10 Amazing Dragon Ball Canvas Shoes

10 Amazing Dragon Ball Canvas Shoes

In this article we are going to discuss about the 10 Dragon Ball Canvas Shoes all Saiyan Must-Have in year 2020.

Shoes are there to make the fashion complete or as Eminem would say, ‘Shoes make a huge part of your outfit’. Even if you wearing some Gucci or a branded T-shirt, a huge part of the appeal it would’ve normally had is lost if the right shoes don’t go up with the combination. It’s like a bunch of ingredients you require to make a perfect dish and even if one of the ingredients is missing or is not completely miscible with the rest, the end result feels way more different than what we want it to be. A good choice of Canvas Shoes always makes you look more appealing and especially nowadays when staying in fashion has become a necessity and everyone been going on and on about this and that, shoes make a huge impact and serve as the last nail in the coffin when it comes to outfitting completion and perfection. As it goes, there is a whole multitude of shoes and all different kinds of them at that. You for sure can’t own all of them even if you’re the richest man alive cause they are coming out fresh and new by the second making it impossible for you to hog each and every one of them. It all depends on your fashion sense in the end and what suits your taste more than the others is the thing that matters at the end of the day. Shoes with a particularly cool sign, art,  character have always been my favorite and I believe that the ‘shoe swag’ goes up by a huge notch when it is marked and adjourned by a character of a beloved series, Dragon Ball being the perfect example. Who wouldn’t like Goku protecting their feet in addition to the sole purpose of why shoes are worn and have been since their invention? So I’m here to help with the 10 Dragon Ball Canvas Shoes All Saiyan Must Have 2020 and am sure that you’ll experience a transformation after wearing one of them. This type is the best of Canvas shoes. 

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Purple Canvas Shoes

This is the best kind of shoes you’ll ever wear period. It looks so dope and Vegeta on top of it gets it even more appealing than it already is. Vegeta had quite some improvements with the advent of Dragon Ball Super. He was finally able to come forward as a protagonist and had a lot of character development during the whole run time of the series. His blue form is the perfect example of the fact that Vegeta ain’t any less prior to how people were like,’ He ain’t got a Super Saiyan 3 and stuff, He ain’t got that red god form’. It’s all here now. With the new Broly movie,  all complete, all blue, red, everything. This is a perfect treat and a must-buy for all the Vegeta fanboys, which I’m for sure, out there, and is sure to make you feel like a prince.

DBZ Super Saiyan Vegeta and Goku  Shoes

This is a perfect treat for the new fans out there. Dragon Ball Super, bringing in those blue forms into the picture. The blue forms introduced whole new power levels to the universe, even surpassing those red god forms that once we’re out, had our jaws dropped all the way to the Earth’s core lol considering how literally Goku had become one when he first displayed that form back in the battle of the gods, Beerus movie. Since then, they’ve been sparring at the planet for a while and have almost a billion duels piled up to their names. The best part was when Whis signed their attires with no one noticing when and how he did it. The duels always end up with a tie even when they’re going all out since Mother Earth can’t withstand them even breathing the air at this point for the literal gods they’ve become now. The turquoise blue forms were a breath of fresh air and were new delightful additions to the series since they gave us the literal meaning of the limitless that Dragon Ball has been known for all these years.

DBZ Goku VS Vegeta  Shoes

These guys have been going at it for ages now. From the beginning when this brash kid hopped out of his pod with his bodyguard ready to chop those Earthlings up to imagining all sorts of fight simulations in their heads, mostly Vegeta since Goku doesn’t care a bit lol. This is one of if not the best rivalries anime has ever produced with all kinds of feelings and emotions all mixed up and taking control of the place. From the very first fight, ad with those shot exchanges between Galick Gun and Kamehameha to Vegeta turning into a Great Ape and still getting trolled by Yajirobi, to how Vegeta succumbed to the great majin power in order to become stronger to take out Goku. This is a pure indication of how deep that guy’s thirst for power runs and makes his desire to be the best to ever exist crystal clear. This brawl was such a good sequence since we have been wanting them to go at it for a while now and the last time they fought was back in that Saiyan invasion arc, getting us all hyped and making us know what being powerful means. This was followed by that heroic Vegeta scene that made him outshine everyone for the first time ever. One of the best fight scenes to be honest.

DBZ Super Saiyan Yellow  Shoes

I literally remember as if it was yesterday, my feelings, my emotions, my excitement when I first saw this picture. Dragon Ball was making a comeback! Yay! lol. Dragon Ball was a huge part of my childhood and is one of my favorite shows ever not even in the anime genre but any kind of entertainment. I looked all over the internet as doing the countdown to the first episode, finding any new information I could on the new anime. I was so on cloud nine when I first saw the anime thumbnail or the series-defining picture as it showed one of my favorite ‘new’ characters as well, Beerus. The defining picture was new, yet old since from the art style to the whole theme, everything and literally all of it was similar to that 90’s show that I loved watching as a child and even when I grew old. I was also super hyped to look at the new characters since it’s always delightful to look at the unknown and see how things would turn out in the end. It was one of the happiest days ever lol. This is a must-have for the new fans who’ve just picked up the show and weren’t here in the real world when the previous ones aired back in the ’80s and ’90s.

