In this article, we will talk about the best 25 amazing 3D Dragon Ball Tees you must not miss 2020. 

Youth, the very meaning of life is our youth. We have seen different anime and the have lived through it just by imagining what it must feel like to be the protagonist that we most admire. Here we bring you the Dragon Ball 3D Tees collection through which you can bring out the child in you once again. Keeping the inner kid alive and focused is something that makes a person do well with not only life but also all his situations and problems. We the new 3D Tees we aim to bring back those bitter-sweet memories off your youth and offer you a design that will make you jump right back on to your feet with energy and excitement.

1. Bringing you the first “Dragon Balls and Son Goku Super Cool Stylish Summer Tee.” The T-Shirt comes in the special color of Aquamarine, Black, and White, making it the perfect fit for you. The blue in the Tee represents the inner chakra and energy that synergizes within Son Goku during his transformation to a Saiyan. As you can see the T-Shirt specifically contains the 7 Dragon Balls that you see in the anime. The placing of the Dragon Balls is done in such a way that it starts from one side of the Tee and then shifts to the other making the middle Dragon Ball (the seventh one) stand out even more. The black color gives it a more unique finish making the T-Shirt one of a kind which is both cool to look at and is super carefully designed to make it represent the Saiyan form of Son Goku.

2. Coming up next is “Son Goku The Legendary Saiyan Hero Black and White Illustration Summer Tee.” For this product, we have particularly chosen monochrome colour (black and white) as a combo to make the T-Shirt even more minimalistic and cool in all different ways. It shows Son Goku in an upright and a fighting (ready) stance with a serious look to create that atmosphere of seriousness. As you may notice the background has hints of white splashes to give the aura and the energy that is bursting out of Son Goku’s body. This creates a very quality feel to the Tee making it one of a kind. As you can see the monochrome presence in the Tee makes it even more attractive as it creates a more in-depth feel to it and especially makes Son Goku stand out in every way. From his ‘white and filtered’ eyes to his body which is given depth by slow and different vibrance of white.

3. Now to play with a little bit of color we bring to you “The Legendary Saiyan Warrior Son Goku Blue Aura Amazing Summer Tee.” Who doesn’t love 3D Print Dragon Ball Teesl when it gets serious? And so, we have specially designed this T-Shirt for you. To make the game a little better and a little more in play we have added color to this Tee making it both monochrome and complementary in contrast. Goku’s rage here can be seen due to the Blue Aura that he is producing and this lays a symbolization to his soon to be transformed into a Saiyan. What really catches the eye here is that he is just in rage and not in a complete Saiyan mode, which makes it a little more of a tease and plays the kind of a T-Shirt as he is going to transform into a Saiyan. The design is pretty sleek and it produced an effect of surprise. The background is again in black making it cool for the design to stand out even more.


4. For those of you who thought that we only had these in store. Boom! You got another thing coming. Presenting to you “Goku Vegeta In the Outer Space Stunning 3D Print Graphic Tee.” This T-Shirt brings you all that you need. As we are very well informed the best friend of Goku is Vegeta after Krillin and we can not have the two friends in a Tee. The two Saiyans are in a rage and this makes the Blue Aura ooze out from the duo’s bodies. This Tee in particular is a play with a colour that makes it attractive and unique in its own way. Throughout the T-Shirt, you get clean and finished look of outer space beside the end of the Tee where you see “Shenron” the Divine Dragon. Having the addition of Shenron increases the quality of the product as this acts as a basic way to remind all about the main motive and purpose of the Dragon Balls in the anime. The duo is seen in a rage and active stance keeping the Saiyan culture in the T-Shirt alive.


5. Bringing in the next product we have “Son Goku Ready to Fight Dragon Ball Z Anime Amazing 3D Print Graphic Tee.” Just to remind you this is all 3D Print DRAGON BALL TEES and this is something that makes the product just amazing from each perspective and shines in their own unique ways. The T-Shirt is again completely printed from top to bottom making it second to the previous tee that we saw in this field. Stepping from the Blue Vibrance we here see Son Goku in his usual Yellow Aura which is the first for many Saiyan’s. This is more hit in the nostalgia sector of the audience because as a kid we would first see Son Goku transform into a Super Saiyan in his usual Yellow Aura before he went on to the Blue one. Here one can see the rage and the anger that a Saiyan produces in his fights and battles. To keep it even more on the nostalgic sector, there is a printed animation of the ground slowly breaking and collapsing from underneath depicting the rage even more flawlessly.


