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Bardock, a father to ‘Goku’ and ‘Raditz.’ A proud and passionate lover to ‘Gine’ was a person who was very proud of the title that he owned, a title of “A BRILLIANT SCIENTIST.” He was someone who appreciated and took upon that title as a medal. Rather than saying it, this title of “BRILLIANT SCIENTIST” was the one which he wore on his head with pride rather than show it to the world as a medal that he owned. Though he is the father of our main protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, Goku we still do not know much of why he is regarded as the e of “BRILLIANT SCIENTIST.” We still do not know of the myths and mysteries that surround Bardock and what are the answers to those mysteries as well. Although the fanbase and the people obsessed with the anime are very keen and interested in the anime franchise as a whole, they still deny the smallest of the smallest fact, this is the birth and the core of what Goku is now and why is it that there are so many problems that surround him from the very start of his life. Why is it that Goku’s life was constantly in danger in many situations and why is it that there are always people risking their lives to save his? What was it that happened in the past and who is to blame? What are the truth of Bardock and his life story? Let’s just say that there are many myths that surround ‘Dragon Ball Z’ as a whole, but this may probably be the one that is the most important and the most over-looked in the whole franchise. This BARDOCK’S UNTOLD STORY 2020 gives users a very loves for DBZ.

At first, this is a character discussion of Bardock and his growing up as a scientist in Planet Vegeta. As we know there are but only two of the Bardock references that we can take in knowing the history of Bardock. One is of the “DRAGON BALL SUPER: BROLY” movie and the second being “DRAGON BALL Z: BARDOCK- THE FATHER OF GOKU.” Probably the biggest factor contributing to these movies is the similar connections that they share in general. One being the similar history that both the Bardock share in the two movies and the last being the similar fate that they suffer at the end of both the movies. This will again go on to tell us why Bardock is one of the most respected characters in the Dragon Ball franchise and why is it that people and characters, no matter how low-key or how small of a role they play in the franchise speak so highly of Bardock and give him the high pedestal.

Speaking of Bardock’s history, Bardock was revered as one of the average fighters in “Planet Vegeta.” It was because of his average fighting standard that the Saiyans did not acknowledge Bardock’s potential throughout but it is in the Bardock special that we clearly see of this happening. Here we go on to notice how the Saiyans have underestimated Bardock of his average fighting power and do not realize how strong he has really become of the later years (phase) of his life due to the numerous and constant battles and fights. And though Bardock was getting strong it was again never enough, as we can clearly see that reference off in the “Broly Movie” when Bardock goes on to stop Frieza’s supernova for a split second, we can see here that Bardock’s potential was growing and increasing and so was his power but that too was not enough.

Coming to the main matter at hand, Bardock’s past life that made him a brilliant scientist. Bardock was born on the Age 700 making him 37 years old in the time of his death and 20 years old when the Saiyan Tuffle War started in the Age 722 to Age 730. As all the die-hard fans of Dragon Ball Z may know, Bardock was not officially a fighter or a planet pirate, he did not seek power or strength till the Age of 730, that way till the end of the “Truffle War.” He never seek-ed those as he was never a person who has a passion for fighting. He was instead one of the smarter Saiyan, a Saiyan who thinks and overlooks a problem with the use of his wits and knowledge rather than resort to fighting and violence. We can in a very simple phrase say that Bardock was someone because of whom the Saiyan race survived in the Tuffle War, but due to the Saiyans having a character and love for fighting and resorting to violence, Bardock’s intelligence and words were overlooked and overshadowed.

Bardock in the early phase of life was forced into violence by his parents and was forced to kill the Tuffles as he was said in a very propaganda type manner the lies of how the killing and brutality was necessary if the Saiyan race was to succeed. Now the biggest factor that changed Bardock and bought him to non-violence and opened his heart was his wife who he first met at the 20 years old. As his wife too belonged to the Saiyan race and had the same thinking as Bardock, i.e., resorting to non-violence and instead of wits and intellect to solve problems, it was then that Bardock’s mind finally opened up and he went on to see the world differently than it was not all about death and destruction. This point of view was something that the two mutually respected each other on and later became the reason that bought the two together later on, as they did not fall in love straight away but eventually though the process of time and with them having the same interest.

