10 Trendy Dragon Ball Summer Beach Boardshorts

10 Trendy Dragon Ball Summer Beach Boardshorts

In this article we are going to disscus about the Top 10 Cool Dragon Ball Boardshorts for summer beach 2020.

Summer’s about to come and with it comes the summer vacation, holidays that we’ve been looking forward to each year. Even when we’re on vacation during those hot scorching summer days, we’re still looking forward to and planning on how the vacations would be next year, planning all sorts of things that we won’t remember even the very next day. Summer can be really uncomfortable at times, especially with the rise in the global warming issue, that’s been going crazy in the recent years, the temperature’s sure to rise to the extremes making you adopt all the precautions and countermeasures to prevent yourself from getting heatstroke or that hurting sunburnt skin. Staying indoors with the air conditioning set to its max, those revitalizing cool chilly drinks have always been the key to surviving the summer season but there’s a place that’s like an oasis in the desert to heat struck summer people to say the very least. A place that everyone’s been planning to go to chill and relax even before the summer season is here, a place that’s like no other and makes you escape the worries and isolation that comes hand in hand with the summer vacation. Yes, we’re talking about the beach here. Whether it’s just to chill and have a good time, to have a nice Lil body tan, or just to gather up and do all sorts of stupid stuff with friends, the beach’s always got you covered and provides each and every opportunity in order to make that happen. In addition to the sunscreen and the beach volleyballs that everyone’s so fond of, there are a bunch of other stuff that’s necessary if you don’t want to look as if you’ve come straight from the caves and don’t want to be kicked off the premises lol. You got to stay in fashion and not look like a goof which most of the people do and then complain about why no one pays attention to them. Beach shorts are always cool and the swag level is topped when they’re adjourned with a cool looking character like one from the Marvel Universe or good old Dragon Ball, the show that holds a special place inside every one of us. Rocking a Goku or Vegeta beach shorts in a buffed muscular body makes you look all the more intimidating and attractive as if the shorts been made for that very purpose lol. With that being said I’m here to help you choose from the best of the best with my Top 10 Cool Dragon Ball Boardshorts For Summer Beach 2020 so let’s dive right into it.

10. Angry Vegeta Unique Design Summer Boardshorts

It’s the character that everyone loves, that’s always been shown to be the second-best in the anime but has always been and will always be the first in my opinion. The character that has always overcome the odds and got out of each and every kind of difficult situation that he’s been put into no matter the circumstances. Whether fighting some characters solo, going hand in hand with Goku as a team, or just forgetting everything and fusing when everything else seems to not be working, he’s always given it his all and has his own heroic moments as well that outshine Goku‘s by a huge lead. Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta. Many people I know have Vegeta as their favorite character of all time and can debate on how much the character is really capable of that are not exhibited in the anime at all. From the moment he was introduced, he was that much of a valuable character, a formidable foe that Goku and the rest were willing to bring him to the ‘good’ side cause they knew that fighting and everything would be much easier if we had a strong ally like him and didn’t want to make an enemy out of him either. These Dragon Ball Boardshorts are a must for a Vegeta fan and are sure to make you feel like a prince as well, the prince of all Saiyans.

9. Black and White Son Goku Portrait Amazing Dragon Ball Boardshorts

With Vegeta, one is surely reminded of Goku cause he’s the main character and the protagonist of the series from the very first day, the very first episode. Goku’s had his time, his moments, some of which are so unforgettable that they’ve become signature and descriptive of the whole Dragon Ball universe itself. We’ve seen it all and have watched and kind of looked after Goku over the years as he’s grown up, his entire life, and the things he used to do could be told, his quotes cited, his mischiefs reminded by each and every one of us. Goku has a lot of mothers I guess lol. The black and white feel, the chiaroscuro style is so simple and ordinary, yet so classic that it’d never get old and it’s perfect for people who don’t like to stand out too much and be all dandy and stuff. It’s suitable for any occasion be it you chilling at home pretending to be a log all day or you going outside to the beach to play some volleyball or be all nostalgic with all that sandcastle and water fight fun we used to enjoy and cherish back in the day.

