style you identify with. Featuring a classic standing stance from the Saiyans, a cheeky design, a print to the front and colors that send you just in the space that you want. Upgrade the interior and captivate those around you. Those opinions that they shared; they don’t matter no more!

Dragon Ball Z Characters 45*45 cm Cushion Covers Home Decorative Pillowcases

Does it get any better than the humble pillow case? Yes. This with these new and improved pillow cases featuring the characters from Dragon Ball Z universe. Time for an upgrade. Featuring a classic stand-off stance from the characters like Goku, Vegito, Super Saiyans, etc, relaxed and subtle color and design, a free form shape and a decorative and colourful characters to the front. This is a case that make the perfect gift for those who are obsessed with anime and love to have merch from them. Surprise them with these new pillow cases this Christmas, cause isn’t it about time to get and upgrade and show them the Dragon Ball Z Characters 45*45 cm Cushion Covers Home Decorative Pillowcasesdesigns that are now in style.

Big Dragon Ball Z Family Room Wall Hanging Decor Tapestry

What is it that’s missing? The kick that you want, the new design that would cover the place, this is a Dragon Ball merch that would not only bring joy to the person giving them but also to those who buy them. With the print so good and the design that would change the entire look of your household you better get to it. Buy an extra though, cause after buying the first you would won’t feel like giving it away. This is a gift that is perfect for that one friend you always wished to surprise and give the upper edge to. A fitting gift for a fitting holiday.

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku HD Cartoon Poster

This large Dragon Ball poster is the perfect decoration for your room, and a must have for all fans. You want to renew your decoration? You want to redesign your home or office? You want to decorate for some coming holidays (Christmas, New Year,) Coming with us! Use this poster to decorate the living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathroom. Made of High-quality photo base paper medium which provides a durable photo feel. If the poster gathers any dust, you can wipe it off with a clean and dry cloth.

Design Dragon Ball Z GO Symbol Sequined Wallet

This wallet is not your ordinary polyester wallet. Let’s be honest, it’s not the cheapest one out there. Yet, we are confident it’s definitely the finest and worth every penny you spend! It’s made out of top-notch full grain polyester material, which softens naturally with wear and ages beautifully with time. Built in with photo holder and interior slot pocket technology, it’s the perfect blend of style and security. With a nice personal touch of custom engraving and GO symbol, this identity protection wallet will surely make a great gift for your loved ones or even a treat for yourself!

DBZ Super Vegeta Blue Aura Drawstring Bag

Say hello to your favourite mini Super Vegeta Drawstring bag! This little workhorse is big enough to hold the essentials, but small and light enough to keep you streamlined and carefree! A fan favourite, the drawstring bag is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. The free-flowing design of the bag reminds you of the time when you watched DBZ and also makes for the perfect gift for all the holidays in the future. Hold them up with pride and walk on the street with the new fashion look unlike any other.