10 Dragon Ball Masks to Keep You Safe

10 Dragon Ball Masks to Keep You Safe

In this article we are going to talk about the 10 Stylish Dragon Ball Masks to Keep You Safe for the Rest of the year.

Since 2020 started we’ve been on the run from the big bad of the year, that’s right, Covid-19 aka Corona Virus. We can laugh at all the memes about it but the news is sort of scary, I mean how many people thought they would see a pandemic during their lifetime? And while social distancing is one way to keep us all safe, it’s hard to keep yourself locked in the house all day without going a little stir crazy. We all still have to leave the house at least once while this is happening, to go get essentials, I mean, you’re bound to run out of toilet paper eventually. Face masks are always useful when going out in public, especially if you’re the contagious one, with sickness and coronavirus spreading like wildfire, why not enlist DBZ to keep you safe?

Dragon Ball Black and White Gogeta Cotton PM2.5 Mask 7Pcs Filters

Goku and Vegeta have always worked together to keep the planet safe and when desperate times call for desperate measures Gogeta comes out to finish what they started! Gogeta has always been one of my favorite fusions, with Gotenks going in a close second. So why not show everyone who your favorite fusion is with this cool reusable face mask.

Goku Blue Dragon Ball Masks Washable Mask with 7pcs Activated Carbon Filters

Goku is always taking it the next level and when he went Super Saiyan God, we almost thought he had reached his limit, that is until he showed us raw power with Super Saiyan God Blue! Stay safe and stay healthy in style while rocking your favorite Super Saiyan Version of Son Goku!

Son Goku Dragon Ball Z Washable Mask 7pcs Activated Carbon Filters

Normal masks can be boring and should be saved for the doctors, so find something that fits your style better with Super Saiyan God Goku. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Super then this mask is about to show everyone who your favorite version of the character is, cause lets are honest, everyone that’s a Goku fan has a Super Saiyan favorite, and this one is yours.

Saiyan Warriors Goku Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Washable Mask with 7pcs Activated Carbon Filters

Who can actually pick a favorite between Goku and Vegeta? So why not have both? Stay safe with a Goku and Vegeta Super Saiyan God Blue Mask to show everyone who your favs are!

Dragon Ball Saiyan Cotton Unisex Washable/Reusable Mask

Looking for something cute? Check out this Unisex Goku mask, kid Goku was the one who started it all and the reason you love him long into his adulthood, what else could you ask for in a mask?

Dragon Ball Z Ultra Instinct Goku Comfortable Mask with Filter

Ultra Instinct Goku is a beast, no doubt about it, so watching him use ultra instinct for the first time send shivers down our spines, even the theme music let us know that Goku has no limits and he never will. He has proven himself again and again that he is the best fighter so who is better to keep you safe from dust particles than Ultra Instinct Goku? Stay comfortable while you interact with people and let them know who really is the best Saiyan around, while also keeping your airways dust free.

Dragon Ball Masks Dabbing Roshi Goku Krillin Cotton Unisex Washable/Reusable Mask

Everyone loves DBZ, but you? You’ve been rocking with Goku from the very beginning since he started training, you sat through with the originals and you want everyone to know that. Show off your love for Dragon ball with this washable and reusable mask, so you can keep yourself safe while showing Dragon Ball the love it deserves.

Dragon Ball Z Goku Fashionable Black Cotton Unisex Anti-Dust Mask

While DBZ holds a special place in all of our hearts, some of us are low-key fans, not saying that you want to hide it, but maybe your outfits and you aren’t the loud types, either way, we got you covered with a mask just for you! Not a fan of dust and need something that says “Goku is my fav?” Look no further! This Goku mask is made for you, so you can rep your love and stay protected.

Prince Vegeta Comfortable with Filter

Stay safe and comfortable with this comfortable filtered mask, Vegeta is everyone’s favorite Saiyan Prince, and watching him go Super Saiyan God was the level up fans couldn’t wait to see, he’s your pick whenever there’s a tournament so make him your pick to keep you safe from sickness!

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