Dragon Ball Goku’s Deathly Attack  Shoes

The most memorable, the most beloved special move in the whole Anime, let alone the Dragon Ball Universe, the Kamehameha wave. This thing was the stuff and I remember how each and every one of us was so hyped when we first saw that wave coming out of his, Goku’s bare hands. The only person I had seen doing that prior to Goku was Ryu from Street Fighter with that ‘Hadoken!’ But, his one was a much much mini version of the attack with just a fireball coming out as if he be setting fire to the place. This move took it to the next level, making me go all excited whenever he chanted the words,’ Ka….me….ha’ I remember getting all jumpy and enthusiastic haha. Admit it! You’d be lying if you didn’t that you’ve tried multiple times, doing that very pose, bringing your hands together and focusing your ‘ki’, thinking that a volley would burst out of them the moment you’d open up forward lol. No need to be ashamed of it, we’ve all tried that and are for sure laughing while thinking of that at this point. But it’s the physical manifestation of our love for the character that was there since the beginning and would be there for the eternity to come. Nostalgia hits hard my friend.

DBZ The Saiyan Heroes Canvas Shoes

This is it, the ultimate thing Goku fans can possess and have been dreaming about all this time. Dragon ball Universe, particularly Goku in a nutshell, including all the forms of Goku that he’s had since the beginning of the Z franchise. This one’s sure to make kid Goku sit in a corner all alone and is the perfect thing for those peculiar otherworldly fans who consider Dragon Ball not so interesting, thinking it’s boring and doesn’t have that many fight scenes and all when it’s the very thing that gave birth to the whole universe as we know it. If Dragon Ball wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be anything at all. All the Super Saiyans, the very transformations that, the moment were revealed, had all of us jumping all over the place since we knew that a hot fight was coming up the next second. These Canvas Shoes are the ultimate necessity for anyone who claims that Goku is the number one character in Dragon Ball and is a must-have for the die-hard Goku fans.


DBZ Gogeta  Shoes

The movie long was forgotten, the realm never set foot on, the lost chapter, Fusion Reborn. This movie is so underrated that it’s actually arcane of how not so many people know about it thinking how the brand new character, the powerhouse himself, Gogeta was introduced in this movie along with that iconic Super Stardust Ultra scene that I remember, watching then, gave me goosebumps all over considering of how it was so original and I had never seen such a thing before in my entire life. The way that Janemba first is all cute and all to go on to transform into that purple paint fiend gave us the wrong idea of how Goku was about to close for the very first time ever. But, they managed one of the best comebacks ever with that iconic fusion dance that, upon the very second Vegeta saw was like,’ You fool! I’m not doing that!’ was so hilarious as Vegeta is not vocal at all about anything except,’ Kakarot! I’ll defeat you for sure!’ and all that you know what I’m talking about. The Gogeta swag is not to be underestimated since he got actions to back up his words and if he says he’s taking you down, he’s taking you down for sure. Though he didn’t speak much lol.

DBZ Powerful Goku Canvas Shoes

These shoes look so powerful and ready to kick some ass themselves lol. Never seen such intimidating Canvas Shoes my entire life, be honest. That power spike, the first super Saiyan transformation was such an iconic and memorable scene that it’s still so fresh and new in my mind as if I watched that episode just the last second. The way that Frieza goes all out and fires the death beam first at Piccolo followed by becoming an esper making Krillin go up in the sky and explode as if he’d been hit by that iconic Vegeta’s fireworks special move that he hasn’t used on many people continue to add up and piss Goku off since the thing he hates the most is his friends getting hurt let alone die in front of his very own eyes. Guess Frieza went for a suicide all of a sudden and ingesting poison, hanging himself and all that had become too old fashioned so he chose,’ Got killed by Goku’ as the perfect alternative. Those screams to those fights to those brand new special moves were so on point and well done that it’s for sure the best anime fight scene in all of anime history.

DBZ KAME Kanji Symbol Shoes

Ah, good old Roshi days when Goku and Krillin were there taking the entrance exam to get accepted under Roshi’s wing in the Turtle Hermit school. They’ve come such a long way, haven’t they? From the moment they first met Roshi and asked him to teach them all sorts of stuff, not perverts, of course, lol to how even while grown-up Goku stopped by the Kame house from time to time to check on the old man which he considers the best teacher ever for sure is a perfect example of the respect a teacher deserves and should be revered as forever. That Kanji symbol is so old, beginning from being behind Goku’s uniform, the kid version of course, to its progression forward, well going in front of the uniform as Goku grew up, showing off how the signs and their positions get promoted as well when you work hard haha. But unfortunately, Krillin didn’t age that well and the sign, like him, couldn’t go forward and make it to the front of his uniform staying a little kid his entire life lol. This sign is sure to bring back a lot of memories and making everyone who happened to look at it go, ‘Turtle Hermit School!’, feeling you the swag that the shoes pack in the first place.

DBZ Goku Kid Riding The Flying Nimbus Canvas Shoes

One thing, Nostalgia at it’s best. We got that little bean Goku that we loved to watch when we were that age ourselves. Everything about him was so cute and he was so righteous in his own ways while being naughty and mischievous at the same time. One thing that’s amazing is how his hairstyle hasn’t changed all these years, the same exact hair spikes from childhood to grandpa phase making us wonder what kind of hair products he been using since even after getting pummeled to the ground or having bathed in all kinds of fluid, it doesn’t seem to budge even by an inch. His dress has undergone changes, going from that traditional Kame turtle school uniform to that gabi with the Whis sign on it, but his whole face and hairstyle remain the same which shows that he’s still that kid inside, forever young at heart. He flying on the nimbus is reminiscent of how he patrolled the city looking out for bad guys or was just there to pick some things up for Roshi or Bulma, Dragon Balls for sure. Be careful though, it’s a possibility that after wearing these shoes you might fly upon the nimbus so better keep your balance then unless you want to fall headfirst just like how Goku did lol.

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