10 Things You Didn’t Know About Master Roshi

10 Things You Didn't Know About Master Roshi

Master Roshi is one of the oldest characters when it comes to Dragon Ball. We’ve seen him since the beginning of the series showing us a good time and making our childhood more memorable. He showed us the perfect example of how teachers are at heart and was a role model for all the mentors out there. But there’s certainly way more to him than what meets the eye. Even if you’ve been in it for the whole journey, sitting in the same spot every week on that appointed day, there’s still stuff you don’t know when it comes to that character. It’s not you to blame and don’t think that you’re a fake fan or anything since some of these are mentioned only in the manga. I’m sure you’d be surprised by these facts and some of these would surely make your jaws drop to the very ground since some of these are never before seen or heard of. So what’re we waiting for? Let me amaze you with the 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Master Roshi.

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10. He’s the one behind Yamcha’s power:

Yes, you heard that right, he’s the one that’s responsible for Yamcha being a god strongest among all always a step ahead of everyone when it comes to going up. Up and above the skies reaching heights no one can ever imagine. You know what I’m talking about now don’t you? You think he just read a journal that said, ‘How to shoot a water gun from your hands?’ No, not in the slightest. That Kamehameha comes from the Turtle Hermit school being bestowed upon each and every one of them by Roshi himself. Now the next time Yamcha goes away ahead of everyone, we certainly know who his master is. Maybe Roshi was only paying attention to Goku. That kind of explains his weak pickup when it comes to Bulma as well losing her to an alien.

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9. He gave Goku the Nimbus cloud:

You’ve seen that cloud that makes us want to jump off the highest peaks just to land on one and go around the city standing on it. I’m talking about the Nimbus cloud that’s so like the Nimbus Cloak from League of Legends, fast and efficient to use when in a hurry. But Goku didn’t find it while fighting a dinosaur, making it go round and round by its tail. He was given that by Master Roshi himself along with a tale that would be uncovered and disclosed in the near future. That tale makes the whole story way more interesting. Nimbus was shown a lot back in Dragon Ball with Goku going all around the West City on that since he’d never have gotten a license no matter which kind of power tests he took. Now when you’ll look at the Nimbus cloud, you’ll know for sure where Goku got one in the first place.

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8. He trained Grandpa Gohan for some time:

Before there was Roshi, there was Gohan, Grandpa Gohan. People who are familiar with the entirety of Dragon Ball know who he was and how he’s truly Goku’s guardian. He was a strong fighter and kind-hearted as well. He’s responsible for Goku being here in the first place since as a baby, he wouldn’t have survived in those dinosaur forests by any means. Grandpa Gohan also trained under various masters and mentors, Master Roshi being one of them. In the Dragon Ball manga, it’s clearly shown that while Grandpa Gohan was training under Master Roshi, he told him of this kid he found in the forest and how he started taking care of him. Grandpa Gohan didn’t find him lying in some cradle the way we see them in the movies. He saw him in a pod, a Saiyan pod to be specific since there’s nothing like that in the real world making one know that he’s from another planet or something. Maybe Roshi knew about that as well when he came face to face with the strongest fighter in the universe.

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7. He destroyed the Ox-King castle:

Back in Dragon Ball, the Ox-King castle in on fire and Goku is there to make things right. But that fire is no ordinary one since it’s not flickered at all by the water that planet Earth offers. A special fan is required which is only obtainable by his sensei, Master Roshi himself. He rushes back to his master and asks him about this fan that can put out the flames that’ve broken out in the castle. He with his carefree attitude which never seems to change even now said that he lost it somewhere. But Master Roshi never leaves his disciples when they need him. He instead offered them that he can put the flames out with the Kamehameha wave. They all went there and Master Roshi was able to put out the flames with his Kamehameha wave for sure. But it came at the cost of destroying the castle as well.

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6. He’s appeared in a crossover with One Piece:

Birds of a feather flock together. This metaphor is put to perfect practice when Master Roshi and Sanji Vinsmoke from One Piece go hand in hand to wonderland in the crossover that had fans of both the series come forward and shake hands with a smile on their faces. In the crossover, showed to be police officers and they go around doing cop work of course. But it’s peculiar in that they’re looking around who to arrest for being too hot. You already know what’s going to happen when two minds who think and act the same come together. That’s what happened in the cross over in its entirety. But it sure was a breath of fresh air and showed us something different from the comedic elements put into use as well.

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5. He’s related to Tien and Chiaotzu:

Tien and Chiaotzu are characters that were introduced in the World Martial Arts Tournament arc. The arc that introduced all kinds of new characters making us feel the action coming up from afar. Master Roshi was never a master from a get-go. Someone else was his master when he was of tender age. His sensei had two students, Roshi and Shen. Both of them were friends at first since they were training under the same mentor. But later on, things didn’t go well and they went on their separate ways. Guess who got Tien and Chiaotzu instead of Goku and Krillin? You got it right. Shen’s the master of the two making it a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings of all sorts.

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4. He watched his master fight Picollo:

Long before Picollo was how he is now, helping every one whenever they ask for it and being the guardian to the Son family. He was the Demon King Picollo, an enemy that was way stronger and had more malicious intent that any other foe Goku had come face to face within the Dragon Ball series. Long before Goku, Roshi’s sensei had fought him and that fight didn’t go well. In a post-apocalyptic Earth, Roshi and Shen are shown to be there when this fight is happening. But Roshi isn’t the Roshi we know and love today. He watched from afar as his Master lost his life to the demon king. That’s the worst thing that can happen when you’re a student. You lose faith in everything and become dead inside bearing the burden of that sin for the eternity to come.

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3. He joined in secretly in the tournament:

When Goku and Krillin first entered the big stage, the World Martial Arts Tournament, Roshi knew that the kids were too good for that. He knew that making out of the brackets, coming out on top would be an easy cake for both of them since he knew just how much they were capable of. But to walk down the path to become the best martial artist, you have to keep looking out for opportunities to become better and improve yourself. So in order to prevent them from feeling all smug about their strengths, he entered the tournament in the disguise of Jackie Chun. Surely that Kamehameha wave he fired multiple times raised suspicions now didn’t it? That just shows how much he cares for his students and is fine with going to such heights just to make sure that they’ll become perfect martial artists one day.

2. He destroyed the moon:

That honors weren’t only done by Picollo. Long before Picollo did that with his special beam cannon, making Gohan turn back into his human form before he nipped out his tail, the big ball of light had been crushed to smithereens by Roshi himself. During his fight with Goku, he looks at the full moon and having a tail and all like that, transforms into the great ape or Oozaru. Roshi after seeing this directs his hands together and fires the maximum Kamehameha wave making the moon go all dark. He’s in Jackie Chun mode when he did that so you can say that he did that instead lol.

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1. He’s practically immortal:

Everyone’s immortal in Dragon Ball. Did he die? Make him come back with the Dragon Balls. There’s a solution to every problem in Dragon Ball which makes us never lose sight of the characters we love to see since the beginning. But for Roshi, of course, e’s been brought back with the help of Dragon Balls but do you remember? Do you remember how he was back in Dragon Ball? The same yes. But even now with the termination of Dragon Ball super, have you seen any difference? No, not at all. It’s because he practically can’t die of old age. He’s mentioned to be at least between 300 and 350 years in Dragon Ball. That’s far from being old when it comes to him. This is related to an immortal phoenix he once had that it hadn’t died thanks to Roshi’s carelessness, which ve made Goku immortal as well. But the phoenix died of food poisoning and Roshi was the only one who ended up enjoying the fruits of immortality.

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