10 Things You Didn’t Know About Frieza 2020

10 Things You Didn't Know About Frieza 2020

Frieza, a name that needs no introduction. A name that’s been striking fear into the hearts of all characters whether they’re Dragon Ball or not taking the cross overs into consideration. It’s a name that’s surely to end up in the top three when we talk about the greatest villains of all time when it comes to anime. He’s by far the most evil character that Dragon Ball has introduced with maliciousness that knows no bounds, remorselessness of a whole another level. Whether it’s Planet Namek or Planet Earth, he’s always ready to destroy everything in sight just to have a clear view of his surroundings. Ever since a child he’s been the epitome of strength itself with a power level that exceeds all to ever exist. He’s made a comeback so many times never backing down even an inch. Perseverance and stubbornness that’s hard to even imagine. Still there’s way more to the character that you know since everyone been looking at him with those glaring eyes ever since he was introduced. He’s the one to blame for all of that, no complaints in the least. Let’s recall and dive into the deepest pits our memories have to offer when it comes to the character and I’ll add up to that with 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Frieza 2020. The 2020 means that I’ve taken Dragon Ball Super into consideration as well lol.

10. He’s named after something ‘really cool’:

We know Akira, the man loves naming things the most. It’s a quirk that he’s been known for since the beginning of Dragon Ball with all kinds of different names coming up to suit all kinds of different characters. As we all know that all the Saiyans are named after vegetables, Raditz (Radish) and Kakarot (Carrot) being the prime examples. But here, he tries to have a cool head when going with the names. Frieza in the Japanese manga is named ‘Freezer’ and Cooler, his brother is Cooler. Plus there’s King Cold who we saw when Frieza brought his pops all the way to Earth to meet his new friends just to have them killed by his own hands the very next instant. Frieza sure has some mood swings.


9. Zarbon and Dodoria been with him for real long

You remember this chad with those green hair that made all the girls go all blushy and the other guy who was the center of attention when the memes came to play? Yes these characters are the ones in both cases. Frieza’s had a lot of servants ever since he was born since he was a big deal and his father kind of looked after the entire universe. Might is right as they say. I’m sure considering Frieza’s attitude and everything, he’s rid of a lot of servants and caretakers since he flips all the way out in an instant. You’re literally a breath away from meeting your maker when you’re with this guy. He’s a freezer but not up there where the ‘coolness’ matters. But two of them, two people stood the test of times and endured without getting killed. These persons being Zarbon and Dodoria since we get to see those faces even in the Planet Namek arc. The faces that made us want to have their asses kicked as soon as possible.

8. The hover pod runs in the family

You remember how when Frieza was introduced even in that special Bardock episode, he hated using his legs and had someone carry him around. That person being the hover pod itself or the egg hover pod if we make Krillin say it right here. That pod transforms not only him but it’s kind of like a butler of the family. Cooler, the one that attempted to get back at the Z warriors, used it as well to go around. Well mostly he used it in his ship. Moreover, the ship that Frieza had, the one that Goku used to play with the controls in order to escape Namek when it was on the verge of destruction had a similar design as well. But it’s more like an upside version, making it a clear fact that the same person built both of them. Of course they’re dead by Frieza’s hands by now.

7. Mecha Frieza was just to make Trunks fit in

Frieza was dead and everyone was sure that they won’t have to see that ugly mug ever again. But boy were we wrong. The very next arc, we have a mechanical guy getting all the plastic surgeries to look like Cyborg from Justice League. Plus, he brought his father along as well making the definition of the spoiled rich kid complete in it’s entirety. But, all of this had a reason, it served a purpose in the timeline that we knew at that time. The person that the timelines are sick of transporting, the one that’s been screwing everything ever since the beginning, Trunks had to be introduced. So, it was necessary to make Frieza rise up from the ashes once again just to hear Trunks say those iconic words,’ FRIEZA!!’ before blasting to smithereens.

6. The brothers had a reverse order of forms

You remember in the cooler movie when he was in a form that appeared like Frieza in the start but later on in front of that iconic waterfall he was like, ‘You’re the first one to witness this form, first you’ll see then you’ll die!’ and had Goku quiver with the words, ‘Whoa man! He’s huge’, the things don’t quite add up now do they? Yes, the second transformation that Frieza showed us, the one he gave Krillin the ride on his horns and gave him a few new holes is apparently Cooler’s final form. Guess the cooler and freezer are just like the ones they’re in real life having opposite and different purposes. Who knows Cooler might have that Gold form in heaven as well.

5. Frieza had a lot of ‘fun’ in the afterlife

You know all these villains go to hell after dying instead of running through the long snake to see a beetle with a monkey and a hornet. Sounds way more interesting right? Considering how the bad guys would be in the same room playing poker and stuff? Wrong, very very wrong. Their punishment is something that’d even be a punishment for the good guys. It’s shown that Frieza is tied up in a web, like a cocoon about to metamorphize into a butterfly. That already looks bad when I imagine it in my head. Anyhow, Frieza in hell is surrounded by these fairies that represent good deeds and heaven in hell since it’s the most repulsive thing to Frieza or any other villain Dragon Ball has. Imagine how annoying it would be to have a bunch of Nami’s from Ocarina of time flying all around you.

4. The iconic fight lasts only 19 episodes

Frieza vs Goku is considered one of if not the best anime fighting scenes of all time. It was so hyped and adrenaline filled even in the manga that the manga readers were going on and on about it the whole time. It was a hot cake at that time and the volumes were sold out for sure making the shelves taste dust again and again. The fight in the manga didn’t last that long considering how it didn’t consist any of the yelling and the wasteland getting filled with dust and dirt the very next second. When it hit the TV screens especially in the west, it had all the people describe it as two characters yelling at each other for an eternity. What a cool way to describe a duel to death between two warriors that happen to be the strongest ones in the universe.

3. Frieza resembles another character from an entirely different movie

You know how famous the ‘Alien’ series is. Everyone knows about Xenomorph I’m sure of it. I do, you do, everyone does. There’s someone here that resembles him pretty closely. Yes, you got it right boys, we’re talking about the third form that Frieza went on a havoc in. The shape to the expressions, everything looks really similar. If we see a black and white Frieza from the back, I’m sure we’ll see a very close character and wouldn’t be able to tell them apart at all.

2. Frieza apparently has a son as well

Frieza never gets married ever in the entirety of Dragon Ball. He’s shown to exhibit no other emotion than the few ones he’s well known for. But Akira himself showed us that if Frieza ever had a child, this is what he/she’d look like. Akira Toriyama went on with a one shot manga series named ‘Nekomajin’. It was completely unrelated to the Dragon Ball story and was more like a parody. It featured frieza’s child named Kuriza. It’s a parody in itself since the character had a chestnut head and the literal meaning of the word is chest nut in Japanese. As if the original one wasn’t enough. Well one thing’s good, we got out of the cool loop with all the freezer and cooler stuff.

1. Dragon Ball would’ve ended with that decisive fight

Dragon Ball was very hyped back in the day. It even is now and almost everyone knows about it. A lot of people talk about it and things add up to this fact that the series would’ve ended with Goku and Frieza fighting each other with one of them ending up biting the dust. Which we know that Frieza ended up doing that. But apparently, since Dragon Ball was all over the place and fans couldn’t get enough of it, it was continued and went on as a series that was in the works for a long long time. That’s good for we wouldn’t have gotten all those memories and wouldn’t remember Dragon Ball the way we do now.

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