While we watch Dragon Ball on a daily basis there is something that we miss out and it is the backstory of what happened between the Saiyans and the Truffles. It was this incident that kickstarted the time of Saiyans true domination over them and the time when Bardock became obsessed with technology and intellect. This was the incident that gave rise to the true warriors that we now see and also shaped the future which now progresses as the current story.

Had these two races not met each other at that time, maybe Goku would too be like the rest of his Saiyans brothers all egoistic and immature. Maybe Earth would really have been destroyed by the Saiyans out of anger and frustration and who knows how things would have progresses as far as friendship goes. The backlog of these two races is an absolute must if you plan to watch the anime as a whole and get the gist of what’s going on ever since the Saiyan-Truffle war and understand the moments which took place during that insane and chaotic time. To start with the beginning of the incident let’s take a look at the history of the Saiyans and the Truffles, let’s understand why these two races indulged in a fight and who is to blame for it.


Saiyans as we see in the anime are a race of extra-terrestrials that are present in the Dragon Ball universe. Though they are a group of naturally aggressive race who love power, strength and everything that makes them strong, there is however one prime difference between the group of Universe 7 and Universe 6.

As we see in the anime Saiyans from Universe 7 are a group of hooligans who love being aggressive and showing off their power, making their prime goal in mind to be established as the strongest race in the universe. Saiyans from Universe 6 however are different and more moderate as rather than the being who destroy and cause chaos, they prefer to live life that makes them out to be protectors and saviours.

The Saiyans as a whole play an important role in Goku’s story progression and it is their involvement in the story that makes the anime even more worthwhile and binge worthy. However, to give us a shock directly from the start itself, Akira Toriyama has made it so that the Saiyans from Universe 7 are completely obliterated by Frieza before the start of the Dragon Ball series making the backlog of the Saiyans and their involvement in the universe even more amazing and fascinating.

The Saiyans are a fighting race who, since ancient times, have lived a violent and inhumane lifestyle, where they attack numerous planets to build up wealth and goods. However, the good Saiyans and evil Saiyans were in conflict for a long time, with the good Saiyans only ever managing to get one victory to their name, eventually the evil Saiyans wiped out the good Saiyans, and thus all modern day Saiyans are descended from them. This now serves as the base foundation for our protagonists Goku and Vegeta and also gives antagonist like Broly a backstory of their own. Though we cannot see the whole evil and good Saiyan race in action the involvement of these few antagonist and protagonists serves as a ground to recap that story that has been told and it is something which helps to bring the past into the light with such ferocious battle and mayhems.


The Truffles in the anime are an advanced and highly technical race that are beings of the Planet Plant. Just like the Saiyans that we learned about in the above paragraph, Truffles too are like them who hunt or power and its source but the primary difference between the two is that of one being a savage and the rest being more modern and advanced. While the Saiyans are in a league of their own when it comes to brute strength, the Truffles are more mannerized and modern when it comes down to surviving and coping up.

To begin with the main backstory of the Truffles, they have been wiped out by the Saiyans in Universe 7 where the Saiyans have taken over their planet and made them gone extinct but like the doppelganger Saiyans in Universe 6, they too go on to exist in Universe 2, as seen in the Tournament of Power, and also in Universe 6.

The Truffles were also capable of cloning and genetic manipulation, as they have shown us their worth by creating Machine Mutants twins like Oren and Kamin. There high intelligence in terms of science and way of life shows us that they have the power to become one of the best races in the universe but unlike the Saiyans and despite their incredible technologies, the Truffles are largely a docile race who demonstrated no aggressive tendencies or internal strife. This is a side of them that makes them different from the Saiyans and gives them an ambition in life that is different and divergent from the rest of the races who only excel in getting stronger with and intellect.

If we go according to the wishes of the author and creator himself than in an interview, the author Akira Toriyama said that Truffles were indeed the original inhabitants of the planet Vegeta and that they were wiped out by the Saiyans. This also goes on to prove their non-aggressive behaviour and tells us of the reason about why the Truffles had to choose the path of non-violence when it came down to the Saiyans-Truffles War.

It was a last resort for them as they never indulged themselves in a fight but rather only took up this measure when time really called for it. Their only call-in life was to excel in scientific knowledge and be called as a race who was highly advanced and progressive, but as time moved on the greed of the Saiyans to establish themselves as the strongest took over and they were forced into a 10-year long war with the Saiyans in the Saiyans-Truffles War.

Now to check the man backlog between the two is that what happened during the Saiyans-Truffles War and who won in it.

The War was initially started by the Saiyans side when one day the Saiyan army led by King Vegeta suddenly started attacking the Truffles using their brute strength and great power. This was a move which took on the Truffles by surprise as they were much weaker and smaller in size compared to the Saiyans but unlike them, they were highly advanced in weaponry and had technologies at their disposal, making themselves level out with the Saiyans in an equal battlefield during the war. However, it was the luck of the Saiyans and the perfect timing of the Full Moon that appears every 100 years in Planet Plant that really turned the tide on this battle and gave Saiyans the overwhelming edge in the war. As we know from the history of the Saiyans, the Full Moon is an event that occurs ever 100 years on the Planet Plant and it is the event where Saiyans transforms themselves into Great Apes with the power from the Moon, this side of the battle greatly increased their power in terms of raw strength and it finally put these 10 yearlong battles to an end.

The Saiyans and Truffles have always had a backstory to them and it is this backstory which has brought us the story that we now see and admire. The Saiyans-Truffles War could’ve been avoided but just like the rest of the events that take place in Dragon Ball Z, this too is an event that shaped the story as we see and experience it now because without this story, the Saiyans would’ve continued to flourish and not move from their home planet and Goku would’ve never been born in Earth as we now see him, making the story setting less interesting and not so binge worthy.