10 Best Gift Ideas for Travellers

10 Best Gift Ideas for Travellers

Travelling and loving oneself is something that makes a whole lot of sense to a person and these new gift ideas and innovations are something that will change your travel plan throughout the year. They are a integral part of every persons travel plan and will give them the look that they seek and sought out within their trip and plans. The bold, rustic and captive new look to their everyday life is what will change their everyday boring life to a completely new one and why wouldn’t they when these accessories and merch will attract all the attention and detail from side nooks and corners.

Dragon Ball Z Go Symbol Baseball Cap

This Dragon Ball Z Go Symbol Baseball Cap is for you to have and to hold, from this day forward, for all eternity! Saiyan Village now pronounces you man and, well, hat? You’ll catch us wearing this baseball cap every day, now that we’ve finally found a purpose to our head. Some might say it is to think, but we believe it is to wear hats. Choose your side or run and hide. The cap in itself is amazing and what makes it more so is the fact that it comes in a simple and bold design. A GO symbol on top and an all-round black and white design that completes your look on an average and a special day.

Dragon Ball Goku Kid Thick Warm Hooded Winter Jacket

You’ll look forward to low-key days even more if you get the chance to wear Goku Kid Thick Warm Hooded Winter Jacket. It’s made from polyester cloth fabric that’s as comfy as it looks. Get comfortable as simplicity is key. In a jet grey and other different hue and boasting a front zip fastening, this jacket will help your ‘less is more’ cause. Just how you like it. Flaunt your sexiness and crazy look with this thick jacket and cause the warmth that it gives from the character itself. Just don’t forget to complete your look with a pair of ‘Nike.’

Dragon Ball Super Canvas Shoes

Add an edge to your outfit. These Dragon Ball Super Canvas Shoes make no apologies for being the centre of attention. And when they look this good, why would they apologise? Cause a pair of them make a trusty footwear choice. opt for these Canvas Dragon Ball Merch from the Dragon Ball universe, which sit atop a ridged rubber sole. Step out in style and own the pavers that you paint with them. The style is sleek and a perfect match for the outfit of the day that you choose because they are simple yet graphic and just make it so that they themselves complete your look as a human and a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Broly Summer Flip Flops

When you’re laying by the pool, the last thing you want is a distraction with uncomfortable shoes. It’s a good thing these Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Broly Summer Flip Flops are your saving grace. Just in time for your next holiday. The flip-flops come in a great advantage to the person wearing it as they are not only comfortable but also contain of the strongest person in the DBZ universe. The color is pleasing to look at and send of the holiday vibe that you would want after the long and tiring time that you have had. Be in in pool or in public, grab them and show the swag!

Dragon Ball Z The Masters Baseball Jacket

You might not score a homerun every time but one thing’s for sure. Throwing on this Dragon Ball Z the Masters Baseball jacket will make you a big shot in street fashion. That’s no small achievement either cause as the days pass on by the fashion sense become more realistic and the competition goes on through the roofs. When the bet is just so high, it seems like a reasonable time to fit in this jacket, cause if not now, when! Snap to it and show the rigidity of your fashion sense to those around. Be bold and impressive!

The Legendary Vegito Dragon Ball Z Super Stylish Neck Gaiter Multifunctional Bandana

Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. That is the call of the wild and this is a bandana that will shift up your game to a level that was even unimaginable to you. Put it on with your ‘Levi’s’ or ‘Puma’ and be at the top of the game. Call on the wild and let the spirit run free from all the Saiyan energy flowing inside of you. Being a fan has to also do with the look and what better way to get in the game with the all new Vegito Bandana that not only has a cool look to it but also a hue that is different and unique.

Dragon Ball Kanji Symbol KAME 18-32 Inch Luggage Cover

Ensure your friends and family know you have supreme taste before they even step into your home and at times when you visit theirs. Decorate your luggage with this logo-printed luggage cover from Saiyan Village. Don’t forget to wipe your shoulders cause all that jealousy stares have been looking at you. But can you blame them with these new covers? The covers are sleek and give a much richer look to your luggage, make it different and more noticeable not to forget bolder and enriching. The polyester and spandex material make the KAME kanji symbol more pleasing to look at and give a vibe unlike any other.

Goku The Super Saiyan Warrior Drawstring Bag

It’s said that you should surround yourself with the ones that will lift you higher – and this Goku The Super Saiyan Warrior Drawstring Bag will surely sky-rocket your style credentials. Its design features an iconic industrial drawstring and a character graphic print to the front for added appeal. Nothing can stop you, you’re all the way up. Just like the character that you love and look up to so much, have this drawstring bag for a much greater feel and appeal.

DBZ Super Powerful Villain Broly Short Wallet

Iconic wallets continue to produce innovative feeling in you that from a sleek, stylish alternative to everyday essentials. This Dragon Ball Z Broly wallet merch from Saiyan Village features a curved design, a contrasting Broly graphic and heavy print, internal compartments and gold-tone feel. The wallet itself is designer and on the heavy side which has an added advantage to it. The polyester material helps it to retain the print and be highly classy and funky looking, giving it the look, it deserves.

Dragon Ball Backpack Master Roshi Dojo Backpack 17in

It’s time for a weekend getaway. So, this all-over logo print from us that is the perfect choice to carry all your essentials in the most stylish way. The style is sleezy and comfortable, on the subtle and classy side giving it a leather and almost velvet type finish. The print on the back of it spells “MASTER ROSHI DOJO” representing to the Dojo centre which again hits you with the nostalgia feeling from the old-style animation and design. It is just the perfect put on for vacation and the time when you go for that climb and trek. Hey! Hey! Vacay.