10 Modular Wall Art for Every DBZ Fan

10 Modular Wall Art for Every DBZ Fan

In this article, we will talk about the 10 Modular Wall Art for every Dragon Ball Z fan 2020. Modular is very famous among people. 

You’ve just got a new house or are looking for an opportunity to make the old one look new and fresh once again? Making it recover and relive it’s lost glory. The walls speak a thousand words you know, the way from the state of the walls one is able to tell whether a house is being properly looked after to or not. Even if you have a brilliant old mansion from the 20th century or a simple hut-like me lol, the walls contribute a huge part to its appeal and charm as a whole and can make it go from a 10 to a straight 1000 in no time if you aren’t drunk while making those wall decoration phases. Yes, good paint color combinations and quality of those paints itself is an important factor as well since it’ll last a while and would make it look fresh and new for a longer period of time. But, modular wall art with creative designs and imagery is sure to attract everyone’s attention to the wall, the house in general, for sure making them forget and disregard the person sitting in front of them. A wall art speaks a lot of yourself, being a reflection of your tastes and the things you cherish, things having a special place in your heart. The Dragon Ball Universe is pretty big with the multitude of characters it offers. Imagine how cool would it be to have the whole galaxy with all the stars lined up on your wall ready to kick any robber who broke into your house straight outta the door lol. Whether it’s for a new house that you’re looking to make the best one out there or an old house that you’re trying to revive, the Dragon Balls in these arts are sure to grant your wishes and make the results exceed expectations by a far mark. So what’re we waiting for? Let’s begin the countdown to the 10 Modular Wall Art Every DBZ Fan Must Have 2020.

Black Goku Rose Dragon Ball Super  Art 5 Piece HD Prints

I’m a huge Goku Black fan, just putting this out here, and yes I’m playing favorites with this one lol. Just kidding this one’s the best out there for sure. The way that Zamasu had planned everything to happen, going all the way to kill his own master and steal the time rings to go into the future to gather the super dragon balls to wish for immortality to going back again to get Goku‘s body since he was the strongest fighter he ever saw, I know I gave you a brainstorming session right now but blame Zamasu not me for being that smart to make everyone go mind blown in an instant, he must be invited by Harvard for sure lol. I loved the fact that their fighting style comprised of complete synergy and they using and literally exploiting each other when it came to fighting other characters. How cool is that lol. It’s a must-have for all the Goku black fans out there and to top things off, it’s even got that legendary Super Saiyan Rose form that was completely new and op at the same time. This type of Modular Wall Art gives you the best decoration for homes. 

Broly Legendary Super Saiyan Dragon Ball Classic Art 5 Piece HD Prints

This is one of the best comebacks in anime history. Broly has always been considered as a forgotten character since he wasn’t canon and was shown and told to be a filler character since his debut in the movie back in the ’90s. It was even more saddening to see that when the legendary super Saiyan form was teased in that new episode preview, a lot of fans were expecting to see Broly and were excited that maybe Broly would be made canon this way. But it didn’t go that way and when she came face to face with Goku and Vegeta, they failed to recognize or even think that they had fought someone just like that and got themselves beat many times by those very same attacks that she was standing pummeling them with. The new Broly movie was for sure the best anime movie of 2018 for me and it brought Dragon Ball back to the path that it had been going down for a long time but had strayed a bit as of lately. The new look and the whole character sequences were really good and it sure made every Dragon Ball fan jump with excitement and joy.

Blue Aura Dragon Ball God Son Goku Animation Modular Canvas Art 5 Piece HD Prints

Goku, Goku, Goku, how many times do you have to surprise us with those power spikes boy? Every time he’s pushed to the corner, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, which he never does of course cause he’s brave and has that happy go lucky attitude going on for him, he always breaks through with a new, never before power level that amazes us even though we’ve been expecting it at that point. When Beerus came up, the way that the whole fight was going on and how Goku was having a hard time fighting against him even while teamed up with his fellow Z warriors, it did look as if the whole universe not only the Earth was supposed to end to this cat’s yawn but then he brought the Super Saiyan God form to the table, making the fight look a little more even than the massacre it was just a second ago. Then in Super, we got that all-new Blue form that’s the most powerful he’s ever been of course not considering Ultra Instinct cause we all know how much of a monster he is when he’s in that form. For all those Goku blue or should I say SSGSS fans out there, this is your best bet to provide yourselves an eternal glimpse of that form without having to pay those Internet bills which you surely would I know lol.