8. DBZ Beach Drive Mr. Satan 08 Boardshorts

What’s more suitable to wear, more suitable to rock that swag in than shorts that are themed in the very place that you’re about to go to? Nothing. Gohan has gone through a bunch of different kinds of phases from the day he was introduced as a kid, that timid, frail child who was easily frightened despite Raditz going on and on with these words, ‘How is that kid stronger than me?’ He crying just by tripping over in an attempt to kick open the Saiyan pod to going head to head with Cell after he made the biggest mistake of his life by awakening his hidden potential that it hadn’t come out, would’ve surely been the end of the Dragon Ball Universe, the series itself, making us have different memories and opinions of the series than the way we remember it now. Videl as a character was introduced with Gohan as an adult, that old embarrassing Saiyaman saga. Yes, a thing that everyone knows but doesn’t want to talk about for sure lol. The forbidden chapter. Dragon Ball is not a Romance anime by any means with all these macho men going at each other’s throats at all times, but this story between Gohan and Videl was like a breath of fresh air and spiced things up a bit, giving us a break from all that fighting that was always going on and on in the anime. ‘Going to the beach with characters going to the beach with others going to the beach’ lol.

7. Goku Black Trunks DBZ 3D Graphic Summer Beach Shorts

Let’s hop into the time machine that drops by every now and then in the Dragon Ball universe, a familiar face always coming out of it, never to deliver anything pleasant by any means. Trunks, I’m talking about you. With the announcement of Dragon Ball Super and the anime making a comeback, I was really excited and was on cloud nine when I came to know that it’d probably include all the characters that’ve brought Dragon Ball to the peak that it’s been standing tall as of today. The first two arcs were nothing much with just a revision and retelling of what had already been animated in the movies. But, then came the future arc, those time travel arcs that’ve always been way more interesting and full of new stuff compared to the rest of them. Goku black was a completely new villain as never before had a fellow ally turned into an enemy, a foe all of a sudden. The way that his personality, everything about him was always shrouded in mystery to we finding out how Zamasu had planned everything so perfectly and made impeccable arrangements to prevent anything from falling out of place swapped the genre to thriller/mystery all of a sudden lol. The rivalry between Trunks and Goku Black and how he was able to put an end to it was exactly how it should’ve been leaving viewers no complaints whatsoever. If you loved that fight, you’ll love these shorts as well for they’ll remind you how it all went down.

6. Jiren Fighting Goku DBZ Graphic Summer Beach Boardshorts:

There are a bunch of things that Dragon Ball Super did very well and deserves a round of applause for it without a doubt. Hit, Black and Jiren are surely the most loveable newest additions that came along with the series and no one has different opinions when it comes to this. The way how Jiren was shown to be all god-like, that invincible fortress that no one could ever bring down, obliterating every opponent who came in front of him. We all know that in his current form, Goku would never be able to defeat him and with all those Super Saiyan God and Blue forms coming up, we saw a new form coming from afar and it didn’t disappoint even one bit. The ‘Ultra Instinct’ form was unlike none other, giving a completely new look to the character. Goku never ever looks the exact same before. The way he first transformed and dodged every shot that came his way to him going all GODSPEED and making Jiren, that mighty warrior all perplexed showed us just how powerful Goku had become after that. That fight was without the doubt the best in the whole Dragon Ball Super runtime and reminded us those iconic Goku vs Frieza and Gohan Vs Cell that got us hyped and full of adrenaline back when we were kids.


5. Gogeta The Saiyan Warrior Amazing Japanese Anime Boardshorts

The new Broly movie was the stuff without a doubt. It revived Dragon Ball and brought back a character that had long been forgotten, not surviving the test of time. In my opinion, Broly is really underrated for not many people know about the character but with this movie, everyone was made aware of how much of a formidable opponent he is. During most of the movie, Broly is just wiping the floor with Goku and Vegeta, them landing those powerful punches and swift kicks, getting hit in return tenfold more though. From them going on one on with him, showing that they play it fair and don’t gang up on the boy to them teaming up, just to get themselves beat up once again. It was evident that Broly exceeded them in more than one domain and they had to be incomplete synergy, complete resonance if they were to bring him down. Synergy, resonance, Synchronization, these words are reminiscent of a particular technique, aren’t they? FUSION! That was the only option left in order to go head to head with the monster and surely the only chance they had to bring him down if they had one. With that Gogeta had to come out from the shadows and what more of a treat than him getting that new Super Saiyan Blue form right? The new-look suited him really well and gave him those power spikes with which the character exhibited all those powerful new moves that made our eyes light up.

