10 Dragon Ball Gift Ideas for Kids

10 Dragon Ball Gift Ideas for Kids

The difference between a present and a gift is simple. One is which you give to the people out of tradition and the other is what you give that is desired and loved. These are the simple and sleek ideas for the top Dragon Ball inspired merch that can be given to kids on parties, events and as a surprise in general day to day life. The gifts are aesthetic and have a pleasant feel to them making them one of a kind and appealing to look at. Surprise the youth with these bright accessories and brighten the day like their smile brightens our hearts.

Angry Son Goku Blue and Red Power Wave Amazing Design T-Shirt for Kids

Nervous about trying to make a great first impression? Let the new graphic t-shirt help out with this all print angry Goku t-shirt that has a striking design with a concealed blue and red wave raging factor, making for a stand out look. Let the compliments start rolling in. The tee itself is a great plus for all the weather and the time as it comes made in polyester material and has a sleek and designer finish. Just hop it on the next time you visit a comic-con or a movie and swag your look with the complete set from ‘Nike’, ‘Supreme’ and this amazing Dragon Ball Z merch.

Boyz In The Hood Dragon Ball Z Non-Disposable Mouth Face Mask for Kids

The pandemic is not yet over and this time calls for a mask that is both designer and cool. This mask fits the description perfectly and gives you a look that makes it worth all the time. The mask goes perfectly with Asian theme and sends a nostalgic vibe to those around with the classic and retro animation on it. Throw on those ‘Versace’, ‘Adidas’ and ‘Gucci’ tops and lower and complete your look the next time you roam the streets. Be the cool person you were always meant to be and own the blocks that you walk with your new look. Tell them haters to stay away like this mask keeps off the germs and sickness away from you.

Dragon Ball Z Stars Double Sided Pendant Necklace Handmade Jewelry

Need to take your outfit to the next boss level before heading out tonight? Adorn your neck with this glistening Dragon Ball Z Stars Double Sided Pendant Necklace Handmade Jewellery that is loud, brash and bold. What’s not to love. Featuring a Zinc and Alloy chain, a polished finish and crystal accents. This pendant will give you the look that you embrace and love, a part too sleek and a part too popping, this is a pendant making your dreams come true as it is a symbolic representation to the Dragon Ball universe. So, adorn your chest with this shimmering accessory.

DBZ Super Warrior Goku Short Wallet

Such style, in fact, that you’ll want to whip it out at every and any occasion. So, this round on you, right? Organise yourself with this designer graphic polyester wallet from Saiyan Village that has multiple card slots that even has space for your loyalty card. Featuring a front logo plaque and stitched panels. Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Store your bank-cards, money and important panels inside of this DBZ Super Warrior Goku Short Wallet, and that’s what will happen. Success. Use this next at the time when you step out to have the proper attire.

Dragon Ball Fluorescent Luminous Galaxy Backpacks 21 Styles

Store your daily necessities in a simple and convenient design from us with the galaxy print backpack. Made from a durable nylon construction, this bag offers a slim design with a large zip compartment, as well as a sleezy and pleasing design and color. The adjustable black strap lets you wear it however you want, whether its hanging from one shoulder or worn crossbody. Small in size, big in personality. This backpack from Saiyan Village makes for the perfect companion for all your out and about adventures, be it near, far or light years ahead.

Dragon Ball Master Roshi KAME Symbol Canvas Backpack

It’s time to face the world in style. Boasting a logo print to its front and stripe detailing, this Dragon Ball Master Roshi KAME Symbol Canvas Backpack won’t fail you in that regard as we all need a bag we can depend on. This velvet and high-end backpack from Saiyan Village is a Dragon Ball merch with all its interior space seems like a good candidate for that role. Plus: it will never grow out of style. Don’t worry, it’s pretty spacious too. Grab them the next time you head to class, the library or a game, it has a feature that will make it look good in all places and give you the look that you would wear with pride.

Dragon Ball Z Android 16 for the Birds Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Life is full of adventures, so dress accordingly. With this graphic and sleek logo shoulder bag from us, you’ll have space for all of your essentials – ensuring you’re ready for anything. Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed to look good. The bag will give you two main advantages. First, giving you the chance to wear this mini designer shoulder bag. Second, for the fact that we will now have both hands free to count the number of compliments we will get while wearing it. Strap this on with the ‘Gucci’ top and don’t forget your ‘Rolex’ to complete the look for the coming weather.

Dragon Ball Z Angel Goku Gaming Mouse Pad Practical Computer Desk Mats

The godly look that you deserve, the feeling of flying and seaming through the air. Those small and fragrant breezes of air, the birds flying beside and the sun rays that hit you through the vacant spots on the cloud this is a computer desk mat that will solve all your problems and have you dancing in the air with joy. It is a top-class graphic designer desk mat that is waterproof, non-toxic and durable. It has a popping artistic feel to it giving it a soothing and relaxing look to make sure that you are refreshed weather you game or just surf on the PC.

Dragon Ball Z Frieza LED Alarm Clock Colorful Flash Touch Cartoon Digital Table Clock

Isn’t it about time you gave yourself and those around you a break? Leave bulky pockets in the past and have a relaxing time. And let this Cartoon Digital Table Clock be the one that keeps the time in check and sends of a cheesy vibe. It is bashful, bold and nostalgic at the same time. The prominent depiction of Frieza in here makes the clock look bolder as it is a villain feature instead of a hero, which again in turn makes it different and artistic. Why count the days and the number of week when this digital table clock will help you will all your necessities.

Dragon Ball Son Goku Soft Silicone Earphone Case

As it seems, earphones these days are a must and with all the technology that is being roaming around it all looks just the same and boring. With the new case though, you can tend to be different and cooler than the rest of the crowd. This is a cover that is bold and classic making it the perfect fit for the case that you have. On top of being one of a kind, this will be preserved and used for a long time as the silicone case is made of top-quality material and better scratch resistant.