6. What are the things that always level up and give anime its meaning? The correct answer to that are the villains and the opposition parties. Thus, bringing to you “Dragon Ball Z Frieza Goku Vegeta Stunning 3D Print Graphic Tee.” We keep watching our favorite heroes battle and fight but it is the villains and the enemies that give meaning to their strength and power. This tee is again more to the complementary side which makes the characters in the tee stand out even more. The including of Frieza makes the tee have more meaning as this shows why our two heroes are in there Super Saiyan form. To further elevate the level of the tee you can see the black towards the top of the T-Shirt which gives it a more outer space and galaxy type feel to it. If you do notice it a little bit better than you can see that our two Saiyans are exhausting different color Auras (Blue and Purple), which makes it more detailed and explained.


7. The next product that is being introduced is the “Son Goku The Mighty Saiyan Blue Aura Shenron Dragon Ball Z 3D Print Graphic Tee.” The color in this particular tee is selected and printed on a basis that it stands out and shows-off the tee in every way possible. This is again a minimalistic tee and contains a printed design in two forms. The first is that of Goku with his aura oozing and Shenron in the back and the second is of Vegeta with his aura oozing and Shenron in the back. The tee is simple and unique in its own way as here you get a complete printed tee of one of your favorite Saiyan and it has no other stuff in the background making it one of a kind. The print also doesn’t involve too much stuff in it making it simple and polished. This tee is definitely one of a kind.


8. Bringing to you one of a kind “Blue Universe Son Goku Dragon Ball Z Super Stylish 3D Print Graphic Tee.” This is the first introduction of a printed graphic T-Shirt where you can see Son Goku in Action. Here the main play is to keep the character in focus and also enhance him through using a complete background. As you can see this is the first tee where you can actually see Goku in action, this tee again is a completely printed tee (from top to bottom) making it a far superior quality to the rest. Here the play of colors too is unique as the background is super plain and simple blue in Hue and Density and the main character is in a richer shade of Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow. This makes the protagonist stand out even more with all the limited background and his higher richness in color value and density.


9. Getting into a more bold and solid color tee here is the” Gogeta Portrait Dragon Ball Z Hero Awesome Unisex Tee.” The plan to build this 3D Print Graphic T-Shirt was to have it in the most simple and authentic way. The tee is built in stature of simplicity and bold color representation. To incorporate the character in this tee, the protagonist used here is Gogeta. To give the tee more of a Super Saiyan type feel here the aura emitting from Gogeta is also blue in color. This may make you see the other way but this play of color is unique in its own way as let’s not forget this is a 3D Print Graphic printed T-Shirt. This element of print makes the blue more of a navy and teal in color which keeps a balanced made in the tee and helps it to shine in all ways possible. The bold and solid color element in the t-shirt is also one of a kind and fusing two gives a subsequently better result.


10. This particular t-shirt is a literal explosion to all the anime fans out there. Introducing to you the “The Famous Saiyan Gogeta Light Blue Background Ultra Stylish Anime Tee.” This particular tee is a literal explosion to all the anime fans out there. This particular tee is based more on the manga type is graphic print than the other. Here are you can see the t-shirt once again is a fully printed one. And it shows Gogeta clenching his fist in a ready and active stance. Instead of the usual blue aura, the tee surprises us with the element of yellow color aura in it. This helps to once again hit the nostalgic factor in the anime, making it one of a kind. To further elevate the design of the t-shirt we here did not only keep the aura from being there but made it into a level where the aura seems as if it is oozing out of the t-shirt itself. This element creates depth and field in the tee.

11. To keep the Dragon Ball Z factor alive and kicking we bring to you the “Powerful Gogeta Stormy Blue Aura Cool Summer Tee.” Here we can once again see the power of a graphic tee to its fullest. As you may have noticed the tee here is a perfect color of Violet, Blue, and Yellow. As you may see the violet in the back acts as a source to represent the presence of Gogeta in outer space. And on top when you have your protagonist in full rage, the blue that emits out of him actually helps that tee to stand out even more. As you may have noticed it by now, the tee is actually completely printed. The aura that is oozing out of him can be seen continued in the inner back folding of the tee which marks the continuation of the graphic print making it more appealing to look at.

12. Revealing to you the biggest surprise yet, we bring to you the “Frieza and Son Goku Awesome Dragon Ball Anime Tee.” You may wonder what’s so special about this particular tee but upon a closer look, you will find that the print that is done in the tee is not that of animation of the manga but of a Son Goku and Frieza in a deep fake reality. Here the animation is done in such a way that the characters portrayed in the tee look to be extremely realistic and fragile. The background of the tee is kept with the simple color of Khaki (mud) to portray the battle that has been fought and also the half fought Frieza and Goku too represent this picture in a serious and battle-some mood. The deep fake is a unique collaboration to make the tee stand out in a very different and unique style itself. Also, the half side of Frieza to creates a more realistic feel to the t-shirt with it being given a much darker and opaque shade.