DBZ Super Hero Son Goku Abstract Modular Wall Art HD Canvas Prints

Fusion fans, yes, yes I’m talking to the ones who’ve practiced the fusion dance countless times now even at parties, and try to find songs that go well with it lol. And you people who buy those Kotara earrings, wearing them on opposite ears thinking that you’d be brought close to one another becoming a fused version of yourselves, you guys ain’t safe either. Behold! I present to you the best thing you’ve ever seen in your life. Fusion has always been kind of a mixed thing since it’s debut back in Dragon Ball Z, with delivering the power element when the two individuals combine their power levels into one vassal to the comedic element that it exhibits with that funny dance and even if you’re off by a cm or a second in joining those fingers, you’ll end up as a failed experiment result lol. The kids aka Goten and Trunks had no problem doing it which is understandable considering it’s all fun and games when you’re young but Vegeta, the boy was he nervous and full of anxiety when he heard how he was supposed to act moving around all like that. Still crystal clear as if I just watched that scene the last second and never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Classic Dragon Ball Characters 3 Piece Modular Canvas Art HD Prints

The whole crew, the whole party is here! This is the whole Dragon Ball Universe in a nutshell including all the characters that’ve been included in it since day one unless you want to take the side villagers and citizens into consideration as well lol. From the Beerus arc that was a retelling of the movie to the Resurrection F arc that was ‘also’ a retelling of the movie that had already aired back in 2015 to the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 arc that got us hyped and showed us that all we need to do is be patient for a while and Akira will hit us with those surprises and new characters once again just like he’s been doing it since the beginning of the Goku legacy. The Zamasu/Goku Black arc was really cool as well but the top spot definitely goes to the Tournament of Power arc since it combined and represented all the elements that make up the full course named ‘Dragon Ball’, not missing out on a single one of them. If you’re a new one and have been recently introduced to this amazing universe with Dragon Ball Super being your gateway, this is your best bet and is sure to make your day.

Kulilin Piccolo Goku Abstract Art 5pc Canvas Prints

Ah, Krillin, my boy Krillin. Krillin is one of the oldest characters and I mean literally the oldest. Don’t be fooled by his height and the looks since if he’s shown to a kid who’s never heard of Dragon Ball, he’s sure to call him a toddler lol. Krillin’s has his moments since the beginning, going in at any new villain that comes up only to get his ass beat the very next second. But remember, don’t forget the fact that he died wanting a better tomorrow for the Earthlings and made the enemy a bit more tired than he already was. So it’s a win-win situation for both parties. I think that’s what Yamcha and Krillin are good for now at this point, just to get the villains all exhausted and stall the fight to buy some time before Goku wakes up from his afternoon nap lol. Krillin has some cool looking moves as well, with Destructo Disc and the famous moves shared by Goku as well bringing the Turtle Hermit school back to life, ‘Daioken! and Kamehameha!’. I’m sure there are Krillin fans out there and he’s given us hope in a way since he was able to score Android 18, giving us boys hope that anything’s possible lol.