4. Android 17 Android 18 Dragon Ball Anime Boardshorts

The androids, the perfect example of those spoiled kids who’d just kill their parents when they grow up. Just like Meruem from Hunter X Hunter but twofold. The moment Dr. Gero gets them out and up in the real world, he’s so relieved and reassured that everything’s going to work in his favor and the world is his for the taking for he’s under the false impression that cause he’s created them, they’re bound to him by a contract or something. Boy, can he be any wrong though? The first thing they do when they come out destroys their maker, no remorse, nothing at all. The androids are literally the perfect example of synergy and synchronization at it’s best without taking the factor ‘fusion’ into the equation. The way they fight and even in the future, that infamous volley attack that killed future Gohan, showing no regret, no remorse that the guy has only an arm and is literally the only family to trunks left just shows how ruthless and cold-blooded these robots are in reality. Every time they fight, all their attacks are so coordinated making us understand the fact that science and robots are on an entirely different level compared to actual humans when it comes to working together and incoordination. It’s a perfect combination for siblings going to the beach with both rocking those androids and giving those cold glares that put even Vegeta to a loss of words at one point.

3. Dragon Ball Super Stunning Japanese Anime Boardshorts

This is perfect for the new fans who are still kids and have recently watched the new additions to the Dragon Ball Universe, Dragon Ball Super, and the new movies being the stuff in question. This just shows the fact that Dragon Ball never gets old and even new kids are watching it when they have the chance to. The way that TOEI ANIMATION got the same old logo and had the Super kanji rather than the good old Z showed that how the new show still stayed completely true and loyal to its roots and kept the nostalgia as hard as it’s always been. I still remember how excited people were and how the announcement of the anime to start airing from 2015 had the internet by the storm. It was such a delight to see it returning for Dragon Ball is really a huge part of every 90’s kid as it helped us grow and was a dear companion to each and every one of us.


2. Dragon Ball Z Gotenks 3D Graphic Summer Boardshorts

The coolest kid anime has ever witnessed, the coolest kid to ever exist has arrived and is ready to put all these pseudos to shame in no time! Tatadaaa! Gotenks is in the house! Man, this character is so cool. I think the cocky attitude mainly comes from Trunks being half of the character for baby Trunks is way more confident and rambunctious compared to Goten as a kid and on transformation into Gotenks, his personality dominates and makes a huge part of the character. His overconfident attitude isn’t off or annoying by any means for it’s become an important aspect and descriptive of the character at this point. The way that he keeps saying ‘Tatadaaa! Gotenks same way kitaa yoo!’ lol gets everyone way excited. Even with the introduction of Gotenks in Dragon Ball Super, that attitude is still there and it’s grown and is even better than it was back in Dragon Ball Z. Everything about this character is so flashy and even if he does something that’s very lame, his charm makes it look way cooler than it is. I love the fact that how their fusion always ends at the worst time possible, making a comedic sequence every time it occurs. It’s sure to give that sunscreen glaze on your skin a run for its money and I’m sure this character is brighter than everyone’s future lol.

1. Dragon Ball Z Goku Green Sky and Thunder Amazing Graphic Boardshorts

This is by far the most iconic scene Dragon Ball fans have ever seen and no one can deny the fact that this transformation, this fight is probably one of the best rivalries ever animated. The way they showed how Frieza was rotten to the very core and mindlessly kept destroying each and everything that wasn’t to his liking, beginning with that Saiyan planet eradication plan with the tip of his finger, Goku losing his dad who fought with such valor and bravery making sure his son escapes to another planet prior to that shows just how good he was at heart. Frieza almost kills every character that steps foot on Namek along with Goku from Earth and has his mafia running wild all over Namek, killing everyone they don’t like. But it was time to call it quits. Goku had enough and something inside him cracked, he was angry for the very first time and wanted Frieza to have a taste of his own medicine. He was able to transform into the legendary Super Saiyan, the truth about which is told only by the legends. After a one-sided fight, he was able to decapitate Frieza but still gave him enough energy to find shelter or more so escape from the planet for it was a ticking time bomb at that point. But, that fool still attacked Goku with all that might he had left followed by that iconic scream, ‘You Fool!’ turning Frieza into smithereens.

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