13. What is the biggest thing that an Okatu looks for in an anime design t-shirt? It is the balance between the villains and the heroes in the anime. Introducing the” Broly Vegeta Son Goku Super Saiyans Dragon Ball Anime Casual T-Shirt.” The background is simple in black and with a hint of stars and on the top and supernova in the bottom, this clearly shows the presence of galaxy as the background in the t-shirt. The biggest play in colors yet can be seen in this t-shirt through the auras of the three characters printed in the tee. The tee contains Goku, Vegeta, and Broly in it and here Goku and Vegeta have a Blue Aura oozing out from them whereas Broly has his Green Aura oozing out. This forms the distinction between the characters and also characterize based on their villainous side and heroic side. The placing of the character placement is also perfect in the tee as here we see the three characters in the outward direction. Where Broly is in heat and chasing and the two duos in fighting stance with their fists closed.

14. People who love simplicity with little of art, this t-shirt was specifically made for you. Introduction to you “Son Goku Red Graffiti Super Stylish Casual T-Shirt.” This tee offers you the most anime-related Son Goku with the simplest of design in it. This is again a completely printed t-shirt and it comes in the solid color mix of red and orange. The only factor that makes this tee stand out in the queue is its factor of using complementary color. It has not to hassle of different and many colors and this makes the tee free from all the stress and tension of using the different elements to represent it. It simply contains Son Goku as its character, with all of his face monochrome-ed in nature except for the swift line of blood that follows his right side giving him color and opaqueness to character and style. The dabs and slashes of blood also increase the intensity of the tee as that makes it more graphic and Dragon Ball in nature.

15. Bringing yet another Son Goku and Shenron collaboration we present to you the “Son Goku and Powerful Shenron Stunning 3D Print Graphic Anime Tee.” This is our third tee in which you see the character in action. As the whole Dragon Ball basically revolves around the Dragon Ball and wish-granting, we here once again bring to you the Shenron tee where you can see Goku getting ready in a fighting stance and where he is now in charge of the energy that is flowing within him. The color of the tee is kept within the range of Blue and Violet. It is done so to make the tee be more popping whereon, the person wearing it would feel like this is basically a load of hellfire that is blazing down on him. The angel in which Shenron wraps around Goku makes all the difference there is in the tee. This just goes on to show who the real boss is.


16. If everything was always about war and fight then there really would be no Dragon Ball Z. To settle the mood, we bring to you the “Cute Dragon Ball Z Characters 3D Print Graphic Casual Tee.” Here we can see the comedic relief from the anime, King Kai, and his companions. Just the introduction of a subtle tee makes a huge difference in the whole process itself. Here you see Shenron in the background heading straight for the top, giving the tee a much refined and rich look to itself. On the bottom-right you notice the companion playing with an image of Goku, this feature and addition of Goku keep the main motive of the tee alive as this still represents our main protagonist in away. Throughout the t-shirt you may have noticed that the colors are not heavy and uplifting, this is done so that the person wearing it may feel comfortable, cool, and relaxed with the subtle and cool color mix.


17. Bringing to you a little heavier duty tee we present to you” Shenron Gogeta Blue Aura Stunning Design 3D Print Graphic Casual Tee.” This tee brings in your favorite character, Gogeta. It keeps the spirit of Dragon Ball Z alive by the introduction of Shenron in it. To make the tee heavier the play of color here was really important. As black would not suffice the use of Aquamarine was incorporated in this tee. This background is given a dark color to make the main image stand out. As usual, our main character here is seen emitting blue aura representing the fact of him already turned into a Super Saiyan. Here the fusion of Goku and Vegeta is depicted really well as you may see that they are surrounded by Shenron, the Divine Dragon. Shenron here pulls the last string as he represents power and divine knowledge and strength, and having Shenron in the background really sends a strong message to all the person what see this tee.


18. Bringing to you another shade of the kind we present to you “The Return of Son Goku Stunning 3D Print Graphic Anime Tee.” Here the main play is again to keep the character in focus and also enhance him through using a complete background. As you can see this is a tee where you can actually see Goku in action, this tee again is a completely printed tee (from top to bottom) making it a far superior quality to the rest. Here the play of colors too is unique as the background is super plain and simple blue in Hue and Density and the main character is in a richer shade of Black, Blue, Red, and Yellow. This makes the protagonist stand out even more with all the limited background and his higher richness in color value and density. Here the background is represented with a much navy, teal, and sparse green color. This background automatically catches the eyes of the person seeing this tee making it stand out in its natural state.