Dragon Ball Shenron Amazing Modular Wall Art Home Decor 5 Piece HD Canvas Prints

Shenron is one of the coolest dragons I’ve ever seen, and the new Super Dragon Balls dragon looks more like Ridley from Metroid compared to him. Shenron been with us for a long time, since the beginning of the franchise and have granted countless, well not countless since he only grants three wishes at a time and hasn’t been called forth that many times, but still enough to uphold the title of the genie of the Dragon Ball Universe. Even the Namekian version of Shenron is pretty lame compared to the original one and of course, he comes with an Earth language feature, which is replaced by the ‘Only Namekian’ Shenron we’ve seen there making us want subtitles of what’s been discussed. You can also use modular Wall Art in your offices.   The way he’s all nimble and agile rolled around everything in sight and has those small clawed hands along with those whiskers as if they’re literally two strands of hair going up and down lol is a strange yet a traditional way to express a dragon since that’s how dragons have been shown since the old times.

Cell The Perfect Fighter Dragon Ball 3 Piece Art HD Canvas Prints

If you ever wanted to see how a battery goes 0 percent making your phone enter the afterlife, this is the perfect example of it. The cell was one of the best villains Dragon Ball Z brought to the table with attributes and personality no other villain had exhibited prior to him. The way he brings his hands together the first time he is discovered by Piccolo, chanting those legendary words, ‘Ka…..Me….Ha…..Me…..’, I bet everyone was surprised and was on the edge of their seats thinking what would happen next since no way in hell is this mantis Roshi’s long lost pupil. It’s rare and almost unreal to see Piccolo get amazed by something, frozen in place not doing anything since he’s the ‘cool’ guy in the universe. The cell was making everyone look mere fleas in front of him, even Vegeta and Goku along with the backup we got from the future, Trunks, who was in his all buffed Super Trunks form making Arnold have a run for his money lol. No one would have expected Gohan to come forward and beat him in a fight since Gohan wasn’t all that strong at that time. But as the fight began, it was only Gohan delivering and Cell taking those punches head-on, immobilized after one hit every time ever. That fight was the birth of a new character, Gohan as a new fighter in the universe.

Emperor Frieza Piccolo Napp The Dragon Ball Villains 3 Piece HD Canvas Prints:

We got all the baddies here in this 3 in 1 bad guy fiesta lol. Not much was known about Nappa when he was first revealed sitting beside Vegeta eating what appeared to be a fruit but could be anything. Nappa sure kicked ass back when he was fighting the Z warriors, taking them down one after another. He had a kill count similar to one of the strongest villains making us think he’s a hotshot or something. Though things changed when Goku arrived, giving him a taste of his own medicine. I was so flabbergasted when I saw him getting tossed into the air by a teenage boy and getting blasted to bits soon after. Man, teen Vegeta was strong lol. Ginyu, the star of the Frieza saga. The Ginyu Force is like that old band who never knows when to retire. The poses to the chants they kept singing, everything gave me that ‘too old to get told’ vibe. The entire body change sequence, giving rise to all kinds of suspicions both from Goku’s and his own side allowed the comedic element to come into the spotlight, giving us the laughs even in that arc when it was looking as if the series was about to end with Frieza killing everyone. Frieza fighting Goku is for sure the best anime fighting scene out there, from the whole brawl to the ending was flawless and that Super Saiyan transformation sure got us hyped.

Dragon Ball Z Trunks Wall Art 5 Piece HD Prints

This man has been traveling through time a little too much, beginning from Dragon Ball Z when he came to make a salad out of Frieza, paying no heed at all to his parent standing right beside him. Trunks are one of the best characters the series has to offer. Even his kid version has that cocky attitude that makes him likable and the same thing making Gotenks who he makes a part of similar in that very way. I was very glad to know that he’ll be returning in Dragon Ball Super since he’s like that overseas family member who visits only once every 2 or 3 years when things get really messed up in the future with humanity going extinct all of a sudden at the hands of two robots and one battery lol. His ‘Super’ character version gave a new look to his personality with the polished outfit and the hair that were different yet similar at the same time. The Super Saiyan Blue transformation was also not generic and similar to Super Saiyan Rose of Goku Black, which had originality and an innovative sense to it making it more memorable. Some people regard this arc to be the best one in Dragon Ball Super with Trunks going all out and displaying all kinds of emotions that the human mind is composed of. It’s a must-have for all the Trunks fanboys out there.

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