Secondly, Bardock due to his childhood was scarred for life and due to this he too has somewhat of a violent nature and to prove his worth to the clan of King Vegeta the second he was to kill the Tuffles in combat and even other Saiyans. However, Bardock still continued to be mentally strong even after being pressured and scarred by his own mother and father and this in turn made his reliable and help him to choose his own destiny in the end. The beginning road to him being a “BRILLIANT SCIENTIST” began when the “MAJOR TUFFLE WAR” took place. Bardock at the time became a ‘Scavenger Saiyan” who would at the time infiltrate the Tuffle facilities and steal the equipment and guide books and learn and gain knowledge of the Tuffle and their technology.

Now the question that lies at hand is how Bardock was the reason for the success of the Saiyans in the Tuffle War. The truth shall now surface as here we will not see of all the things that took place during the Tuffle War and the reason how intelligence was the core reason for the Saiyan’s success instead of brute strength. Bardock continued to take up his way of non-violence and dedicated his time to study the Tuffle Technology and language. It was not overnight that Bardock was able to master their tech but it took him time and over two years to reach a certain level of their understanding. The only device that really helped Bardock In his Tuflle tech and language study was the ‘Tuffle Scouter’ this device was the one that according to the user automatically translated the language and it turns helped Bardock in his scientific advancement. The other thing that helped him was the group or likely his friends at the time ‘Fasha’ and ‘Tora’. Though these both were just as much barbaric in nature, they had a respect for Bardock’s keen interest and his passion, they were also the ones that defended him from the other Saiyans for his non-barbaric methods. The Scouter was a user-friendly device and it not only sped the process of learning and translating but also helped Bardock’s team in many other regions. It was not just a device to detect power nearby, it had many more functions, and it is here that BARDOCK’S UNTOLD STORY team was in the lead, as they were the first among the barbaric race of Saiyans to master its true functions and powers, and harness its usage.

It was again then 2 years later that Bardock became the person with a team to own his own science lab and main facility in one of the conquered cities that was completely hidden and was much secured now from the “MAJOR TUFFLE WAR” and also away from the attacks of the Tuffles and the attacks of the Saiyans as well, as there were still many Saiyans at large who disapproved of the methods of Bardock as they were non-barbaric and lacked the passion for fighting. Later on, after the main streak in getting their own facility, BARDOCK’S UNTOLD STORY team now became the one where there was a solid of 7 Saiyan members, one of which was “Gine.” She went ahead and supported Bardock in his passion for creating a peaceful civilization and also supported his ambition. BARDOCK’S UNTOLD STORY’s main goal by now was to make a world where the races would live in peace and bond with each other rather than resorting to violence.

At the very least, why is it that BARDOCK’S UNTOLD STORY team was progressing very quickly? Even though they worked in the shadows and stayed hidden why did they progress at a much faster rate? It was because the seventh member of the team was a Tuflle named “Enoki.” Getting Enoki on the team was Bardock’s biggest strength and victory in all as Enoki would now look up to Bardock and really help him in his studies and advancement. Enoki went on to give Bardock the information that he lacked and did the jobs that the “Tuffle Scouter” failed at. This again sped up the process of Bardock’s study. That is the main reason why during the fight of Vegeta and Goku, Vegeta clearly mentions that Goku’s dad was an average fighter but a “BRILLANT SCIENTIST” who went on to create a scientific power that could harness a full moonlight which will now be the reason for Goku’s doom.

Bardock was a passionate lover and an even greater dad, creating sacrifice for his children along the way and meeting a fate that was cruel to a person who rings and different. He is not considered as the “BRILLIANT SCIENTIST” just for the sake of it but for the sole reason that he went on to crave and fight for his passion and ambition when everyone on his race was against him, even his own parents. Though his life was scarred and at a terrible place from the very start, t was his passion and not giving up attitude towards his goal that made him the respectful person that he is in the “Dragon Ball Z” franchise.

The mystery revolving around him is possibly not finished as we still do not know of the way in which he spent the latter days of his life. The myths that revolve Bardock are huge probably this is just a hint of clarity to all the fuzziness surrounding his life.

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