19. The t-shirt being presented next is a shock and a quality in itself. This is the first t-shirt that combines modernism with Dragon Ball Z. We present to you the “Screaming Gohan Black Pyramid Super Cool Drago Ball Anime Tee.” The main motive in the production and creation of this t-shirt was to give it a more of a punk and level type feel. It contains our protagonist Gohan wearing a modern t-shirt and a chain in a complete rage. This factor of the introducing modernism creates a retro look in the t-shirt making it punky and funky in nature and that in turn really makes it stand out above the rest. Also, let’s not forget that Gohan is beaten up here and has bloodstains on his face creating more depth and qualification from the animation team.

20. If you are looking for more subtle and simple than what you have already seen then we present to you “The Super Saiyan Hero Son Goku Portrait Cool 3D Print Graphic Tee.” This tee here is the simplest of them all as here you only get the complementary look of Son Goku’s face in the front of the tee. This tee is simple in two other forms as well. It doesn’t have too much of a mish-mash from all the different characters and colors going everywhere and secondly, it has a very light and gradient feel to it from the shades that are used in it. The simple shade of mud, yellow and blue create an epic and diverse look on the face of Goku making the tee even better. The style incorporated in the designing of the character is once again that of Manga (Manga Cover Art) making it really suitable for free and simple wear.


21. To hit you with the more artistic of all t-shirts we present to you the “Dandy Master Roshi Dragon Ball Z Amazing 3D Print Graphic Summer Tee.” Just one look of the tee is enough to make anyone fall in love with it. The tee is plain and simple yet unique and handy in its own way. Though Master Roshi has been rarely seen in the later phase of the anime, this teetotally makes him the real protagonist of the anime from each and every angle. The style in which the tee is designed is that of using fine arts and skills by incorporating deep fake into the back graphics of Master Roshi’s turtle shell and shades. The print is kept neat and clean it enhances the look of the tee is just the right corner.


22. Presenting to you another of Master Roshi tee we bring to you the “Master Roshi The Wise Kame Sennin Dragon Ball Anime T-Shirt.” This tee as you may notice is another of the deep fake and highly realistic type t-shirt. Here the design is done in such a way that it does not depict chaos but instead represents calmness and peace for once. The simple use of a dark background and light main focus creates a simplicity to this tee. It helps to make the person wearing it feel calm and relaxed through his body in mind as the colors fade and enrich the tee from all angles. Though this is a graphic tee this makes the person wearing it feel calm and relaxed. Also, the small hint of smoke in the bottom also makes the tee richer and quality type material as it initiates more refinement and detail.

23. To give you the summer feel to its max we bring to you the “Son Goku Genki Dama Blue Sky Stylish 3D Print Graphic Summer Tee.” The color and the background used in the tee represents summer from all angles. It just screams summer and summer all over again. To not miss the 3D PRINT DRAGON BALL TEES feel to it we have Son Goku wielding his special move of ‘Kame-hame-ha’ which in turn goes on to represent the sun in the tee bringing it closer to the summer feel. As you may have seen it by now the clouds in the background are very realistic making this tee again one of the highly realistic ones. This use of clouds is essential as this is a summer tee and what does summer bring with it hot sun, clear skies, and a whole lot of action.


24. Coming back to our action-packed graphic tee we bring to you “Son Goku the Great Saiyan Hero 3D Print Graphic Summer Tee.” The art style here is again done in a punky and funky way making this second of its kind. Here the animation done on Son Goku is highly refined and polished. To explain the punk side of this tee we here see Goku in modern-day denim with belts and a POLO undergarment underneath. Also, to add to this is the addition of Shenron’s tattoo in his left arm. This makes the tee different as we rarely get to see any of the punk type completely printed graphic tee of Dragon Ball Z.


25. Bringing yet another of the simple tee that we have to offer we present “Screaming Gogeta the Saiyan Warrior Dragon Ball Anime Graphic Tee.” As you can see this tee is another one of the simple tees that is present. The style of art incorporated here is that of a Manga and the blue aura that is oozing out from Vegeta shows us that the character is currently going through a transformation of his own. The blue aura again is the main color that is used by Vegeta for a stronger transformation and thus this makes the tee simpler to be looked at. As you can see whole of the tee is actually covered in blue aura making the tee more on the bold and solid side thus explaining its simplicity and uniqueness in the design.

These are the 3D PRINT DRAGON BALL TEES that will bring out the kid in you and help you relive the youth. Being a kid is okay but what do you do when you outgrow yourself from being a kid. Well, the answer is simple, you pop one of this up and this relives the youth that you think you have lost in time. Share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc.