10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta

10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta

In this article, we will talk about the 10 reasons why everyone loves Vegeta. Its a character in the Gradon Ball Z series and kids love it.

Dragon Ball was all about Goku. The whole series only represented and brought him forward as a character that won every heart out there. He was everyone’s favorite the moment that smile appeared on the screen. Things remained the same for a while when he grew up and had the show add a Z into the name. He was still the favorite character for the first few arcs until we came across a rather peculiar character. A character that belonged to the same species but was nothing like the earlier ‘Radish’ we saw the other day. A character that personified strength in its entirety and had that attitude that was enough to win any bout he exchanged blows in. A character that made your eyes lose focus on Goku and get fixated on this new character for the eternity to come. Basically a ‘wild’ Vegeta had appeared and had become the main character in a heartbeat. Vegeta has had one of the best character developments in all of the anime going through all the phases one could think of. Even now, he’s got so many sides to him that only a true fan who’s been with him since day one can understand that character in the truest sense. There’s a lot to him that catches the eye. Let’s use our fingertips for once and count down to the 10 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta.

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10. He’s got that attitude

Ever since he’s introduced in the series on that planet-eating some weird fruit with Nappa, one senses the pressure, the aura, the air changing all of a sudden. It’s as if we felt danger approaching itself making us remember those screens from smash brothers. He’s got that attitude, that personality, those expressions that have the words, ‘I’m way better than you’, written all over them. This makes him badass and makes us hear some cool savage dialogues while he’s in the heat of the moment. That personality, that slicing tongue that pierces through the hearts of all the evil that exists, his words cut deeper than stabs themselves. His personality at times describes the character as well, adding up to the mountain of things he has to offer.

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9. His loyalty to his people is unparalleled for

Ever since the beginning when his childhood version is introduced at some point in some flashbacks, his character has had that one thing that ties him to his race, his people more than anything. His devotion and dedication to making his race the best and the strongest in the universe is surely something that deserves the praise of the highest degree. He wants Saiyans to stand on top of the food chain and firmly believes that they are second to none when it comes to exchanging blows. Even when he’s fighting Frieza and is on the verge of death, his last words to Kakarot are filled with regret of not being strong enough to have bested him in a fight, to have him face the same humiliation he showed his father back in the day.

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8. He likes to fight on fair terms with no interference

Ever since he set foot on Earth, he’s always fought any opponent fair and square one on one. When Nappa went in at first and was wiping the floor with the Z warriors adding up to his kill counts, he was standing all alone not even coaching or cheering him from afar. Imagine how weird it’d have been otherwise. But still, he never showed any interference even to the point that Krillin and the others started thinking as if he’s weak as hell and doesn’t stand a chance in front of them. Later on, when Nappa was being bested by Goku, he could’ve killed him in an instant 2 vs 1 but he went in all by himself fighting him face to face on fairgrounds.

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7. His dialogues and expressions at times bring in the comedic element to the anime

Remember how that fight ended? That fight in which Goku and Vegeta were at each other’s throats and Yajirobe had to come in cutting his tail. When all was over and Goku was the last man standing, Krillin insisted multiple times of killing him so that Earth wouldn’t have to see another day like this. But Goku, as we know him from the start has that heart of gold that makes you more deeply attached to the character. Oops, I forgot we were talking about Vegeta lol. Later on, he gets up gathering up all the energy he has just to say these words of how he’ll annihilate everyone on his next visit and how they were seconds away from meeting their maker if the fight would’ve continued longer.

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6. He’s wise in combat and knows when to call it a truce

Vegeta was out for Earth’s blood when he tasted defeat at the hands of Goku. Of course, Goku was on the hit list and the top spot was reserved exclusively for him. But still, the whole Earth was his enemy at that point. Still, when he was on Planet Namek and saw these Earthlings once again, he was ready to fight and kill everyone on sight. But then he remembered and became aware of once again how Frieza‘s strength knew no bounds and he even had a bunch of ‘armies’ and ‘forces’ up his sleeve that was completely ‘disposable’. He set things aside for a while and joined forces with Krillin and Gohan going up against the Ginyu force and later Frieza himself. Wisdom right there.

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5. He’s ready to go against his ideals at times for Earth to live another day:

Vegeta is firm and quite strict when it comes to his own ideals, his own principles. This is shown during the entire show and this fact is clearly made known of how he won’t budge at anything and would never go against himself. Weird dances and Protaras go against that for sure. I still remember the embarrassment and hesitation that was descriptive of Vegeta’s expressions at the time when fusion was the need of the hour. The way Goku explained it and he was all like, Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta’.  You stupid fool! I’m not doing that!’ made us have the laughs for sure. Plus to add fuel to fire, Picollo was all how they have to be in perfect sync in order to not become a hamburger instead. This all shows how he has that soft spot in his heart when it comes to the people he holds dear.

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4. He has neither lust nor ‘world destruction’ plans

Remember how Vegeta was introduced as a villain in the beginning and how he was willing to destroy the entire Earth if it was needed. That shows exactly how the evil still runs strong in his veins and he’s got that remorseless and malicious attitude that manifests at times when he’s up against a really strong foe. But still, Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta, he never had the lust for something stupid as immortality. Well, they wouldn’t since the Dragon Balls are there to get them back every time they bite the dust. Frieza is all about that even after attaining that god-level strength. Moreover, the level Vegeta has achieved right now is sufficient to destroy the entire universe in the blink of an eye. But he wouldn’t do it for there are people who make him want to open his eyes in his bed every morning to come.

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3. He’s a good parent

When Trunks arrived all the way from the future to give Goku his medicine and tell them about the androids, Vegeta was feeling some kind of connection to him since he was eyeing him all the way from head to toe. It even initiated a funny dialogue if you remember it. But still later on when Trunks is born, he goes around with his son on holidays and tries to train with his son when possible. Even in that hypergravity zone, he’s with Trunks and is trying to teach him all there’s in combat. He even gets angry when he lands a blow on him and is proud of hearing how he’s able to transform into a Super Saiyan while Goten is not. When we talk the Reasons Why Everyone Loves Vegeta even in that Majin Vegeta sequence, the scene that made Vegeta bring the same tears to our eyes as well, he made the kids have a nap so that they wouldn’t get any bad memories. How responsible.

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2. He’s always trying to get better than he was the last second

One thing that’s descriptive of the character, that makes us get an image of the character, recognize the character from a mile away is his strong desire to train and work himself to the bone. He’s always trying his hardest in those hypergravity zones pushing him to the limits in order to breach even higher, even tougher walls. He’s training 24/7 to make sure he’s ready, ready to make those foes have a taste of their own medicine when the time comes. This gives us the perfect message of how hard work is necessary and goes a long way when one is all in it in its entirety. This makes us see that his power is not baseless and he’s got the goods to back up the tongue, the eyes that leave his foes soulless the moment he catches a glimpse of them.

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1. His tussle with Goku is the whole show at this point

They’ve both come a long way. From humble beginnings to god level, both of them. Of course, Goku attained those power levels and those forms earlier but Vegeta was never too late. Goku not much, but Vegeta is always thinking of how he can stand on top of the mountain, on top of the ladder that both of them are climbing all the time and the other person gets the lead when one is resting and vice versa. The way Vegeta is always trying his hardest to surpass Goku is who he is at this point and makes him all the more appealing. I’m sure that with the recent developments, the time when Vegeta would stand above all is imminent and would surely make the Vegeta fans get what they’ve been waiting for their entire lives.

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