Love, a feeling of joy and fun that makes us do all the crazy and unimaginable things possible. It takes us to an extent where we forget rest of the world and go on a spree that fills us with emotions like joy, laughter, depression, enjoyment and peace. There are times that a love cannot succeed and therefore, must be rid of right at the moment where it goes on to get toxic and unpleasant. However, it is not always the case as some of them also go on to give more inspiration and pleasantries to the person experiencing it, making love the ultimate weapon when it comes down to the final judgement.

Dragon Ball Z too is an anime that is filled in this aspect and give us the couples and romances that just fit the story and make it possible for our protagonists to enhance themselves to the next level and get a look that is deadly and intimidating. Love, as said my many people overtime is an expression of affection which takes us on a rollercoaster ride and brings out the best person within us in a total new and diverged sense.


Starting with the most surprising of all, we have Vegeta and Bulma. The two hot-head characters who came across as a surprise to many when they finally got together and had a rocky start to their future relationship. We all know about the start that these both had to their relationship, where Vegeta at the start of arriving to Earth went on to kill her boyfriend Yamcha and she immediately developed a disdain for him.

Their relationship just goes on to tell us about how the two got close over time and also about what it means to protect the one that you love and admire. Their constant stubborn attitude always had them bickering at each other and that eventually came out to be the reason why the two developed a sort of relationship eventually. It shows us of the time that had passed between them and gives us a close insight of all the things that affections that the two hold for each other. While talking about them, we just cannot help but mention the fact that we got to see Vegeta in full rage mode at the time when Beerus out of anger slapped Bulma and Vegeta in anger went on to challenge and fight the God of Destruction.

Krillin & Android 18

Coming next on the list, we have the relationship of Krillin and Android 18. These were the two who look good no matter what and have a tendency to be the best when it comes to showing loving and proposing the other.

The start to their relationship was somewhat different and unique from the rest as unlike the rest of them, it was Android 18 who actually began their relationship with a kiss on the cheek. This was an act which told us all about what we could imagine in the future and gave a head-start to our cute and small character Krillin. It is after the kiss, that we see Krillin’s feelings getting exposed at the time of detonation and his way to pursue his love after Android 18’s resurrection. The two make for a great couple as these two actually look out for each other and have a sense of duty when it comes to protecting their daughter. Throughout the anime we see their love blossom at different moments and get a pure feeling of what it means to love the person who is just so passionate and caring.

Goku & Chi-Chi

While we talk about the relationships in Dragon Ball, we cannot not mention the all time famous and rewarding couple of Goku and Chi-Chi. Though the start to their relationship was a bit weird and different, we see the actual reason about why the two have to be together and the real reason of why it just makes total sense.

Goku due to his fighting nature has always been the kind of person who would get in trouble and be hurt at the end of most of his fights and Chi-Ch is jus the person who can keep in him control. She due to her hot-headed nature and housewife like attitude has always been the person who can be his voice of reason where she keeps steering him away from getting himself and his kids hurt. We know that the two met unknowingly where Goku saved her life from danger and promised to marry her thinking that bride was a kind of food. This aspect and part of Goku shows us again just how simple minded and plain Goku is and why the inclusion of Chi-Chi plays an important role in his life altogether.

Their relationship stays as the foundation of all the relationship in DBZ universe and cements the fact that love is a powerful thing which can make or break a person from within.

Gohan & Videl

Out of all the couples that we can present to you, these two are the ones which seem to be the most normal and influential when it comes down to love. Gohan and Videl are a pair who seem the most normal and typical when it comes to them falling in love and proposing to one another.

Out of shyness and cute side of Gohan, he initially avoided Videl during his early high school days. They always did seem to make a great pair and it was Videl’s curiosity to know more about her future partner that helped them get as close as they are now. She demanded to know more about his life and his powers and his life, and how he was able to fly and do all the impossible things that a human cannot do. This helped the two to get close as friends initially and Gohan’s reluctant agreement to her curiosity helped them to develop feelings for each other.

As we know Gohan took a really different and unique approach to life unlike his father and walked on the path that his mother, Chi-Chi laid out for him. He pursued academics and scholarship and had an intellect which would easily compare him to the modern age Bardock. However, it was Videl that pushed him to continue his training so that he can protect his wife, his daughter Pan and the family that he looked most forward to.

Gine & Bardock

Coming down to the couple that started it all, we have Gine and Bardock. It was them that gave shape to the of Goku that we now see and hear in the Dragon Ball universe. These are the two that have a complete opposite personality but agree on one thing, i.e., to protect their children Raditz and Goku. These both help us to see what it means to put everything on line and sacrifice the thing that we hold most dear to save the ones that we love. Gine and Bardock were the epitome of perfect relationship and not only did the two mutually respect and care for one another, but they made the decision as a unit to send Raditz and Goku to live on a faraway planet so that they wouldn’t have to perish at Frieza’s hands, showing that they were a team as much as they were lovers.

This feeling of sacrifice shows us the lengths that they were willing to go for family, it helps us to understand the pace that they matched together and steps that they took as parents and lovers to make such a decision of sending their kid off.

We see Goku inheriting the similar soft side of Gine and Bardock as just he too like them is a gentle and sweet warrior who even though he chases power still only goes on to use it for the sake of love, family and friends.

As said before, love is the thing that can make or break a person and it is this feeling of affection that helps us to get stronger with each step. People assume that those that have nothing to lose are called the strongest but then again, when we have something that we want to protect, we just cannot sit ideally and let the other take advantage. When we have the things or person that we love, at that moment we immediately get stronger than those who have nothing to lose, because in this moment we fight for those that mean everything to us.